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Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapter 90

Leo shot out like a cannonball towards Prince Alucard and as he was about to passed by him, Leo with his left hand clasped the Prince's face and smashed him on the wall before jumping backwards to maintain a distance from the prince.

"Roar~!" Prince Alucard transformed into a werebeast like werewolf but instead, his body was covered in fur of golden hue along with black stripes snaking around it as a tail grew from his tailbone, wagging slowly from side to side.

"Weretiger!" Leo yelled in a start and this time he noticed that numbers and words appeared above Prince Alucard.

[Prince Alucard - Level 12 Mutant Weretiger]

"Roaar!" Prince Alucard howled towards the sky or ceiling and shot out towards Leo like a bullet.

Leo's eyes constricted into a dot as he saw a claw swiping towards his head.

"Hmmp!" Leo snorted as his left hand grabbed towards the claw of Alucard as he slid backwards.

Pushing suddenly pushed back made Leo quite startled but then suddenly he smiled from ear to ear, "Yes! Fight! Fight! Figgghtt~!"

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

"This people are m-monsters!" the man who was a scientist ws peering towards the room where the fight is held as he shouted in fear and excitement as he felt his blood boiling just watching the two exchanging blows after blows.

Leo and Prince Alucard started exchanging blows after blows as the floor below them and the things around them started getting blown away or destroyed.

"Koraa! Koraa! Koryaaaa~!" Leo was yelling something in japanese while punching and suddenly one of his punches connected on the face of Alucard, sending him flying for 15 yards across the room towards the wall as his entire body sunk at two feet deep.

Leo just stood there in the middle of the room as he just watched Alucard slowly getting out from the wall.

"You're good, you're strong. I!" Alucard said smiling but his smile looks menacing with those fangs on his mouth.

"Cheh! You're really tough but sorry I don't that much time to play with you anymore. Let's..finish this!" Leo said as he went into a fighting position.

"Intruder! Come!" Alucard arrogantly gestured him with his right hand.

"Aahhh!" Leo shouted as he suddenly disappeared.

"Hmmp! That trick won't work at me, twice!" Alucard snorted as he turned his body and performed a spinning back fist but to his surprised there wasn't someone behind him.

"Gotcha~" Leo's soft voice whispered on Alucard's ear which sent a shiver down his spine because this time he felt the killing intent behind Leo's voice.

"Wha-" Alucard didn't managed to finished what he was about to say because he was suddenly slammed to the ground, face first!


Leo slammed Prince Alucard's head repeatedly on the floor until Alucard fell unconscious as his body immediately returned to normal.

"Hmm...I thought he would at least put up a fight with his level being twelve. How disappointing" Leo said as he wiped off the blood on his hand before walking away as he left the almost naked man on the floor.

"Let's go, lead me towards where your family is" Leo said to the three when he passed by them.

"Y-yes, right this way sir" the man was startled for a bit before he energetically lead the way in front, wanting to look pleasing in Leo's eyes.

"How manly" the blonde woman with green eyes said meekly to herself as a blushed appeared on his cheeks as she followed behind them.



"Dammit!" an old man wearing the rank of a field marshal banged the table when he saw Prince Alucard being defeated in just a few moments from the live surveillance screen in the room.

"Colonel Mcintyre! Se-"

"Leave it be. It's useless even if you send more men towards him. Alucard is already the strongest Mutants among much less from our soldiers who are using firearms from the past world wars"

The Marshal was about to command one of the colonels in the room to send more men towards Leo but was suddenly cut off by an aged old woman's voice.

"But Your Majesty! I-I-I...I understand" the marshal was about to retort when he suddenly saw the queen glaring daggers at him which made him choked at what he was about to say.

"Send the orders! All men are to stand by and not to engage the hostile!"

"Yes! All units are to stand by and do not engage the hostile target! I repeat! All units are to stand by and do not engage!" the man manning the intercom said through a microphone.


"Hmmm? That's weird. How come the soldiers suddenly stopped?" Leo questioned himself as he was confused that the soldiers heading towards him that the map indicated stopped and retreated to a corner.

"I see" Leo smiled as he realized something as he gestured towards the three people and said, "Come on! We're safe for now! Let's immediately head to the quarters where your families are at!"

