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Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapter 95


[Emergency Quest! - Capture Manchester!

To capture the City of Manchester, Kill the zombies surrounding and inside Beetham Tower and reach the top floor before the time runs out.

Rewards: The City and all of the resources inside, 250,000 Defender Coins and an Electric Generator 3000.

Time Limit - 3 Days

Failure Penalty - Level Reduction -5]

Leo just sat down on his chair for a meal for lunch when suddenly a notification window popped out in front of his eyes which startled him a bit.

'Alright, I'll eat first before I make some preparations' Leo thought as he sat down.

"Is something wrong?" Amanda asked worried when she saw his expression earlier.

"Nothing. Let's just eat" Leo just smiled at her and immediately started while thinking of the matters regarding the sudden mission suddenly thrown at it from out of nowhere.

Currently, the entire family is dining in a huge dining room inside the mansion. In front of Leo was an assortment of food put on top of a five meter long wooden table and with him was his family Rachel, Henry, Aria and the addition in the family Michelle and Amanda.

All of them are currently discussing leisurely topics and would sometimes talk about the matters inside the camp, rumors going on around and also about the very first couple that got married in the Stronghold presided by the priest that Leo rescued before inside their humble little church that was constructed.

Half an hour later, Leo was seen practicing a sword art and what's surprising is he's actually practicing the same sword art like Caleb.

Every swing of Leo's great sword would produced a gust of wind like he was cutting through the air like tofu, the sword art wasn't elegant in the least but more of an overbearing sword art that focuses on precise killing moves.

And what's surprising the most is the red aura just above his skin, it was the same colored aura when everytime he releases the Crimson Bear.

Suddenly, Leo stopped but not second later he suddenly disappeared and a nearby training dummy suddenly had multiple flash of lights and a couple seconds later. Leo appeared a few meters away behind the training dummy with his upper body bent forward with his sword raise upwards and behind him, the training dummy slowly collapsed as a multiple thin line appeared on its body before it fell down on the ground, into pieces.

[Skill: Blade Fury has been created. Congratulations Host for creating a skill by combining an existing skill and a skill of your own at same time. You have been reward 1,000 Defender Coins!]

"What!?" Leo suddenly got startled by the sudden unexpected notification!

"Holy crap! So I can actually create a skill just like that?" Leo shockingly asked himself.

Then Leo excitedly tried performing skills at the same time like a combo in the game but unfortunately for him his expectations immediately crumbled.

'System, how come I'm not avail to create another skills?' Leo asked inside.

[Creating a unique skill of your own is impossible by just combining two skills at almost the same time. The host should properly grasped the essence behind the skills for it to work]

"Essence? The heck, I'm not a martial genius you know. I don't anything about that essence crap" Leo grumbled.


"Haist, I should just stick at buying skills then than wasting time creating my own unique skill" Leo said as he put his sword away and dusted himself off.

Leo then suddenly looked around as he knew he might have looked like an idiot earlier and didn't want to embarrassed himself if someone saw him accidentally.

"Good thing no one's here" Leo sighed in relief as he started walking away as he headed towards Isaac to talk about his promotion and how to properly conquer the City of Manchester. After all, Leo is not someone who would underestimate a mission from the system just because he had grown powerful especially that he can clearly saw the situation at the City using his map. The city had less zombies than before because of the continued purge of Alex and the recruits that he's leading but Leo knew that the sudden emergency quest appeared because of the sudden appearance of multiple evolved zombies inside the city that even Alex had immediately brought away the recruits and hastily made their way back to the camp.

Leo suddenly stopped walking and looked the projection of the map in front of him, "Based on how big the red mark is that's a freaking Big One and the rest are either Hunters or Strikers and based from Alex's report earlier is that there's even new evolved zombies with them. troublesome. Should Alex and I handle it ourselves or should I really bring the others?"

"Nah, I'll bring the others. I can't just babysit them forever like this, there should be a time that they should be able to handle a Big One themselves" In the end, Leo decided to bring the new recruits with him. After all, there would certainly be a time that he wouldn't be handle a lot of evolved zombies everyday by himself especially that a lot of zombie's evolved almost everyday.

"I just hope they'd be ready by then" Leo sighed as he headed towards the training ground.


"Are these the men that's coming with us?" Leo said to Isaac who's standing just behind him.

"Yes, boss. This recruits are the best of the bunch of their batch" Isaac said sounding somewhat proud.

Hearing their Instructor Isaac calling them the best of their current group made them felt sudden pride rising through their chest as all of them immediately straightened their backs with their chins raised a bit high.

"Really now?" Leo suddenly grinned from ear to ear. Isaac, seeing Leo's devilish grin made his body palpitate in nervousness as he suddenly remembered a worst memory.

