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Super Electric Eel Avatar Chapter 138

"Great!" Chen Fan hurriedly pulled Wu Ruoyu's white luggage. "Which hotel shall we get a room at?"

"Hey! Hey! Hey!" Wu Ruoyu's cheek flushed with a little anger and embarrassment, and stared at Chen Fan. "Who wants to get a room with you?"

After saying that, Wu Ruoyu realized that his phrase had been ambiguous. After a moment, her white neck flushed bright red to her face.

Miami is a national metropolis, and though it's already about 10 p.m., the road was still brightly lit, with all kinds of people passing by.

Two of them walked on the street in a foreign country, and the street lamps above elongated their shadows and made them cross over each other.

"Hey baby! Yo! Hey!"

While the two of them walked quietly on the side of the road, a group of bikers wearing metal-studded leather, riding Harleys, and playing loud music, drove passed Chen Fan and Wu Ruoyu. One of them whistled at Wu Ruoyu.

"Those jerks!"

Wu Ruoyu had been so exasperated that she stomped her feet with high heels as if she meant to make a few holes in the cement.

Chen Fan followed Wu Ruoyu to hotel that had an English name he didn't understand. Wu Ruoyu walked to the front desk, used English to communicate with the little white lady of few words, and then took out her passport and handed it to her.

Please, God, let there be just one room left! Please, Jesus! Just one room!

As he handed over his passport, Chen Fan prayed silently.

Five minutes later...

Sh*t! Why didn't you bless me, Jesus?

Chen Fan tightened his fists in frustration. Was there still enough of a depression in the economy that hotels would still have empty rooms and ruin his fantasy?!

Damn it! That's not how it's written in novels! Chen Fan muttered, but all he could do was shift his mind to the electric eel.

The electric eel had reached the North Atlantic, more than 1,500 miles from Miami, and Chen Fan was ready to push the electric eel to its destination within 11 hours.


After two or three hours of wandering in the water, Chen Fan suddenly found something very strange.

The electric eel could not feel the magnetic fields of the earth's North and South Poles, or rather that the North and South Poles' magnetic fields were felt everywhere.

It was as if the electric eel had been thrown into a room full of magnetism, and the magnetic fields of the North and South Poles were directly integrated into the powerful magnetic fields of the surrounding area and he could not find any trace of it.

"What is this?" Chen Fan had some doubts. His own body had arrived in Miami. Now even if the two eyes of the electric eel were taken off, the electric eel could also find the direction to his own boy. But this was the first time the electric eel had met such a situation since it had been in the ocean for so long.

Although Chen Fan wondered why the electric eel had failed to respond to the magnetic fields of the North and South Poles, he was not a physicist or a scientist. He could only think the reason was the ventilation of nature.

The electric eel continued to swim for two hours, and the electromagnetic chaos around it gradually disappeared. Instead, all the magnetic fields converged in front of the electric eel.


The strong magnetic field, like the sun in July, was too strong to ignore.

Was it the Americans trying to invent a new weapon under the sea? Chen Fan thought for a long time, and that was all he could come up with. American technology was so powerful that it was not too hard to imagine.

The strong magnetic field was coincidently 15 degrees off the straight line to Miami. If the way was there, then the electric eel would take about 40 minutes more.

Everyone was curious, but their levels of curiosity differed. Chen Fan's curiosity belong to an intermediate level.

"Forty minutes." Since he was free, Chen Fan decided to control the electric eel to take a look and find out what the hell was causing the impact on the North and South Poles' magnetic fields' induction of the electric eel.

Getting closer, the strong magnetic field induction was becoming more and more clear to the electric eel, and Chen Fan realized that the number of fish around had declined. Even if there were some, there were only a few species that were not more than one meter in size.

An hour later...

There was no sign of any fish around, and the electric eel could faintly feel a strong suction that was constantly affecting it.

He could faintly feel the magnetic fields being given off from two large objects. He was too far away to really sense them, and the magnetic fields sent out were so intense and were overlapping, so the electric eel had mistakenly taken it as one.

Animals an aversion to natural and man-made disasters, just like animals will run away when an earthquake strikes. There wasn't a single fish in the area, and there was only one explanationsomething had absolutely terrified them.

As the saying goes, curiosity kills the cat.

But that's just a cat. Chen Fan thought the electric eel was 10 thousand times stronger than the cat!

Chasing away the thought of running away when faced with danger, the electric eel continued to swim toward the sea that was filled with the "strange" atmosphere.

As the attraction in the surrounding waters became stronger, the electric eel moved faster and faster, and even after that, the electric eel had to work hard to control its body and not allow the water to suck it away.


"God... "

Five seconds later, Chen Fan was completely shocked.

Two kilometers ahead of the electric eel stood, 230 meters high and 300 meters in length, two crystal super pyramids.

On top of each pyramid a super large hole about 50 meters wide absorbed the surrounding seawater like giant whirlpool crazily swirling, and then shot it out of the back of the hole!

The crystal trapezoid pyramids, on the bottom of the sea, with the strange big black hole sucking water, was way too weird!

