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Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapter 92

Nine in the morning.

An hour ago, the people or more correct to say that the guards in patrol finally notice the weird statues just standing outside the walls of the camp and with people curiously surrounding them, especially the few people who are camping just outside the walls who haven't gotten the green light to allow them to seek shelter inside.

"This statue looks so real"

"Yeah...i wonder who put this thing here?"

"I saw someone taking out this thing from thin air and putting it here. There are also others around the wall and they all look the same"

"Really? Did you recognize that person?"

"I wasn't able to because...he was moving too fast like a freaking ghost!"

"Seriously!? Then he must be a mutant!"

"Yeah! That was what I thought at first! Come! Let's go see the rest!"

On top the wall, Leo was smiling from ear to ear looking at the little commotion outside caused by the now 'Guardian Knights'.

"Is that you're own doing again?" a voice came behind Leo.

Leo looked beside him and saw his father standing beside him as he leaned on the railings trying to have a look at the statue below.

"Pretty awesome, right?"

"Awesome? You're just wasting time making this things and since when did you even know how to sculpt and where the heck did you make all this things? There are over twenty of them around the wall?" His father, Henry grumbled.

"I didn't make it, someone gave it to me" Leo said as he rolled his eyes at his father.

"Heh, you used that same kind of excuse when you showed us that weird armor before. I'm not a kid that's easy to fool, you know" Henry looked at Leo and grinned mischievously.

"Hmmp! What do you mean weird? It's just because you don't understand who's the person able to create an armor like that in our current technological time" Leo snorted as he remembered from the old memories of the previous Leo that his father was actually an old cunning fox even though he's 'under the saya'.

"So, what the heck are they then? I doubt you would do something stupid like decorating the place with this statues" Henry said as he leaned his back on the railings while smiling and looking at Leo.

"Hmmp! I actually almost forgot that you're a scoundrel old man" Leo snorted as he walked over to the railings and then continued as his gaze landed on one of the statues "Those things..just think of them as the first defense line of this place"

"Those statues? Pfft! Did a rock hit your head that your became this stupid? How the heck would a freaking statue fight!?" Henry snorted as he hand chopped Leo's head.

"This...bastard" Leo exaggeratedly took two steps back while rubbing his head even though he practically didn't feel anything like pain "I'm not a kid anymore. I'm already a-"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. My son is now a leader of hundreds of people" Henry rolled his eyes at him and then he mischievously remarked "You're the leader of hundreds of people but there's still two people above you"

"Who???" Leo had confused look on his face as he didn't understand what Henry meant by that.

Hearing Leo, Henry gave a huge grin as he slowly pointed himself using his thumb "And you're mom"

Leo suddenly felt like a lightning suddenly struck him as he stood there dumbfounded looking at his father irritating grin.

Leo just finally realized that what his father Henry said was a certain fact through and through and he just felt thankful that no one other than him heard it.

"Annoying old fart, hmmp!" Leo grinded his teeth when he saw the irritating smile on his father's face and then ignored it and he then gestured with his head at something in the distance "Look over there, see if I'm lying"

"Hmmm?" Henry raised an eyebrow as he turned around and looked at the direction Leo is gesturing at.

"Zombies?" Henry said with a confused look and then looked back at Leo "So?"

"Just watch" Leo gave a mysterious smile.

Henry just raised an eyebrow as he just looked at the seven zombies moving towards them.

The zombies slowly moved towards their direction while moaning stupidly.

Three hundred fifty seven yards.

Three hundred yards.

Two hundred yards.

One hundred fifty yards.

And at the hundred yard mark, something stunningly happened. One of the statues started shaking as small rock debris and dust slowly dropped on the ground and a moment later, a man covered in jet black armor with rag like clothing connected on his lower torso while holding a shining silver bastard sword slowly moved towards the group of zombies.

When the warrior was finally near them and within his range, it swung its sword and multiple flash of lights appeared as lines appeared on the zombies bodies. The bodies of the zombies slowly crumbled as pieces of flesh dropped down on the ground as they just continued walking forward with their hands trying to reach at the warrior, not feeling anything at all even though they are already decapitated into multiple pieces of rotting flesh.

The warrior then swung his sword as the bits of flesh and blood was cleaned off from the sword before he sheathed it and slowly turned around facing towards the direction of Leo at and gave a slight bow before turning into a ray of light of light and landed back at where he was earlier and slowly reverted again as an ordinary life like warrior statue.

Leo and Henry stood on the wall with mouths agape at the abnormally scene they just witnessed. Even Leo, the one who bought it had a shocked of his life. After all, he just thought that it would just a walking or fighting stone statue and didn't even expect that it would actually transform like a real person covered in armor.

"T-that j-just f*cked up!" Henry yelled as he gripped his hair, wide eyed. Thoroughly shaken at what he just witnessed.

Leo then hastily collected himself when he heard his father. After all, he was the one who put them there and didn't to seen like an idiot who didn't even the capabilities of the stone warriors.

Henry turned to Leo and hastily walked up to him, "Is that a freaking magic!?" he said while excitedly shaking Leo.

"S-stop! Your shaking is making me dizzy!" Leo yelled and only then did Henry stopped but he just looked at Leo with shining eyes and slowly said "You gotta teach me magic"

'Magic? I didn't even know that it would actually turn out like that! And now you're asking me to teach you magic!? I don't even know magic! Wait...aren't Sword Quake and Ghost Step magic too!?' Leo thought and then suddenly of something he haven't thought before.

'System' Leo said inside of him.

[Yes host] a robotic voice rang inside his head.

'Is it possible to teach the skills I bought from the shop to other people!?' Leo almost asked aloud.

[Yes, it's possible] the system replied.

"Then teach me!" Leo suddenly yelled.

"Magic! Magic baby! Hahaha!" Leo started laughing hysterically.

Henry suddenly became dumbfounded at the sudden weird actions of his son.

"D-did my son suddenly became an idiot?" Henry muttered as he slowly backed away from Leo like he was afraid of some kind of a disease.

"Magic Corps! Hahaha!"

Leo's maniacal laugh echoed inside and out of the camp and the people who heard it suddenly felt a shiver down in their spine. After all, Leo's laugh was someone only an insane would do but if they knew what he's actually thinking, they would probably also laugh like Leo and maybe even dance like an idiot...if they knew that they finally have the chance to wield