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Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapter 91

A week has already passed since Leo 'raided' and 'borrowed' some things from the royal family's bunker.

The three researchers or scientist Zack, Alice and Alana were handed to Alastair to work along with Dan but when they saw the lab who was almost bare of equipment, they were disappointed luckily for them Leo brought back the equipment they used back in their former place and Leo had them install it into their little laboratory for now. Their families also surprisingly managed to easily adapt into their new environment and also started getting along well with the first residents in the camp. They also felt like Leo didn't lie to as the sky at night is really beautiful even the midst of this chaos.

In that night when Leo brought his new survivors back to his own cap, a hundred armed men wearing military combat suits followed them and attacked them half way through the road. Of course, Leo knew where this soldiers came from so he just gave them all a good beating and didn't kill them, after all he knew that this soldiers are just following orders even if they're are unwilling to do it.

Within the week, survivors after survivors have come seeking for shelter which the camp readily accepted them. Caleb's fleet also brought back over two hundred survivors riding in buses and Austin who became the leader of the fleet after Alex left also brought along exactly one hundred forty three survivors. This two fleets also brought a lot of supplies along the way which all of these are now stock up in the warehouse of the camp. Along with the sudden rise of the populations, Leo also upgraded the camp to Level 4, now the place had over twenty residence buildings which could accomodate a thousand people. All the buildings now had improved from being made from all logs to stone buildings even including the manually built buildings. This abrupt changes surprised a lot of people even though they were really curious how did this all happened, no one had the guts to ask openly but this became a major gossip inside the camp that there are even rumors that the leader of the camp, Leo, had managed to get an alien technology or something that cause the changes of the Stronghold Camp. Of course, it was just some baseless rumors in the end as no one was able to confirm it if it was true.

One thing that even surprised Leo was the improved wall that now have archers tower like from the medieval period, not only did the circular wall had four archers tower from all directions, it even provided its own archers troop consisting of ten archers per tower resulting in the camp having an additional forty battle ready soldiers dressed in dark red ancient archers garb with quivers full of arrows in their backs. The good thing was this happened at night or Leo wouldn't be able to find an excuse on how this armed people just suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Now, the camp has exactly seven hundred seventy seven people living somewhat peacefully inside and everyone except for kids below seventeen were taught how to fight and handle simple weapons like machetes or training swords.


While on the bed with a red-head woman laying on his arm, Leo was swiping his finger upward like he was browsing something in the air in front of him that he, can only can see.

"Hmmmm...a summon that only requires sterling to purchase. Damn, it's really depressing when I'm broke" Leo grumbled.

A four-legged dragon, a snake like dragon with horns, a turtle with a snake tail, a winged tiger, a black wolf, an orc even a goblin passed through in front of his eyes and every single one of them would cost from 25,000,000 to 1,000 Defender Coins.

" The heck..?" Leo's joyful face suddenly frowned as he stared at the preview of a summoned monster or creature in front of him. It was a freaking slime!

"No, no, no, not this" Leo shook his head and continued browsing again and while later he suddenly thought of something.

'System, can you please show all summoned creatures that can be purchase using only sterling currency?" Leo asked within his mind, finally remembering that the system could help him with this.

"[Yes, host]" the system immediately replied and the screen in front of him where the previous list of summoned creatures changed and just showed creatures that can be bought only using the world's currency.

"Thanks" Leo said smiling.

[You're welcome]

Leo then eagerly continued until he stopped into a specific summoned creature and out of curiosity pressed the image. It was a statue of a human warrior covered in full body armor while holding a bastard sword with its tip resting towards the ground in between its legs.

Leo read from the description that this powerful creature named Warrior Guard Statue would be just like an ordinary statue out there but their strength would be as strong as someone in Level 35 and it would immediately come to life if it detects malice from someone who wish or wants to do harm to their master or someone or something important like a place who their master/summoner values a lo but the only downside is they can't move away three hundred yards away from where they are planted or stationed at.

"This...this is simply amazing!" Leo almost yelled in shock looking at the creature in front of his eyes.

"Buy, buy, buy!" Leo kept muttering as he continually pressed the purchase button as a series of purchased notification kept ringing inside his head.

[You have successfully purchased a [Warrior Guard Statue]!]

[You have successfully purchased a [Warrior Guard Statue]!]

[You have successfully purchased a [Warrior Guard Statue]!]

[You have successfully purchased a [Warrior Guard Statue]!]

[You have successfully purchased a [Warrior Guard Statue]!]

[You.[Warrior Guard Statue]!]

[The items have been successfully sent into your inventory!]

[100,000,000 have been deducted from your Inventory!]

Leo purchased a total of twenty of them and each one cost him 5,000,000!

'This like burning money!' Leo chuckled bitterly as he looked at his remaining stash of money but he felt that it was all worth it in the end. After all, having an extra protection around is not that bad especially minions as strong or even stronger than the Big One!

"Uhmmm." suddenly the woman lying on his arm uttered a soft cry as she started waking up.

"Good morning" the woman looked at Leo and gave a huge contented smile on her face.

"Goodmorning, did you have a enough rest? You can still go back to sleep if you want to, no one would complain" Leo said smiling as he lovingly looked at the 'bountiful' Michelle.

After a short talk, both of them readied themselves for the day. For the first time, Leo started involving himself at the management of the camp as he kept following along with his mother.

Leo assigned the survivors to builds houses and stuff, he visited the training grounds and practiced along with the new recruits boosting their morale and had some lovey dovey time with this two waifus and lastly he went outside the camp and started putting down the new summons as it surrounds around the wall.

"There" Leo uttered as he put down the last summon on the ground.

"Now..we'll have a impenetrable defense for a long while" Leo gave a huge grin as he stared at the warrior statue in front of him that stands over eight meters tall and surprisingly the statue is releasing a menacing aura around it like a loyal guardian who would protect this sacred place from the hands of evil. Well, more like zombies, mutated monsters and the monsters 'wearing' a human skin.