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Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapter 97

"Alex, where did you park it?" Leo turned towards Alex and said.

"It's over there, commander" Alex said as he pointed towards the dump forest where the weird zombie came out earlier.

"Alright, lead the way. As for you lots, maintain high vigilance and follow behind" Leo said and turned back before he headed towards the dump forest along with Alex with the rest following behind.

"Don't be nervous, just treat it like we're going camping. Just stick to what you've learned from your trainings and you'll be fine" Isaac said trying to lighten the mood.

""Yes, sir!""

A little while later.

"T-this..w-what the heck is that tank?" one of the recruits stared slack jawed at the Scorpion Battle Tank and the rest was also having the same expression as him. After all, the Scorpion Tank hasn't been seen around the camp lately.

"I was wondering where this tank had gone to so Sir Alex was actually using it" Isaac said without any surprise on his face as he had already seen and even ridden this thing before.

"S-sir, is that really a t-tank?" a middle aged man, who was drafted for this mission asked shockingly and with his question, the rest of his companions also looked over at Isaac.

"Ahh that..even I'm not sure where this thing came from as I have never seen one like this from the many years I've been in the army but it's truly a battle tank and a powerful one at that, hahaha" Isaac said somewhat proud like he was actually the one who owns it.

"This is..awesome! I want to ride it!" the middle aged man exclaimed as he kept fidgeting on his spot, wanting to immediately rushed up towards the tank but didn't dare to afraid of getting punished and the rest were also behaving like him. After all, it's not everyday for them to see a tank up close and personal or maybe even ride it themselves.

"Shut it and continue to keep a lookout" Isaac said to them.

Hearing him, they immediately tried to stopped fidgeting around and continued scouting where they are with their eyes but from time to time they would glance at the Scorpion Tank with shining eyes.

After a bit of talking with Alex, Leo then called over the recruits again and gave them a short brief of the plan.

The plan was for the troops to start clearing the zombies inside the city and they would start by clearing the zombies the moment they step foot inside the city towards Beetham Tower before making their way from there and circle around the city in a spiral motion while at the same time rescuing survivors along the way while because Alex would man the Tank, Leo would then alone deal with the mutated zombies occupying the Tower.

"Alrighty then, move out!" Leo said and turned towards Alex from which the latter nodded and immediately leapt inside the Scorpion Tank and after that the Tank finally came to life like monster that had just woken up from a deep sleep as it produced a loud rumbling sound.

"Let's go!" Isaac yelled as he raised his hands.


After that, the troops march with high morale in the air and every group of zombies that headed towards them because of the sound of the Tank was all blasted into pieces and it caused the troops blood to boil in excitement, eager for the coming fight.

"S-strong. Did a tank always shoot that fast?" someone muttered from the crowd as they looked at the Scorpion Tank shooting continuously like a pistol, slack-jawed.

"O-of course not. This Tank looks like a huge semi-automatic handgun with how fast its firing rate is and what's more, this thing is only being operated by a single person. It means this tank has the ability to load shells by itself. T-this is too scary, if it was before the Apocalypse then calling this tank as the King of Tanks would not be an understatement!" one of middle aged man in the group exclaimed in excitement and shock!

"A-awesome~" the others look on with awe while shooting some stray zombies. It was really surprising that this people who haven't shot anything humanlike was really calm in the face of this zombies but its still understandable though as this zombies are already decomposing beyond their recognition.

"Don't just stand there like an idiot! Move!" Isaac yelled angrily when he noticed the group of armed men are lagging behind from being startled at the startling sight in front of them.

"Y-yes!" all of them immediately snapped out of it and started to spread evenly along the asphalt road while they would check the surrounding buildings from time to time checking for survivors.

The thirty minute journey towards Beetham Tower that would been normally taken became over three hours long because of what they are doing, from killing zombies, searching buildings to rescuing survivors is what took a really long time, they even occupied a three story building for the survivors they rescued, for them to take shelter in while they try to accomplish their original goal.

Leo only left nine people to guard the building and to protect the survivors inside who are recuperating from their hunger while the rest continued on their way.

"Sir, shall we call for more reinforcements?" Isaac thinking that their numbers isn't enough, worriedly walked over to Leo and asked.

"It's fine, we don't need a lot of people to finish this, that's the reason why I had the Tank brought with us" Leo said to Isaac, sounding not worried at all while also making a cautious lookout using his navigation map and he was prepared to immediately jumped into the fray if he sees one of the recruits in immediate danger. After all, this ragtag group soldiers are very important to the camp even though their skills isn't up to par yet even with ordinary soldiers from an army.


"No buts, this is for them too. After all, I don't want a mediocre army who can only bully normal zombies. I want every single one of them to be able to at least deal with any mutant zombie without dying. What I want is an Elite Army soldiers not a ragtag group of armed men" Leo cut him off and said with a decisive and resolute tone.

"I understand, boss?" Isaac didn't asked anymore questions and just nodded understandingly.

"Stop!" Leo yelled as the men halted on their footsteps but continued shooting and cutting down zombies that got too near them.

Just a few meters away from the group was tall forty seven story building, it was the wall known Beetham Tower of Manchester.

"We've arrived" Leo said as he gazed at the towering building filled with anticipation.