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Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapter 88


A soldier cursed helplessly in horror that he even forgot to use his rifle to shoot at Leo.

The onslaught that the soldiers and spectators are expecting didn't happen but instead. One by one, Leo walked towards to the two dogs that already sprawled on the floor in fear.

Inside the surveillance room.

"Shit! It's him! Dylan!" Prince Ashton upon seeing the intruder screamed in panic. Surprisingly, he could still recognized Leo even though he was already wearing a mask that hides half of his face, from the top of his mouth to his chin.

"You know this guy?" a man beside him asked sternly.

"Yes, brother. He was the one that lead us the way to Dawn Camp" Prince Ashton said while looking the person, it was the man earlier who followed the general inside the room, It was the First Prince, Alucard.

"What!? Then you're the one who lead him here!?" Alucard stared at Ashton angrily as suffocating aura burst out from his body.

" I don't kno..w how h-he followed"Prince Ashton felt his breath heavy, feeling suffocated as he had a hard time replying to his brother that even the people inside the room also felt their breaths heavy like someone is clamping their necks.

Prince Alucard didn't reply and just raised his eyebrow and ignored Ashton as he turned towards the monitor showing Leo slowly walking towards the entrance that leads deeper into their shelter.

"Go and get some men and I want you to personally take care of these menace"Prince Alucard ordered in a grim tone.

"Yes, brother" Prince Ashton said seriously before walking out of the room but inside, he felt very unwilling for being ordered around by his older brother. After all, he's only the third prince and doesn't have that much power within the family.


"Hmm..hmm" Leo was humming happily as he slowly strode forward towards the entrance as he just ignored the soldiers staring at him in horror and fear.

Leo then stood in front of circular door made of steel, "It looks like the door in a bank vault" Leo muttered as he gaze at the thing in front of him and then he clenched his right hand into a fist.

Leo then slid his right foot backwards as he gathered his strength into his right fist and then punched forward.

"Ahhh!" Leo gave a yell as he a straight punch towards the metallic door.


Upon collision, it produced a sound like a barbell was thrown on the ground but more powerful that the place even shook like the aftershock of an earthquake.

"Hmm? Interesting.." Leo mumbled in surprised when he saw that he only managed to leave a knuckle dent on the door as it didn't even fly off like he did with the previous doors like this.

"M-monster" someone mumbled in terror among the soldiers watching him from the side. This battle hardened soldiers have become like chickens in the face of terror. After all, this soldiers had only faced humans and zombies so far and haven't someone like Leo who already transcended a normal human being.

What they didn't notice was there was only one soldier who wasn't affected at all as he just displayed a calm look while watching Leo, "Truly powerful, that door is made of lonsdaleite and steel combined and for him to even leave dent on just show how montrous the strength of this mutant. Even all of us here won't be able to stop him now. I just hope Prince Alucard is able to repel this mutant"

The man was the captain in charge of guarding the entrance shelter and him and his men hastily made their way inside the moment the alarm went off but what they didn't expect to see was this scene in front of them, there were soldiers on the ground groaning in pain when they tried to attack Leo and the rest of the soldiers who was already considered elite in their group are now trembling in fear.

The captain looked around then face palmed as he thought, 'This guys are elite soldiers personally handpicked and trained by the Master Swordsman Caleb but now...they became like rats that saw a cat. Haist, I could also sympathize with them...that monstrous aura being emitted by that crimson bear behind him is truly fearsome, kuehk!'


The crimson bear gave a roar as Leo prepared to break down the door.

"Interesting, it seems this door is made from something hard that could even withstand my punches but do you really think you can stop me with just this!?" Leo bellowed as the ground beneath his feet started cracking as his feet slowly sunk in from pressure.

"Ahhh! Ya! Ya! Ya! Ya! Ya! Ya! Ya!"

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Leo started releasing punches after punches as the door started getting wrecked as dents after dents appeared as it slowly getting penetrated

After giving out twenty some punches, Leo stopped as he took a step back and gathered more power behind his fist.

"Uhmmmm...Haa!" Leo bellowed as he threw another punch but this time, the power behind was more powerful that the punch felt like it suck all the sound around it for a second as it slowly travelled like in a slow motion towards the metal door.

"S-stop! Fire at will! Fire! Fire!" the captain started yelling in terror as he immediately felt something wrong behind that punch that he started barking orders.



Leo just ignored all of it as he was just focused at was what in front of him.

"No!!!" the captain shouted in horror before flung backwards.

The fist and the metal door made contact on what felt like eternity.


It send a powerful shockwave behind Leo as flung anything behind him, people and even the vehicles as the shelter even started shaking like an earthquake as dust started flying everywhere like a smoke bomb and the metal door finally gave in as it slowly got unhinged before flying inside.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Boom!

The door flew like a boomerang inside before dropping down on the ground, revealing a long but lit tunnel before Leo.

"Finally, that was hard. I wonder what that door was made off" Leo gave a sighed as he started massaging his fist as he felt it throbbing from pain.

Leo suddenly felt someone was charging at him from behind and he just sneered and performed a round right kick and exactly hitting the head of a soldier before being flung off into the side. Of course, Leo controlled the strength behind his kick so as to not to kill the poor soldier on the ground who was foaming on his mouth.

"Well then, Shall I?" Leo smiled as he slowly strode forward but what he didn't noticed from his map was there's a group of people hurriedly heading towards him from the other side.

"Quickly!" Prince Ashton shouted as he lead a group of people armed with different kind of weapons.

A minute later, the two groups finally met up in an open space of around twenty meters in square diameter.

"That's him! Kill him! Don't give him ample time to prepare!" Prince Ashton barked as he activated his mutant ability and the rest behind also activated theirs as balls made of fire, an arrow covered in wind and bolt of lightning flew towards him while the rest charged at Leo brandishing their own combat weapons.

"My...what a party" Leo grinned from ear to ear as his massive sword appeared on his back.

"Don't blame me for being too rough now" Leo smiled dashed forward as he evaded from side to side as he dodged at all the abilities flying towards him.