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Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapter 87

The fleet of five vehicles passed through a dark tunnel and when the cargo truck was just about to pass through the tunnel, Leo stealthily jumped off towards the side where there is a crack of space just enough for a person to fit inside.

"Phew" Leo breathed a sigh of relief and then he poked his head out and started looking around.

To his right was a dim light tunnel leading to entrance and thirty yards to his left was a wide space, probably used as a parking lot as Leo saw multiple cars parked there along with the convoy of vehicles that he hitched a ride on earlier, where there are people around carrying off boxes after boxes from the cargo trucks.

"It seems they have a running electricity here" Leo said as he thought there are probably running generators underground.

Leo also saw sentries even soldiers patrolling around with their partner dogs.

"Dogs...dogs..dogs!" Leo almost yelled as he suddenly remembered something.

"System" Leo immediately called out to his trusty buddy, the System.

[Yes Host]

"Aren't all animals supposed to be evolving or evolved by now? Why are these dogs still haven't evolve until now?" Leo asked as he suddenly noticed that the dogs doesn't have any changes or evolve yet.

[All animals even including the smallest insect had already evolved. What you see is already an evolve mammal with increased senses, agility, intelligence and strength but there's a 99% chance they have acquired certain abilities towards an element, having their characteristic and appearances before the evolution remained even their loyalty to their owner]

"Wait..are you saying this already dangerous army dogs danger level just went up another level and they can now possess elemental abilities?" Leo was perplexed hearing that. Of course, he wasn't really afraid of them but what surprised him the most are that their still loyal to their owners or handlers.

"Doesn't that mean their appearance right now are the perfect disguise? Hehe, people wouldn't expect that these dogs have already evolved because there wasn't any changes on their outer appearances. This dogs are like wolves in a sheep skin" Leo grinned as his eyes was shining like a kid who just saw a new toy.

'They would be perfect as guards(pets) for my ladies. I just hope that there are more of them inside that gate' Leo thought smiling as his eyes was directed to the heavily guarded door that leads deeper inside.

While Leo was formulating a plan to stealthily bypass the guards, a thought suddenly came into him, "System...what about that missing 1% on that 99% of yours? Does that mean that some dogs won't gain elemental abilities?"

[Yes but in exchange are more powerful physical abilities but lower intelligence making them mindless killing machines but these chances only appears in abandoned, stray and abused dogs from their owners, killing them after evolving and this also applies to cats and other certain pet animals]

Leo breathed a cold air, imagining the scene of the abused pets killing their abusive owners, "Well...they did say that karma is a bitch" Leo muttered as he shrugged his shoulders and focused more on the more important matters right now.

"Well, nothing.." Leo helplessly muttered as he can't seem to find any loopholes he could take advantage off so he just chose the most logical option, a skill from the system shop.


[Fireball - 5,000 Defender Coins]

[Chain Lightning - 15,000 Defender Coins]

[Cloak and Dagger - becomes invisible and gains the ability to move through unhindered until an attack is executed.

Price - 50,000 Defender Coins]

"Shit, this is already the cheapest but still expensive" Leo cursed, as he seemed to notice that the system is really good at taking his hard money in times like this.

Leo saw that he only have a bit over 70,000 defender coins but he was reluctant to use it as he plants to buy the next upgrade blueprint for the Stronghold.

"F*ck, I hate it if a plans doesn't go the way I wanted it too" Leo cursed and bought a mask to cover his face, he then got out of his little hiding place.

Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!

The moment that Leo got out of his hiding place, the two army dogs immediately noticed him as they sprinted towards him leaving their handler behind.

Woof! Woof! Woof!

The soldiers also saw Leo and after their initial surprise, they immediately started shouting, "Intruder!"

One of the soldiers immediately ran towards a red button and pressed it. The blaring emergency sound immediately downed the place.


"Intruder alert! Intruder alert! All civilian personnel are advised to immediately head towards the bunker room until the intruder/s is neutralize!" a robotic sound was heard from the the speakers.

Inside the a surveillance room.


"What is happening!?" a man dressed in a military uniform barged inside the room and bellowed in anger following behind him is mid-aged man who has the aura of nobility.

"Your highness! General! We have an intruder that managed to sneak inside the loading bay! The men are already engaging with the intruder, sir!" a soldier immediately gave a salute and reported.

Two ignored the soldier and went over the screen showing them of what was happening in the loading bay.

"Shit! A mutant!" The general cursed when he saw the intruder easily neutralizing the two mutant army dogs. Even the man dressed in casual clothes frowned as a contemplated look appeared on his face.


"Hmmp! F*ck sneaking!" Leo snorted as his right hand struck forward like a spear towards the german shepherd who pounced towards him.

Seeing it's companion being held on its neck while helplessly flailing around, the other dog immediately stop in his tracks and a red magical circle appeared the moment the dog opened his mouth.

Woof! Fwoosh~

In just a second, a two foot in diameter ball of fire was immediately shot towards Leo like a baseball.

"F*ck you!" Leo bellowed as he threw the dog on his hand aside and clasped his left hand into a fist and punched towards the incoming fireball.


The sound of a reverberating explosion sounded the moment the fist and the fireball collided.

"It's mutant! Kill him!" someone ordered among the soldiers as they started opening fire at Leo.

"Shoot me?" Leo snickered as just continued moving towards the entrance that leads deeper.

Clink! Clink! Clink!

Leo just ignored the bullets swooshing passed him and his body would just give a small jerk backwards when a bullet hits his body and the bullets would be deformed upon contact on Leo's body as they would just fall on the ground.

Suddenly, a bullet struck Leo's forehead sending it jolting backwards.

"Why you!" Leo ferociously glared at them below his eye sockets and the veins in his head bulged. After all, even though the bullets was ineffective towards still hurts like someone was punching him.

"Shit! He's a mutant impervious to bullets!"

"Arghh!" Leo bellowed as his aura started surging upwards as his trademark, the crimson bear appeared behind him.


The roar became so powerful because of the enclosed space that the walls surrounding them shook a bit as even small debris started falling down on the ground.

One of the soldiers face was twitching as he just stared blankly at the huge bear that suddenly appeared behind the intruder and he just uttered helplessly