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Survival Records Of 3650 Days In The Otherworld Chapter 230

Jinpok smiled at Joonbum.

“Sure, I suspect they will make at least five more moves.”

“I say two.”

“I say three. At least I’m sure it’s not this time.”

The three waited. At last, the door opened and a man carefully surveyed the area, then he walked out and ran into the darkness. Doral waved his hand toward the back, and two Ainos Guards appeared and followed the man.

“It’s the same.”

“Yeah, it’s the same every time.”

“Should we map this entire place too?”

“Of course. We have to rout it out this time. We should ensure that they never come back.”

“What about the book?”

“I am in the process of creating a book called ‘The Horun’s Truth Revealed’. It will be based on true stories and testimonies. I will have all of our people be educated about this book once it’s ready.”

“Hah, so you’re turning the entire kingdom against them.”

“Of course. It’s good to have a public enemy.”

“I see.”

Jinpok grinned at the thought. The time passed quickly as they talked into the night. The man that had disappeared into the darkness came back on a horse.

“We got it, sir.”

“Good. Tell the others.”

“Yes, sir.”

The Ainos Guards had also returned. They reported to Doral and then left. Jinpok, who was watching, stood up and stretched.

“Okay, time for us to move. Let’s get it done quickly and go have a drink.”

Jinpok picked up his great axe and set it on his shoulder, then moved out. He walked slouched, with his other hand in his pocket. Joonbum unsheathed his Gladius and followed. Jinpok started hacking on the door with his axe to break it. After three swings, the thick wooden door was broken down.

“Who are you?”



Everyone inside instantly woke up at the sound. The area was lit up, and people started shouting, “They’re here! They’re here! AAHHH!”

The man who was especially noisy was the old high priest Gordon. His face was shaken and pale from watching Jinpok stride into the mansion through the broken door.


A fully-equipped knight walked up to Jinpok.

“How dare you walk in here?! High Priest! Are these the men you mentioned? Leave it to me! I, Bausett, will handle this! Men! They are only three people! Do not be afraid and kill these damned bastards!”

Bausett shouted at his men. He was middle-aged, but was well-built with thick muscles. It seemed like he had a lot of experience.

Joonbum closed in. A sword swung at his body, which was blocked by the armor. Bausett smiled as his attack struck against the body, thinking of quick victory. But Joonbum moved closer and elbowed Bausett’s chin. His head snapped the other way with broken teeth spitting out. But it was not the end of the attack. Joonbum quickly grabbed Bausett’s head and dragged it downwards.


Joonbum then used his knee to slam it into his face. Bausett screamed in pain as the knee crushed his face, and his arm that swung frantically became lifeless. It was unsure if he was unconscious or dead.

Joonbum then threw Bausett to the side and smiled at the others.

“I am Joonbum Christos Khalodian. Prince of the Khalodian Kingdom and the son of the woman you called a witch, and the man that you guys call a devil’s child. Pray to your god if you wish to live. If your god blocks me from killing you, I will let you live. Otherwise, you will die.”

Fear and terror gripped everyone’s faces. One of the men fell on his butt and mumbled, “P-please mercy”

“Die and rest. That’s my mercy.”

Joonbum jumped and kicked the man’s head. A crushing sound came from the skull as the man was thrown to the wall.



People began fleeing everywhere.

“Hey! Why are you scaring them? It’s making it more difficult!”

Jinpok shouted at Joonbum and threw one of his handaxes. A man fell as an axe penetrated his body from the back. Even if they ran, it was impossible for them to run away from these three men.

‘Idiots! I warned them so many times! Dumb, mindless fools!’

Gordon was already thinking of how to run away from this place. He gritted his teeth as he thought about Bausett and hid behind a door. After a while, he checked to make sure the attackers were gone and then he moved out.

“Whew. How did they find out I was here?”

Gordon sighed and moved quickly to his room. He then picked up a sack that he already prepared and picked up the rug from the ground.

‘It’s good that I knew the passageway already.’

He smiled. He felt the gold coins from within the sack and watched the secret passageway on the floor. He opened the door and walked into the dark passageway. After carefully closing the door behind him, he moved through the dark passageway by holding onto a guide rope.

“Where should I go now? Hmm”

Gordon suddenly frowned.

“They must have found all the secret hideouts! That’s why they keep coming! Someone must be leaking our information! Who could it be? I can’t just keep running. I must find that traitor.” Gordon mumbled. He didn’t seem to realize that it was him that revealed all of the hideouts.

“I will have to take a boat from Latima Estate and find the traitor.”

Gordon organized his thoughts and walked. He did not notice the men watching him from a distance.

“He doesn’t know.”

“Yeah, he’s clueless.”

Doral shook his head at the two men’s comments. With the machine that Joonbum used, there was no way for Gordon to be able to run away. It tracked his location from far away and even recorded all his conversations. His fate had already been decided. When he was no longer useful, he would meet his end.