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Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapter 93

"What~~!?" Leo yelled at the sudden revelation.

[You would need to spend exactly 30,000 Defender Coins for the Skill Scroll to exist in the real world for other humans to slowly learn. You would also need to purchase a Skill Scroll called [Magic Sense] for the others to feel the mana around them and wield them to execute a magic skill. After all, the host doesn't have this difficulties learning magic]

Leo didn't expect this coming. After all, he had been only learning skills from the Inventory mostly because the Inventory had the function of [Use] and [Discard] when selecting a consumable item from it.

'That's a freaking 30,000! Seriously!? I only have over 2,000 Defender Coins left! F*ck! The expenses of strengthening ourselves is really a hard road ahead!' Leo just gave sighed feeling defeated while at the same time already planning to go out and earn some coins from the zombies or monster.

"Ahh, this is time where I really a mission right now?" Leo muttered to himself.

"Hey! Just what are you muttering to yourself over there!?" the voice of Henry jolted Leo from his dazed as he finally remembered that he was with his father and there are also people looking at him right now.

"Uhhh~ Nothing! Bye!" Leo said hastily before he jumped down from a top the wall.

"Hey! That's at least a twenty meter high...fall~. Nevermind" Henry immediately ran towards the other side of the railing in panic but when he saw Leo landing on the ground and running towards the distance like nothing was wrong at all, he just shrugged it off in the end.

"Why am i even worrying about that brat now? *Sigh* I keep forgetting that he always does that" Henry sighed to himself and he suddenly noticed that people are looking at him.

"What are you f*ckers looking at!? Back to work!"

"Y-yes sir!" the three patrols on the wall stammered as they hastily continued what they were supposed to do but their movement became like that of a robot.

"Did i just forget about something? Hmmm? Well, nevermind. I'll probably remember it later" Henry muttered with his head lowered as he pulled the seat that he always sat on and sat on it and continued to keep a lookout beyond the protection of the wall while also muttering something about the people outside.

While the rest are busy with their own private matters. The three wall guards earlier are having an interesting conversation among themselves.

"Did you see that person who jumped down wall like nothing happened!? That's the leader of this camp and the current strongest mutant here!"

"Wow! Really!? This is my first time that I saw the leader!"

"Didn't you already saw him a lot of times in the training field before? What are you acting like surprised about?"

"But I thought he was just someone who has a high status here from how our training officer is very respectful towards him and mostly of all, it's because he's young probably around the same age as us"

"Well, isn't that what amazing about it? He's so young but he's already powerful to lead hundreds of people. Someday, I also want to become a powerful mutant so that I can join the Hunting Squad!"

"Hunting Squad? But aren't most of them just ordinary humans and not mutants?"

"Yes but that's not the point here you idiot! Joining the Hunting Squad let's you get more contribution points for every run than staying here inside the camp which you can exchange into something like weapons, food and even the chance to be mentored by the Elite Hunters in one day or two days or even a month if you have enough points!"

"That's right. What Zig said was also something I heard from the others but you forgot to mention one thing. Anything except for important things like food or other important things to help improve the camp, you will be able to keep them yourself even including a weapons like katanas or whatnot with the exception of firearms though. They needed to be handed over"

"Seriously? How come I'm just hearing those now?"

"Hehe, that's to be expected as you're still new here but you're already lucky enough to be even able to land yourself to an important position like these" the man named Zig patted his companion's shoulder.

"Yeah, so you should also aim to get into at least one of the Hunting Squad but I also heard a rumor about there being a Third Hunting Squad soon and they plan to only recruit people soon or so i heard" the other man named, Miz said while raising his chin somewhat proud by his intel.

"Seriously!? Then I need to well in front of the field officer when we trains. You too Zack!" Zig said as he clenched his fist as determination lit inside him.

"Uhmm!" Zack just gave a nod while smiling as their backs slowly receded as they slowly got further away.

Turning towards Leo.

"Yes, just like that..hmmm...good. Now, pull the trigger" Leo was teaching Amanda how to use a sniper rifle while enjoying the white ivory valley below him that makes his blood boil in excitement.

"Like this?' Amanda said as she slowly pulled the trigger and 'Bang!' the bullet swoosh towards the direction of a training dummy, unbeknownst that someone is pervertedly looking at her bountiful chest.

"Good" Leo subconsciously replied grinning to himself even though he wasn't really looking at Amanda's shooting result.

Amanda noticed that Leo was talking anymore and gave a glance at her side and immediately noticed that Leo wasn't actually paying attention to what they are doing but instead ogling at her chest but instead of getting angry at him. She instead pressed her chest more, almost bursting out from her chest collar.

"T-this.." Leo stammered as he wasn't expecting that and he even wiped off the non-existing blood flowing out of his nose.

"Satisfied yet?" Amanda said as she turned towards him.

"Ha..ha" Leo gave an awkward laughed as he averted her eyes from her.

"If you want it. You can just tell me, it's not like you haven't touch or played with it before" Amanda whispered as she softly blew on his ear.

Leo suddenly felt his body shiver in excitement as a puff of air came out of his nose like an excited bull.

"Kyaa!" Amanda's sudden yell attracted some attention.

The people stopped what they were doing and glanced curiously towards her direction but when they saw Leo picking her up and suddenly running off inside the Lord's Mansion, they just shrugged off their shoulders and went back to what they were doing. After all, all of them are adults so they understand what's gonna happen next.

A little while later, the sound of someone moaning, a muffled groan, slapping sounds and the creaking of the bed interweaved inside one of the rooms of the mansion.

"They're at it again. I wonder when I'll have my own man too. Those two girls are really lucky to have the leader as their man." a young blonde haired woman holding holding a broom on her hand said to herself as she continued cleaning the place with a blush on her face.