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Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapter 85

"I heard that you wanted to meet me, "your highness" " While sitting on the Lord's Seat in the Main Hall, Zabu smiled gently but it didn't hide the sarcasm behind his last words.

Hearing the mockery behind his words, Prince Ashton just smiled back and acted like didn't get the meaning behind Zabu's words, 'F*cking bastard!' he cursed in his mind angrily.

"Yes, Her Majesty specially sent me here to just to meet you but I didn't expect that your place would be surrounded by huge walls and you even have your own armed men patrolling around it and not only that, it seems your place could even accommodate at least two hundred people with your current infrastructures or maybe even five hundred if you let them just camp out in the vacant land inside your camp" Prince Ashton said smiling as he just tried to ignore the blatant insult to his title.

"Of course, isn't this place amazing? We managed to walled up at least over two hundred yards in diameter of the land, mwahaha!" Zabu boasted with a laughed.

"Anyway, for you to risked to your lives to come all the way here. There must something you want from me, doesn't it?" Zabu clasped his hands and rested it on the table as he smiled at Prince Ashton.

"Mister Leo is really straightforward" Prince Ashton then gestured at Brock who was standing behind him. After all, him, a prince is thoroughly kept in the dark of what their purpose of coming here.

Brock nodded and took a rolled paper out from the bag on the table and then unrolled it and glance at Brock intently before he said, "Leo Wood! For your outstanding merits of rescuing survivors from the outbreak and building a safe haven for them. Her Majesty, The Queen, Elize VI has acknowledge your valiant efforts and courteously bestows unto you the Title of Earl and along-"


"I refuse!" Zabu stood up in anger as he banged the table hard which the table surprisingly didn't even budge a bit even when Zabu pounded it with almost his strength behind it.

"W-what!?" Prince Ashton finally stood up in surprised, like the sound of the table being pounded woke him up from his dazed as he angrily looked at Brock.

"What's the meaning of this!?"

Brock ignored the prince as he glared in anger towards Zabu, "What do you mean you refuse!? Her Majesty is honoring your contributions to the country along with a Noble Title!"

"Country!? Hahaha! What country!? This country doesn't exist anymore since order fell with people dying everywhere onto the jaws the monsters outside these walls! What noble titles!? What contributions!? Honor!? Honor can't feed our bellies! Get out of here before I order my men to imprison you all!" Zabu's bloodlust permeated in the room, creating a suffocating atmosphere as he yelled angrily at Brock.

"Why you-"

"Get the f*ck out of our camp! Now!"

Hearing Zabu's words, Prince Ashton was about to berate him for insulting the royal edict but Zabu angrily cut him off.

'F*ck! This wasn't part of the script! Shit! I didn't expect that they would actually give me a Noble Title! But Zabu is really a good actor though, hehe what noble title? Che! Couldn't they just say they just want my armaments?' Leo thought while watching the 'play' in front of his eyes.

"What you're doing is treason!" Brock angrily yelled back as he felt insulted.

"Treason!?" Zabu gave a wide grin before he walked behind his chair and picked up his warhammer.

"Treason, eh!? This is treason you bastard!" Zabu roared as he dashed towards Brock and swung his weapon towards the latters head, planning to turn him into a meat paste.

Brock stood rooted there in fear as he wasn't expecting the situation to worsen this fast as he wasn't expecting Zabu to attack him without warning but just as the Warhammer was about to bashed his head clean..

"Stop!" a stern voice reverberated in the room.

The warhammer suddenly came into a halt just a few inches away from Brock's face.

With his face covered in cold sweat, Brock swallowed as he look at the thing in front of him in fear as he slowly staggered backwards almost falling on his butt.

"Siii~" Prince Ashton took a breath of cold air, as even he a mutant who specialize in speed wasn't able to react or even see the movements of Zabu as he felt like his heart was gripped in fear and only when the voice shouted did it disappear.

Everyone was shocked at the scene in front of them as they didn't expect the situation to go down this fast, it didn't even went past ten minutes since the two group met but they are already trying to kill each other.

"Now, now. We shouldn't be killing our guest now, do we leader?" Leo gave two claps as he gave a smile towards Zabu.

Leo then gestured with his eyes towards Prince Ashton and Brook to get out of the room. The latters immediately getting the meaning behind Leo's gaze, they then hastily scrambled out of the room.

Leo then gave a thumbs up towards Zabu before he followed the prince and Brook outside.

'Even though it wasn't to got down like this, what happened now is even more satisfying, hehehe' Leo smiled inside as he now not needed to follow them on the road.

'With this, hehe. I will be able to know where their base is located at, hmmp!' Leo remembered that he had a tracking device that had been left sitting inside his Inventory and he plans to plant it at Prince Ashton.

Leo didn't saw the two outside of the room but met them outside the Lord's Mansion already readying up to leave the camp.

Leo immediately went to over to them and put on an apologetic expression and said, "Prince Ashton, apologies towards the attitude that out leader had shown. Our boss have always been like that, overbearing and had the attitude of a warlord"

Even though Prince Ashton was feeling angry and insulted, he still showed a amicable smile on his face towards the Leo, "No worried Mr. Dylan but it seems our two camps won't have any interactions for now and as you can see, we are already planning to leave immediately as it seems we aren't welcomed here anymore" he said as he looked at armed people staring at them, all of them ready to open fire towards Prince Ashton's group upon orders.

This first batch of people that Caleb trained wasn't the greenhorns they were before but they can already been called adept warriors who already bathed in the blood of their enemies, the zombies.

That's the reason why they are already releasing a little bit of killing intent towards their visitors the moment they heard Zabu's roar of anger and their assumptions that something went wrong inside was solidified the moment they saw Prince Ashton and Brook hastily running out of the building.

This the reason why Prince Ashton is hastily making his subordinates to prepare for departure as he was afraid this people wouldn't care about the consequences and shoot them dead.

"I see, i see. Well then, I wouldn't hold you guys off anymore" Leo said as he stretched his hand forward for a handshake.

"It's been nice meeting you Prince Ashton" Leo gave a smile.

"Me too, Mr. Dylan even though the ending didn't came off good" Prince Ashton gave a warm smile.

Both of them was smiling to each other in the surface but two of them was actually cursing each other.

'I hope your trash of a camp is destroyed soon!'

'Hmmp! Become a noble? You guys just want an excuse to use our advanced weaponry and my people! F*cking hypocrites!'

"Safe travels" Leo said.

"You too" Prince Ashton said before he boarded one of the SUVs as they grouped hastily left the camp.

Leo was standing there as he stared at the cars slowly leaving the camp as flash of cold lights would appear in his eyes from time to time.

Leo then gave a huge grin before he turned back and headed towards the Lord's Mansion.