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Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapter 98

"Stick to the plan and make sure to occupy the second floor of the tower! Now! Charge!" Leo barked with order.

"Charge! Follow the comm- I mean boss!" Isaac yelled as he dashed right past the rest and immediately followed behind Leo while the rest also hastily followed behind while Scorpion Tank just provided support from their rear.

"Go!" Leo barked as he immediately dashed towards the entrance of the tower and decapitated any zombies that got on his way.

"Follow the boss! Hurry!"

"Yes, sir!"

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The recruits hurriedly followed behind while shooting at the zombies heading towards them while Alex who was operating the tank just continued to fire shells after shells to a direction of zombies that formed a small swarm.

While chaotic gunfight ensued just outside the Tower, Leo was busy dealing with the mutated zombies and ordinary zombie occupying the second floor.

"Haah!" Leo gave a yell as he decapitated the last zombie in the second floor of the tower. Leo then swung his sword again, to clean off the blood and gore on it.

Leo looked around at the surroundings, the second floor was a lounge and it was clearly a mess as there were corpses, blood, chairs, sofas and tables sprawled everywhere, clearly showing the panic that ensued here when Apocalypse just started where zombies just suddenly appeared and started attacking the living humans.

"This place smells rotten" Leo scrunched up his nose and then he saw that some zombies are coming down from the stairwell from the third floor.

A long grey tentacle suddenly strike at him and Leo was suddenly forced to use his left hand to guard against it as it then wrapped around his arms and tried to yank Leo towards the direction of the culprit.

"This bastard" Leo suddenly winced in pain as he noticed that his arm that was wrapped by the tentacle like thing is emitting smoke like a sizzle, clearly showing that the tentacle has an acidity effect.

Leo winced and gritted his teeth as he suddenly gripped the tentacle and gave it a powerful yank as the hidden culprit suddenly stumbled on the floor and then Leo yanked in again and this time the Striker directly flew towards him. Leo then raised his sword using his right hand and prepared to slash down the Striker into two if its comes towards his striking range.

"Hmmp!" Leo just snorted as he suddenly noticed a Hunter already pouncing at him from his right and immediately executed an upward swing of his sword towards the Hunter while his left hand gripped into a fist and punched the Striker on its face, it's head immediately bursted into pieces as its remaining body flew backwards with it's tentacle even snapping in the end as it landed on chairs clustered together.

"F*cking assholes!" Leo cursed as he slammed the tentacle like thing from his to the ground while also thinking inside, 'This is somewhat bad, I think this zombies are getting smarter that the Hunter even knows how to time a perfect ambush. Unfortunately, it met me today or else someone would have died by now, tsk! How truly troublesome!'

Leo then looked at his left arm that now looks like a third degree burn that made him winced in pain but because Leo had a high Vitaly, his wound is slowly closing up within the naked eye. Leo then went over and pulled chair and sat on it while he took out his DMR and shot any zombies that moves towards him while he waited for his wound to slowly heal up.

While Leo was seating there, there was suddenly hurried footsteps coming from the staircase coming from the first floor but didn't seem to mind who was ascending the stairs like he already know who they are.

A seconds later, Isaac suddenly emerge from the stairs and looked around for a bit before he spotted Leo sitting on chair before he hurried over to his side while the people behind him also emerge one by one from the stairs and followed behind Isaac.

"Sir" Isaac said as he carefully came over to his side.

"Uhmm..occupy this floor as planned and not let any zombies come near this building from the outside and also where are the others?" Leo ordered and also asked at the same time when he noticed that there were only nine of them who came up.

"They already followed Sir Alex as planned sir" Isaac replied.

"Ahh, yes" Leo then only remembered about it that there would be others who would follow Alex when they reach here to clean up around the city.

"Alright. It seems my arm is already fine" Leo said as he glance at his now perfectly fine left arm before he slowly walk towards the third floor.

Isaac sneak a peek at Leo's arms but didn't see anything wrong with it and he suddenly felt confused of why Leo said that but just ignored it in the end. After all, its something not really important right now.

Isaac glance one more at the disappearing figure of Leo ascending the third floor before he looked at his remaining men and solemnly said, "Do was what planned and occupy any of the vantage point here from every direction" Isaac stop before he looked at every single one of them and said menacingly, "You are permitted to shoot to kill any targets"

Upon hearing the orders, one of them bravely but slowly raised his hand and said, "What if they were civilians sir?"

Isaac looked at the person asking and he saw a young man just around Leo's age and he nodded approvingly inside, 'At least this person isn't just blindly following orders' Isaac thought and answered, "If they are unarmed, let them in but if they are, try to make them hand over their weapons and only then they are allowed inside, got it all of you!?"

""Yes sir!""



All of them gave a salute before they disappeared into four groups with two of them teaming up to keep each other's back just in case a zombie managed to sneak his way in inside.

While the rest executed the orders they received, Isaac also did what he was tasked to do....

To guard the first floor.

"More like a gatekeeper, eh?" Isaac smiled to himself as he adjusted the gloves on his hands before he pulled the sword from his back and headed towards the first floor with a decisive look.

This time, the battle of Manchester City between the living and the dead had finally commence!