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Stronghold In The Apocalypse Chapter 99

While the battle at Beetham Tower is already underway.

Back at the camp, just half an hour had gone by when Leo and the rest left. There was suddenly a disturbance that happened. One of the two kids, Alex rescued from his familiar Kitty suddenly went berserk and started attacking people and what was more absurd is that the kid seems to be able to wield flames as every time he attacks a guard trying to restrain him is that there would be flames covering his fist.

"Ughhh, shit that hurt" one of the men who had the identity of a guard because of the wrapped blue armband on of his arms suddenly scowled in pain crossed his arms, as he defended against the punch of the kid and he skid off from the ground for a couple of yards away and burnt mark appeared on his arms. Luckily for him, it was only a first degree burn.

"Andy, stop it!" a little girl around nine years old was crying, yelling for her little brother to stop. She tried to ran towards Peter but one of the Aunties hugged her tight not letting her go. She tried to struggle away but sadly her strength is still far inferior in the face of an adult's strength.

"Ahh!" Andy roared as his body was suddenly covered in flames!

"Oh my god! Is he Super Saiyan!?" suddenly, one of the kids fearfully watching the scene from a distance screamed in shock.

One of the guards standing just beside the kids suddenly scowled and said angrily, "Shut up! Isn't he like because of you kids!" the corner of his eye was twitching, this guard was clearly angry at them, suddenly clamped his arms around a fat kids neck and started ruffling his head using his fist.

"No, no, no. It wasn't us! It was Flash who did it! Stop it uncle! That hurts! Ahh!" a fat kid screamed hysterically while having his hands towards the guard, trying to prove their innocence.

"That will teach you not to do anything like this again!" the man snorted as he let go of the kid while staring at the teary eyed kid.

"Yes uncle! It wasn't us! It was Flash who tried to repeatedly tried to provoke Andy and he's so cool right now! Doesn't that mean he's a mutant now who has a flame ability!?" one of the little girls screamed like fan girl while staring at Peter with shining eyes.

"Of course, we know that! Do you think I can't see it!?" the man snorted and he was clearly seen repeatedly fidgeting around while staring at the scene in front of him, clearly this burly uncle is thirsting for an action right now and that action is right in front of him but sadly for him, he can't just go and disobey his orders and leave the kids here alone and try to join the fray.

'Shit! I really want to have a go at that kid!' the man was screaming inside him while pulling his hair in his mind.

Yes, this guards doesn't see the kid as threat but instead a whetstone to raised their battle experience against a mutant. After all, all of them clearly knows that there would be a time where they would face a mutant sooner or later.

"Goddammit! Restrain him! Now!" Henry knows what his men are trying to do but he can't let this matter go on anymore or it would bring trouble inside the camp.

Just after Henry yelled his orders, a couple of the men came running with a bucket of water in their hands as they ran towards the berserk Andy and immediately splash him with water but surprisingly, the flame covering Andy only diminish slight before in burned vigorously again.

"Raaaa~!" Andy roared towards the skies and suddenly pounced at one of the men who attacked him with water.

The said person got startled for second with slight fear on his face before it disappeared and was replaced by an angry look.

"F*ck! Just go to sleep already kid!" he angrily yelled as he swiped the steel bucket on his hands as a weapon towards Peter.


Surprisingly, this person's attack was actually faster as the bucket came pounding on Andy's head first. Suddenly, it felt like the world suddenly came into a halt as Andy just stood there rooted on his spot with his small fist only a few inches away from the man's belly before the fire covering Andy's body disappeared into thin air before he slumped on the ground unconscious.

"Siiii~!" the man suddenly sucked in a cold breath as he literally felt the scorching heat near his abdomen earlier, he then saw the kid slumping on the ground and he suddenly yelled in surprised, "Wait! That did it!?"

"Heck! Isn't this too anti-climatic!? Shouldn't there be seen where Andy beat up all of the guards here with his powers!" the fat suddenly yelled in surprise while covering his mouth, looking at the scene in front of him wide eyed.

"Kid. Do you want.a beating~? Hmmm~?" the burly uncle beside suddenly grabbed his head and said menacingly at him.

"Ha..ha. I was just joking uncle. Well...gotta go!" the fat kid immediately wriggled away from his grasp and run towards a plump woman while the rest of the kids also immediately scattered away like rats like they just saw the signal to escape towards their parents.

"Damnable kids!" the burly man was cursing but he doesn't have an angry look but instead he was smiling at the kids behaviour, especially the fatty.

Actually, this burly person was actually Zabu. The reason he was keeping an eye on the kids was because it was under Rachel's orders. After all, Andy wasn't actually attacking the adults except if they attack him but he was instead heading towards where a blonde kid was crying his eyes out while hiding behind Henry, the kid's face was covered in bruises. He even has a black eye. It was Flash, the kid bully who repeatedly provoke Andy into a fight by humiliating his sister.


Leo was already running up the stairs towards the 47th floor with blood on his clothes and sword when he suddenly received a report from his father, Henry.

"Hey son, it seems we have our first mutant who has an ability not as absurd as yours and Alex" Henry's voice suddenly sounded on the intercom connected at the back of Leo's ear.

Leo suddenly halted into his footsteps as he asked in astonishment, "Wait, what!?"

"I seems we have a new mutant at our...CAMP!" Henry yelled at the intercom.

Leo just stood there stupefied for a few moments before he suddenly exclaimed in shock and excitement, "Really!? Who was it that was lucky enough to become one!? And how the heck did he become a mutant!? Did the camp got attacked while we were away!?" Leo's excited tone suddenly change into a solemn tone as he was confused as the only information he knows that for someone to become a mutant was to put himself into battles that risk one's life and what's more weird is he hadn't received any reports at all from Gideon of the camp suddenly being attack, 'It's impossible for the camp to get attack with those "freaks" watching over the surroundings of the camp so... how the heck did someone became a mutant?'

"It's Wen Wen" Henry suddenly replied with a solemn tone.

"Who the f*ck is Wen Wen, Dad!?" Leo suddenly yelled in confusion as he doesn't remember someone who goes by that name.

"It was Andy"

"Andy? That kid that Alex took under his wings?" Leo said in surprised.

"Yes, the kid was suddenly able to wield flames because of Flash trying to provoke him through his sister and he started a huge ruckus because of that" Henry then gave a short story of what happened earlier.

"Flash? That troublesome kid! Give him some appropriate punishment Dad but not too hard as it was also thanks to him that Andy awakened his mutant abilities" Leo didn't sound angry but was instead smiling from ear to ear.

"And why the heck are you calling the kid Wen Wen? That name sucks you stupid father!" Leo said laughing.

"It was Alex who gave him the nickname you damnable kid!"


"Yeah.. so you should ask Alex why he gave him that nickname in the first place"

"What!? No way!"


"Alex would just give some stupid excuse in the end like something along the lines 'The name was really cool though'"

"Hahaha! That's just like him! Sometimes he acts like he's some kind of a robot! Alright son! Take care over and see you later!" Henry said before he cut off the communication.

"Ha..ha. Yeah...but he's really a robot though, well an android to be more appropriate" Leo gave a dry laughed before he continued towards the 47th floor.