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Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapter 86

Three days has already passed since the 'eventful' meeting between Prince Ashton and Zabu at Dawn Camp.

In the shade of the night, a lone man was standing on a branch of a huge tree as his gaze was directed towards the heavily guarded walled-small facility.

"So this is their base, huh? An underground base, hehe" Leo smiled, he was currently standing just a hundred yards away from the entrance to the underground base of the royal family. Leo followed Prince Ashton all the way here using an invisible tracking device he planted on the prince when they performed a handshake before the Prince's departure from Leo's camp.

Of course, he could have just followed them through the use of his map but it would be more troublesome if he did that because of how many elements that the system map picks up like the zombies, monsters or survivors. But through the use of the tracking device he was able to follow them until here because the map showed a different color when the tracking device was planted or used.

"Despite modern weapons not being in used anymore. I didn't expect that they would still be able to armed their men seems that the royal family has been very meticulous at preserving their 'relics'" Leo murmured when he saw that the guards, guarding the entrance are armed with M3 submachine guns and their sentries mounted with M1919 Browning machine gun and M1941 Johnson LMG. There's even a Cruiser Tank, Comet I (A34) stationed at the side which truly amazed Leo at the capabilities of the Royal Family even in this dire times.

The underground entrance was located in a valley and surrounded in a semi circular wall made of cement with barb wires placed on top of it.

Leo noticed that wall looks quite old so he figured out that this place must an old fallout shelter for the Royal Family.

"Now then, how do I pass by these guards without killing them?" Leo crouched down on the branch as he focused his gaze towards the gate, trying to find some loopholes where he can take advantage off.

Suddenly, Leo's ear twitch as he heard something and looked towards the direction where the sound is coming from.

"It seems that heavens are even helping or's Gaia herself?" Leo stood up and gave a huge grin as he looked towards the incoming vehicles moving along the valley road as it headed towards them.

Leo then immediately jumped from the tree and hastily made his towards the direction of vehicles.

Leo then hid himself on a ditch beside the road where the group of vehicles are traversing as he patiently waited for them to pass by his position.

As seconds ticked by, the vehicles are slowly getting nearer to his position.

As the last vehicle was about to passed by him, "Now!" Leo jumped out of the ditch he was at and managed to clung behind the last vehicle and slowly positioned him below the car.

"Heh, I feel like I'm double o seven" Leo chuckled as he made sure that his back won't scrape at the ground.

"Halt!" Leo suddenly heard a stern voice when the fleet of vehicles finally reach the entrance gate and he also noticed dogs sniffing around all the vehicles, doing an inspection.

'Shit!' Leo cursed as he wasn't expecting this and then he suddenly remembered that he once read from one of the webnovels that limiting your breathing and constricting your aura would be able to hide one's presence.

"Let's just try it, if worse comes to worst then I will just beat the shit out of this guys" Leo gritted his teeth, he felt frustrated that he should have bought something from the System like a skill to hide his presence, now he doesn't have the liberty to do it as the dogs are already just a car away from him.

Leo then took a deep breath and started breathing faintly like in meditation, he even tried to hide his aura away.

Leo then kept his eyes on the dog and when he thought that everything was going well, he suddenly saw the head of the dog popped up staring at him while baring it's towards him.

'Crap!' Leo cursed as he subconsciously release his killing intent towards the dog.

"*Whimper*" the dog suddenly started whining in fear when the dog felt the murderous intent towards it as it slowly backed off from the car and laid on its back with it's belly facing upwards.

"Admiral, what happened!?" the anxious voice of the handler sounded when he saw his partner whining like it just saw something fearsome.

When the patrolling soldiers heard the commotion behind the convoy, some of them immediately rushed towards them.

"Sergeant! What happened!?"

"Sir! I don't know, Admiral just became like this when we were inspecting this vehicle" Leo could clearly heard the anxious voice of the handler from below the car.

"What? Men! Search the vehicles thoroughly!"

With that order, the soldiers started laying on the ground as they inspected the undersides every single vehicle.




Sounds of confirmation rang out as the inspecting soldiers didn't see anything wrong.

"Sir! All clear! There's nothing with the cars!" a soldier ran towards their commanding officer and reported.

"Are you sure!?"

"Yes, sir!"

Their C.O who had a Captain's rank was suddenly deep in thought while staring at the whimpering Admiral on the ground.

'What really happened? How come one of our best army dogs became like this? Could there be that it a saw a mutant zombie below the car?' while thinking of those thoughts, the Captain personally inspected the underside of the last vehicle.

'Nothing, what could it have been?' he thought as he got up from the ground under the watch of his men.

"Captain, are we allowed to go in now?" a soldier probably one of the members of the fleet of vehicles angrily looked at the said person.

The Captain didn't reply but just stared at the man for a few moments before saying, "All clear! Let them in!"

With those orders, the fleet of vehicles slowly entered the underground shelter as the massive thick door opened before them.

"Phew, that was close" Leo who was hiding between the cargo trailer and the vehicle breathed a sigh of relief.

The reason the soldiers wasn't able to discover him was because he already made his escape the moment the army dog started whining and slowly made his way towards the most inconspicuous part of the fleet, the very first vehicle of the group, the cargo truck.

That's the reason why Leo was able to hide away from them because the soldiers would just expect that there probably something or someone hiding below the vehicles and his black clothes also helped him blend in the darkness.

As the cargo truck that Leo was on, "Hehe, Oh Prince Ashton, you probably wouldn't expect that you would actually lead a possible enemy of your family into your own hideout, kuku"

"And also, you still haven't paid for my grenades yet. Did you really think I already forgot about it!?"

"This time, I'm taking anything I deem valuable from your shelter and you can't stop me!"