After seeing these two crystal pyramids, which were beyond the limit of human thought, Chen Fan finally realized what place it was.

This was the Bermuda Triangle.

The Bermuda Triangle refers to a triangular area north of Bermuda, west of Miami, and south of Puerto Rico.

Hundreds of planes and ships have disappeared mysteriously since 1945 in this area that covers 400,000 square miles. Of course, those disappearances did not include mechanical failures, kidnappings, and bandits, because they do not belong to the category of mysterious disappearances.

No wonder the electric eel felt the magnetic field around it start to go haywire. After seeing this, he might have to believe that stranger things like aliens exist.

In the year 1954, there was a hot air balloon competition that flew over that part of the sea, and some participants disappeared right in front of other people. Then, in 1990, one of the men appeared again in Cuban waters, but he showed no traces of aging.

That was only one case of many. Regarding the questions surrounding the abrupt disappearances, the lack of aging, and the instantaneous travel from place to place that occurs in the Bermuda Triangle, no one has been able to explain.

From his momentary stunned state, the electric eel was suddenly sucked around 200 meters away. When Chen Fan woke from his thought, he immediately screamed and quickly controlled the movement of the electric eel that was crazily swimming away with the suction and made a turn and escaped.

"This is freaky! So freaky!"

The belly of the electric eel was undulating, and it took the time of a cigarette to be finished for Chen Fan to struggle out of that fear. Was that just big hole? Or was it the black hole of the universe? The electric eel was nearly two kilometers away, and it could barely break free.

How strong would the attraction have to be to pull an electric eel that weighed 80 tons and carried 40 tons of spears and was two kilometers away? No wonder there weren't any fish around. Even if a submarine came, it would not be able to escape.

The place that was as cruel as mars was not a place that the electric eel could stay long. Although he was as curious as a cat, Chen Fan did not hesitate to control the electric eel clear of the two pyramids and then head toward Miami.

Along the way, Chen Fan kept his ears open to listen carefully to the surroundings, not because he was afraid that he would encounter anything like the Bermuda Triangle again, but because he was on alert for the so-called world's most advanced anti-submarine technology.

However, the United States was not likely to use the submarine's active sonar detection line in its territorial seas. And passive sonar couldn't detect the electric eel's tracks, because when the electric eel swam it released a sonar lesser than what the sonar could detect.

So the electric eel didn't have to worry about being captured if it didn't hear the ear-splitting sound of active sonar.

What would happen if they discovered the electric eel?

Would they be able to kill it?

Forget it. The electric eel's current limit is faster the world's best torpedoes. If the electric eel was to be hunted, then Chen Fan would hide in the forest on a small, uninhabited island, and then the electric eel will hold a spear in the military port and would destroy the opponent's submarine. Who would be the winner then?


After a five-hour journey, which was at 8 a.m. local time, the electric eel had crossed half the earth and finally reached Miami.


There was a knock at the door.

"I'm going to Kendall, which is fifteen kilometers away. Where are you going?"

Wu Ruoyu was attending a wedding, so she had on a white evening dress. With the way she looked, she could to to Hollywood and say, "I want to play Snow White" and famous directors reopen a script for her.

"I've got to go somewhere right away, too," Chen Fan just said something general as a reply. "Let's stay in contact by phone and take the same flight back to Zhongyun city," he said sleepily.

"Well," Wu Ruoyu said with a smile, as she tucked her hair behind her ear, "I'm going. We'll get in touch."

After he closed the door, Chen Fan immediately climbed back into bed to sleep so that he could go to the Virgin Islands through the electric eel that night.

As soon as he slept through the evening sun, Chen Fan lifted his eyes from the bed and took his $20,000 and left the hotel.

How does a Chinese guy who doesn't know English get along in America?

It was simple. Chen Fan found a fast food restaurant, ordered a bunch of food to fill his stomach, pulled out a 100-dollar bill, and let the cashier make the change.

Chen Fan walked aimlessly down the street and caught an Asian man and asked, "Excuse me, where can I buy some diving equipment?"

"Konichiwa!" The man looked puzzled.

"Damn you, damn you," Chen Fan said to the Japanese guy with a good-natured smile, to cover up his curse words.

"Arigato gozaimasu." The Japanese guy thought he was saying hello and said thank you.

After walking for a distance, Chen Fan ran into another Asian man and asked him in Chinese where he could buy diving equipment.

The young man in his twenties just looked confused.

Chen Fan smiled and said, "You are a dog."

Continuing on, he finally found someone who spoke fluent Chinese, and who very enthusiastically led him to a diving shop to buy a set of equipment and two oxygen tanks.

When Chen Fan went to the beach after buying the things, the distant city had begun to dim.

Standing on the beach, Chen Fan put his mobile phone and passport into the layers of plastic bags. Then he looked around and saw no one. He took off his clothes, leaving only his shorts on and went to the sea with his oxygen mask.

It took about four hours to get to the Virgin Islands. There was a narrow space in the steel tank containing the money, so Chen Fan took two oxygen bottles for backup.