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Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapter 84

"Hmmm?" Leo while driving saw that there are people camping just outside the wall of them camp, "It seems there are already survivors flocking towards here" Leo smiled and just continued along the way.

A few moments later, Leo and the fleet finally arrived in front of the gate but this time it didn't automatically open for him.

Leo then got down from his bike as Prince Ashton and the rest of the survivors followed as they looked at the high walls in bewilderment.


"The walls are so high! It would impossible for the zombies or monsters to invade this place!"

"We're finally safe! *Sobs*"

Suddenly, one of the survivors started crying and it caused a chain reaction as the others also felt their emotions swelled up within them as they also started crying and even those so called tough guys already in the verge of tears as their eyes turned red, trying to hold back their tears.

"I'm a real man! A real man does not cry!" a man with a huge build tried hard to suppress his tears as he continued wiping his eyes.


"Only cry-babies cries!"

The man's companions followed suit as they also tried to suppress their emotions.

"*Sob* W-we are finally safe"

Knowing that they had finally arrived in a safe place made their tensed hearts and minds at ease as their suppressed emotion erupted as they started letting it all out, the fear, terror and dread that they had felt when the apocalypse started with zombies and mutated monster suddenly appearing out of nowhere that started eating their friends, loved ones or their family are finally being slowly washed away as they can finally see a ray of hope for their future. That was the moment that the glory of the human race being the dominant race in the planet finally crumbled.

Looking at them, Leo smiled and said, "Let's go! Open the gates!"

With Leo's words, the huge wooden opened by itself and at the other side of the gate, Leo can clearly see the people standing around Zabu as they looked on towards him.

When was about to lead Prince Ashton and the survivors inside, one of the survivors that have camping inside dashed towards Leo and said between puffs of breathes, "S-sir! Please wait! Are we allowed to go in now? We've been outside for two days waiting for the chance to go inside this walled place"

"Eh..?" Leo was startled for a bit and cursed in his mind, 'F*cking asshole! Couldn't you have just ask me that later!?"

Even when he felt irritated, Leo still gave his best smile towards the guy and said, "I'll try to tell my leader about your predicaments, alright?"

"How about this then.." Leo said and took out his backpack and started rummaging inside as the ten started taking things out, "Here...this too..and this one" Leo handed things like five canned foods, seven bottles of water, multiple biscuits, breads and there's even alcohol and gave towards the man.

"You know what, here. Take them and share it to others who needs it right now, alright? Don't worry, there would be more to eat and drink once you guys are finally able to go inside" Leo just gave him the bag that was now full of food inside with gave a huge grin and patted the shoulders of the man before Leo finally led the Prince and the other survivors inside.

Leo, of course wasn't that cold hearted that he declined the survivors here who had been camping since while he let the survivors he rescued along the road to follow him inside. It was because it wasn't the appropriate time as after all, he wasn't even sure if the people he rescued would have a place to stay inside or the survivors would be force to sleep outside with improvised tents like people staying outside the walls, especially that he was trying to fool the prince into thinking that he wasn't the leader but Zabu instead and he doesn't want any disruption with his plans right now and just decided to settle the problems of the survivors outside later.

The man was shocked as he wasn't expecting to given food as he just stood there and stared at the backs of the people going inside the gate before it slowly closed by itself and only did the man recovered from his stupor and started at the things on his hand and smiled, "It's been a long time since I've drunk alcohol, hehe" after saying those, the man looked towards the gate again and gave a forty degree bow as a sign of thanks to Leo.

Suddenly, a hand tapped on his shoulder and a voice rang out behind and said happily, "Hey now brother! Make sure to share like the man said, okay!? I've never eaten canned food for a long time now! I'm famish!"

"Of course!" the man laughed joyfully and the other survivors started crowding around while the man started distributing the supplies while he left a bunch for himself.

"Thanks a lot!"

"Goobjob man! You're really brave to talked to that guy and thanks to you, we'll finally have a decent food after a long while"

"Haha, it was just a spur of the moment and I wasn't really expecting something like this to happen, Mwahaha!" the man scratched the back of his for being praised while laughing out loud.

"You're truly luck that you've bumped into a good man!"

What these people know was the person who gave them food was actually the leader of this place that they have been wanting to take refuge in and they just thought that it was a generous man who has a high position inside the walled camp.

Looking at the back of Leo, Prince Ashton was suddenly lost in thought, ' That was weird, how did that bag contain so many items?'.

Before Prince Ashton could even make conjectures about his question to himself, Leo suddenly interrupted his thoughts, "Prince Ashton, this is our leader, Leo. Boss Leo, this is Prince Ashton of the royal family. We encountered each other in Sheffield where I found out about them that they wanted to meet you so I led them here"

"Mwahaha! Welcome, my friend!" Zabu bellowed in laughter as he stood from his chair and bear hugged the prince which made the latter uncomfortable as he haven't someone like Zabu before who dares to treat him like this.

Seeing the scene in front them made the face of Leo and his companions twitch and Brock and his subordinates even had dark looks on their faces.

'This Zabu is really unbridled to just hugged the prince like that'

'This as*hole! How dare he treat the prince like that!? Does he even have any manners at all!?'

Different thoughts surfaced in their minds which made the others just shake their head while some are already on the verge of exploding in anger while the survivors who followed Leo all the way here, just watch on with interest ast they started looking around the new place with interest.

Leo suddenly noticed something different inside the camp, "Eh!? There are newly constructed buildings!"