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Table For Two Chapter 169

"She can afford everything in sight," Lin Kang announced.

"S-sir?!" The sales promoter managed to squeeze out through her quivering lips. Lin Kang branded her with a searing look, causing the poor woman to stagger backwards. She quickly lowered her head.

"She can afford everything because she owns everything now."

This was yet another statement by Lin Kang that confused the woman. However, she had learned from the previous lesson. She did not ask for clarification because she understood she was not to speak unless spoken to.

In the end, it was Xiu Ling who helped the sales promoter asked the question that was on her mind, "Lin Kang, what do you mean by that?"

At the same time, this brought along a bad news for the sales promoter. She was not a dumb person. Basic observational skill was necessary to survive as a sales promoter. 'Wait, did she just call him by name?! This means that they know each other and if there's a reason behind his anger, it most probably has to do with the woman that I've scorned earlier. In other words, he's probably angry on her behalf. Therefore...' The sales promoter shuddered from the thought. She just realized how big of a mistake she had done. She wondered whether it was still possible to make amends.

As Lin Kang turned to Xiu Ling, the hostility around him disappeared instantly as his lips turned up into a pampering smile. It was nothing short of being magical.

"Xiu Ling, the situation is..." Lin Kang began before he stopped himself. "Actually, I have someone with me that may explain this better than I do." Lin Kang coughed audibly and a middle-aged man in an ironed suit turned up at the door.

"Manager Kim!" The sales promoter gasped out of shock. Lin Kang turned back to the woman and she wilted once more under his fiery gaze.

"It's like this..." The middle-aged man whom the sales promoter referred to as Manager Kim started to explain, "Mr. Lin Kang has just helped Miss Xiu Ling register for a VVVIP card at our establishment."

Then he paused because he realized how hard it was to describe the card to Xiu Ling and the sales promoter without going into the details of the contract he just signed with Lin Kang. It was not that contract was confidential but he was afraid that two women might be confused by the many technical terms.

Naturally, a VVVIP card was not a real thing, it was a creation specifically made to cater to Lin Kang's need. For the amount of money Lin Kang was willing to toss his way, the manager would make as many new rules or exceptions as Lin Kang wanted.

The essence of the contract was Xiu Ling could have her pick at anything she wanted inside the mall and the bill would be mailed to Lin Kang's company to be cleared. The things that made it complicated was the sales number, discounts, seasonal changes etc. These were the things Lin Kang negotiated with the manager and the negotiation was the reason why it had taken Lin Kang so long to prepare this particular gift.

Essentially, Lin Kang had gifted Xiu Ling the whole mall. Xiu Ling had a bottomless shopping cart at the mall, the concept not unlike bottomless cups. She could shop until her heart's desire.

Manager Kim thought about it and decided to conclude it in the most easy to understand way, "Technically, Mr. Lin Kang has bought Miss Xiu Ling the entire mall and so she owns the place now."

Then, he sneaked a look at Lin Kang. The man nodded with satisfaction. The explanation was succinct and impactful.

"Huh?!" Xiu Ling uttered.

"Therefore, as I've said earlier, she can afford everything because she owns everything now," Lin Kang repeated as he turned his attention back onto the sales promoter. The woman's heart chilled. The mistake she had done was far bigger than she could possibly imagine. She had just spurned her new boss.

The woman thought things could not have been worse but she had underestimated Lin Kang's cruelty towards those who dared to offend his wife.

Lin Kang turned his gaze away from the sales promoter and the woman sighed surreptitiously in relief, thinking that was all. 'The man is probably just here to boast about what he has done for the woman, he'll probably leave me with a warning or something like that. After all, his focus shouldn't be on me but on the woman. Yes, that has to be it!

'All these rich people and their flashy proclamation of love, don't they have better things to do than rope us commoners into their silly games?! This is all that woman's fault, if she did not choose to wander into my store, I wouldn't have been able to insult her in the first place. Plus, how is it my fault that she dresses like a country bumpkin and a second-rate citizen?' grumbled the sales promoter internally. She started to let her guard down and returned to her old ways. Some people just couldn't change their personality even though they were staring at death. They needed to be swallowed by death itself before they would start to initiate any real change.

Unfortunately for the sales promoter, Lin Kang was more than glad to oblige in that particular matter. He loved nothing more than to deliver hell on other people, especially those who had caused an affront to Xiu Ling.

Lin Kang looked around the store with a wicked smile on his face. It was time for the sinner to pay.

Lin Kang raised his finger and made a circle around the store. "And Miss Xiu Ling is going to purchase all these."

Hearing this, the sales promoter's heart soared. This was such a treasure falling from the sky. She was going to rest easy for the remainder of her life just from the commission that she would earn from the huge sale that day.

'Yes, yes. Make it bigger, make it grand. My, my, I do love stupid rich men and their need to impress their female partner.' The sales promoter tried not to let the smile show on her face.