"*Gulp*" Isaac didn't say anything as he just slowly moved away from him and made a prayer in his heart 'Please be safe', he thought not clearly sure who he was praying for.

Leo went into a fighting stance and grinned from ear to ear, "Come, all of you" Leo motioned the recruits with his fingers.

Seeing Leo's malicious grin, the recruits suddenly felt a shiver on their bodies as they immediately remembered a rumor about the 2nd batch of recruits.

Leo seeing that the people in front of him suddenly went petrified in their positions, frowned.

"Come! All of you!" Leo said coldly, full of authority.

One of the men in front finally can't take the pressure anymore and roared on top of his lungs, "Ahhh~!"

The young man charged towards Leo while yelling and after that it was like a domino effect as the others also charge forward with cold sweat flowing down from their faces.

"Charge!" All of them simultaneously said at the same time.


Left hook, right hook, uppercut, side kick, roundhouse kick , drop kick, anyone who got close Leo within a one meter radius was sent flying.

"This idiots" Isaac suddenly facepalmed as he curse this morons in his eyes.

"Use your f*cking guns you idiots, dammit!" Isaac gritted his teeth in anger but didn't dare to coach them about it.

Suddenly, one of the young men went flying through the air as he landed face first on the ground.

"*Cough* Cough* That freaking hurts" the young man gritted his teeth and even in pain slowly picked himself up the ground and suddenly he saw something that caught his eye.

'The guns! Shit! I feel like an idiot!' the young man suddenly felt ashamed because he felt like an idiot charging forward even though they they were actually holding their firearms.

"Stop! You stupid assholes! The guns! Use the freaking guns!" the young man bent forward and picked up a M1 Garand from the ground while shouting and with his shout, the rest immediately woke up from their crazed state as they immediately remembered that they have guns in their hands.

"Battle formations! Just like in training!" the young man shouted as he loaded his gun.

"But wouldn't get killed if we shoot him?" a middle aged man beside said with a worried tone and hearing his reasoning made the rest who are near them suddenly hesitate as they wouldn't want to be labelled as rebels if they just shoot Leo.

Isaac felt elation when he finally saw that one of the kids realized it but when he saw them hesitating he immediately knew what they are concerned about and couldn't but yell, "Idiots! Just shoot the boss! He's impervious to bullets! Shoot! Shoot! If you guys manage to at least hit him then you'll get a reward from him! Hurry you damn buffoons!

When they heard Isaac yelling them, they didn't even hesitate as the rest immediately formed up a firing line.

When Leo heard Isaac shouting and teaching the recruits, his eyes twitch and couldn't help but glare at Isaac from which the latter flinched from it and just awkwardly laugh.

'Shit! And here I was having fun beating this punks! That idiot Isaac, I'll get him for this later. But that kid though, I didn't expect that he would immediately wake up from my fearful aura' Leo grew worried because he even though he was impervious to bullets than doesn't mean he could actually dodge and but at the same time, he praised that kid for having a high mental fortitude among the rest.

"Damn, this would really hurt" Leo said as took out his great sword.

"Ready! Fire!"

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of gunshots immediately exploded from the training ground and Leo can be seen immediately appearing in the air dodging the bullets.

"Above! Shoot!"

"F*ck!" Leo cursed as he was forced to his sword for cover before disappearing again and appeared behind the recruits.

"Where is he!?" the young man earlier shouted in panic but then he suddenly felt something behind as his head rigidly turned to looked back behind him.

"Surprise!" Leo said with a huge grin.

"Hiii~ Behind u-" the young man didn't finished as he suddenly got slammed to the ground.

The event unfolded after that was a like a wolf suddenly appearing among the flock of sheeps.

A while later, the recruits was lying on the ground groaning in pain while some of them are even rolling on the ground screaming like girl while holding the bump in their heads.

"Not ba-"


Leo was just about to praise them when someone suddenly hit him from the back of his head.

Leo immediately turned around and came face to face with a pale face kid around twenty years old.

"You bastard~!" Leo gritted his teeth in anger as he clamped the poof kids face. His face was like Takamura when he's angry at Ippo in the anime Knockout.

"Hiii~" the young man suddenly cried in fear.

Fortunately for the kid, Leo immediately calmed down and let him go and closed his eyes as he took a deep breath and opened them and said, "You're good"

" shouldn't be freaking hiding when your companions are facing a group of zombies...understand!?" Leo was clearly praising him but his face was the opposite of it.

"Hiii~ Y-yes sir!" the young man rigidly saluted with trembling legs.

Isaac was clearly worried for this kid but immediately felt relieved after that but remarked inside, 'This kid, I'll teach you later from being good at hiding' Isaac gritted his teeth in annoyance.