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Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapter 94

"Phew~" Leo blew a puff of air while standing on the balcony of his mansion as he gazed towards the training grounds where over a hundred of recruits from ages fifteen to thirty are being trained like soldiers with some improvements here and there like training how to properly wield weapons for close combat as their primary basics before they are allowed to train how to handle a firearm.

"The situation of the camp is now finally moving forward" Leo said smiling from ear to ear as he gazed at the changes of the place. The huge plot of land behind the mansion have now became a field of flora with different kinds from medicinal herbs to everyday vegetables and surprisingly there's even some fauna being raised inside like the twenty mutated chickens as tall as a three year old kid currently being kept beyond a fence, the good about this chickens are they are docile and they taste incredibly good if cooked. There are also several buildings that was added from either the system or it was manually built by the survivors. With the Stronghold's recent upgrade, there are now more several free lot of lands for the people to use, The place had expanded from two hundred to five hundred meters in circular diameter. With the growth of the population of reaching over the five hundred mark. The army had also grown along with it and from a handful to over a hundred and almost reaching the two hundred mark by now and there would have been more if it weren't for the age restriction or some men not interested in the conflict and rather help around inside like building things, learning blacksmithing from the camp blacksmith, Zabu or to tending the farm behind the mansion.

"It's really changed, huh?" Leo said as he looked at the changes below him as he suddenly pictured himself during the medieval era of the world.

"Humans...are really fragile creatures" Leo sighed ruefully but not long after he regained his spirits "One day, I will the humans into a new era!" he said as he pointed his palm towards the sun while clenching his fist hard as his fighting spirit and determination burned more than ever inside him.

A while later, Leo left his room with a sleeping beauty soundly asleep on his bed.

Along the way, the people assigned to clean up the place were politely greeting Leo with huge smiles plastered on their faces. Leo just gave them a nod with a stiff smile as he wasn't really used to things like this.

'It feels like I'm a noble of some sort and came back to the medieval era but are enemies this time are not only humans but also zombies, mutated animals or beast and the like' Leo thought as he picked a sandwich from the table in the dining room before leaving the house.

Leo then went towards the Mess Hall where the people eats at and they pay the food inside using the contributions points they earned through doing chores. The way they get contribution points are getting the signatures of the head of the group they are working at, like the leader of the farmers or one of the guard captains inside and the like. After that they can use it however they like, one contribution points equates to one meal, five hundred contribution points can get someone a pistol of their own but they would would to use their own contribution points again for bullets after that and if they want a combat weapon of their own then can exchange one for an equivalent of fifty contribution points and with that the signature would be crossed out after usage. Of course, the five hundred contribution points was just a ruse to make people think they can have their own firearm. After all, no one is stupid enough to waste five hundred of their for a single pistol that has no bullets, unless that person is truly just plain stupid.

This kind of system was surprisingly implemented by his own sister, Aria. After all, the place doesn't use the standard money anymore but more through labor.

"How's the recruits training doing so far?" Leo said as he over beside Isaac who is currently the one training the recruits.

"Boss! Well, everything is going okay so far. I've implemented trainings from the army and added classes mostly on the use of melee weapons and how to properly kill a zombie" Isaac said grinning at Leo when he saw him.

Leo nodded as he watched the people training in front of him as they sparred with each other using different kinds of wooden weapons but most of them used a long wooden pole like the staff of Sun WuKong.

"How's training lately?" Leo turned his head towards Isaac.

"Great! I think my body is growing stronger and stronger lately after every intensive training" Isaac said smiling as he bent over and picked up a fist size rock and crushed it into pieces.

"Ohh?" Leo raised an eyebrow as he was startled by that.


"Awesome, right? I didn't see that there would be a day that I would be able to crush a rock into pieces, haha" Isaac smiled happily and somewhat kind of proud about his achievement.

Leo just smiled and patted Isaac's shoulders and said, "I plan to create the Third Hunting Squad soon. How about becoming its Squad Captain?"

The moment he mentioned the words Hunting Squad, Leo had the illusion that he somehow saw the nearby recruits had their ears suddenly becoming huge but he just shrugged it off in the end.

Isaac just looked at him with a blank and didn't say anything for a few moments before he said, "Seriously? Me? But there are others far more qualified than me though like Sir Alex before or your dad"

"Well yeah but Alex has his own job and my dad? He's just a lazy ass" Leo said as he shrugged off his shoulders.

"So how about it?"

"Freaking! Hell yeah!" Isaac gritted his teeth and said excitedly as he gripped his fist in front of me.

"Yeah! Awesome!"

"Holy Crap! Sir is gonna become the Captain of the new Hunting Squad!"

"Sir! Don't forget to select me your team okay!?"

"Me too! Me too!"

"Don't forget about me sir! If you let me in I'll introduce you to my sister, okay!?"

The nearby recruits who heard the news immediately erupted into cheers. At first, the rest were confused about why their companions are yelling like people who suddenly got injected with drugs but a while later, they also followed suit when they heard the good news. After all, they finally had the off chance of being able to join a new Hunting Squad that has a minimum of at least thirty to fifty men.

"F*ck off! You don't even have a sister you bastard!" Isaac suddenly cursed at the young man who mentioned about his sister which the latter just laughed it off.

Leo didn't mind the sudden commotion and just smiled at them before walking off to somewhere.

Isaac suddenly jolted as he remembered that Leo was still beside him but when he turned around to look for him, he already disappeared to somewhere.

Isaac just smiled widely and gave his thanks inside.

After all, becoming the Squad Captain of a Hunting Party is somewhat honorable for them as they are considered the cream of crop of the army of the Stronghold. Which would be safe to say that the position is actually considered a pioneering group during this era and also pretty amazing in other people's eyes too but mostly from single women though.