Leo made the man named Zack lead the way to their quarters as they passed by some soldiers along the way who looked at the four of them full of hostility but in the end they didn't do anything, possibly afraid of disobeying orders.

A few moments later after moving from corridors to rooms to corridors again then finally managed to reach the place where the civilian residents are staying or hiding at.

It was a large room with almost nothing in it except for that there's bunk beds on every part of the room and a door that probably leads to a room where they stocked their foods are, clearly showing that the place that they are at is just a evacuation room.




From there, Leo found out the names of the blonde woman who was about the same age as him was Alana while the older woman was Alice.

When their loved ones among the crowd immediately saw the three scientist, they immediately called out to them full of relief but when they the unknown person with them, they grew wary as they made some distance from while some of them are even eying the soldiers to do something.

The three soldiers around them just gave a stiff smile as even though they wanted to apprehend Leo, they are force to follow orders not to do anything.

"Zack, who is he? Why are you with him? I don't recall someone like him here" a woman clearly Zack's wife asked him in a soft voice why looking at Leo.

"We'll be following him from now on so go pack up our things and kids go help your mom so we can immediately leave this place for a better opportunity and living standards" Zack immediately answered with a smile as he told his wife and his two kids, a girl and boy around eight or nine year olds.

"What? Why!? Aren't we already living a good life here? We even have three meals a day!" Zack's wife raised her voice as she was confused of why they are leaving and to follow a complete stranger towards the outside world full of dangers.

"Listen here honey." Zack carefully and slowly explained to his wife and the same scene was happening to the other two families.

A minute later, seeing that the three families of the three scientist are still unwilling to leave with him. He immediately stepped out and bellowed.

"Listen here families of Zack, Alice and Alana! If you follow me outside, I'll make sure to keep all of you safe until we reached my camp and upon arriving there, you would be provided three meals a day like here but you guys would need to share a huge house with the rest of the survivors living there and on top of that, you guys will also need to contribute like the rest if you guys want to keep eating there to survive. Now, you guys might think that following me isn't that good with the things I just said but you guys would see the sun and the starry skies everyday, instead of living underground where it feels like a prison with your freedoms clearly limited but unlike here, you can almost do whatever you want at the camp where I come from as long you follow the rules that was implemented!"

"You even has the chance to join the militia and wield your own weapons or firearms! Be properly trained in some basic martial arts and an excursion outside of the camp to increase your battle experience fighting the zombies under the supervision of a group of adept soldiers! By then, you won't be afraid of zombies anymore! You can just smash, slash, smash! Smash! Smash them into smithereens!"

What Leo said was clearly facts, especially the starry skies. He already noticed that the atmosphere of the planet have become cleaner as he can even see numerous stars shining above the skies every night which really confused him of why the world's air is actually getting cleaner instead of becoming more polluted along with the sudden descent of the apocalypse and everytime he asked the system about it, all he got in reply was that his authority is too low and he needs the Stronghold upgraded to Level Six.

The three families was clearly tempted and some of the people not involve with them has the look of wanting to go with him.

"H-how do we know if you're actually telling the truth and not all just lies!" someone bravely stepped forward and yelled.

"Right now, I'm all alone and wreak havoc here by myself! I even beaten the shit out of someone called Alucard and that Prince Ashton by myself and the people here can't do shit about it! And everything I said was the truth and because I am the leader of that camp and what I say goes!" Leo said while saying inside his mind 'Well, sometimes'.

The moment that the rest of people heard Leo telling them he was actually the leader of that camp he mentioned, they shell shocked especially when he said he had beaten the shit out of Prince Alucard and Ashton by himself. While the soldiers are actually feeling angry about it and already on the verge of exploding! Fortunately, this soldiers has immense discipline in them as they just endured it in the end even though they really want to send a rain of bullets towards Leo.


"Dammit! This arrogant bastard! He clearly came here to poach our people! He even has the nerve to humiliate the two prince's!" the old man marshal clearly wanted to charged out of the room and beat the shit out of Leo. Even Her Majesty, The Queen had a dark look on her face at Leo's comments about the two prince's but in the end didn't say anything and remained silent.

The soldiers and the army commanders in the room swore in their hearts that they would invade this bastard's base and kill him after this humiliating events.