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Table For Two Chapter 170

The sales promoter would learn an important lesson that day, which was not to count the chickens before they hatch.

Just as she was imagining the types of exotic countries she was going to visit from the commission that she was definitely going to get from this large sale, Lin Kang said something that made her heart soar even higher, "And that includes everything you can see and cannot see. All the clothes, shoes, accessories on display and those in storage. Miss Xiu Ling will purchase everything."

'Yes, more! More please! You silly man, I hope you're going to impress your girl with your senseless splurges because it has definitely made my day!' The woman mocked internally. She could not understand the male urge to flex before their partner but since it was going to bring her business, she was not going to complain about it. With that switch in her impression, the woman stopped being afraid of Lin Kang and started to see him as one of those dumb young master caricatures that she had seen far too often in her line of work. 'Why was I scared of him earlier?! I should have known the man is no different from those other dumb-asses. All you need is to stroke their ego and they'll be purring like a kitty in your hand.'

Just as the woman thought she had Lin Kang all figured out, the man did something that turned her world upside-down. The man ordered, "I want everything hand packed and ready to be delivered by the end of the day. If that is not possible, then you don't need to report for work tomorrow."

That stunned the sales promoter. This was different from what she thought. Normally the second generation young masters would only treat her as background as they focused on sweetening up their dates. No one had ever made such a preposterous demand of her before.

The items they had on sale included high-end fur coats and hand sewn silk scarfs. They needed special treatment before they could be packaged and shipped. Those alone would take her a whole afternoon to prepare much less the entire shop!

This was asking her to do the impossible, which was exactly Lin Kang's point. This was what the woman deserved for daring to disrespect his wife. He was going to her pay by not only ending her career but forcing her to work to end it herself.

Of course the sales promoter could have just ignored his command and walk out of the store just like that. There was nothing holding her back from doing this. If she so getting fired either way, why would she submit to Lin Kang's demand? What could he possibly do to her if she just up and quit her job?

The sales promoter did think about doing that but Lin Kang was far more ruthless and cunning than she gave him credit for. Before the plan even formulated in her mind, Lin Kang had already come up with the solution to deal with it.

"If you are thinking about quitting on me, I'd persuade you to think otherwise." Lin Kang uttered with a cold smirk, "If you have the courage to leave this store before the chore is done or to find aid, then you must be ready to face the consequence."

The sales promoter had no idea what kind of consequence Lin Kang was referring to but she had a fairly good idea she would not like it. The man was crazy enough to buy a whole mall just to please his girl so she shuddered from thinking about the extent he might go to punish the one who had offended her. Why didn't she think of that sooner?

The woman felt like slapping herself from the dumb mistake she had inadvertently done. Gone was her ease to mock and gloat, all she could do then was to beg for mercy and beg she did.

She forced out a few tears and pleaded with Lin Kang. "Sir, please don't do this to me. I still have a family to look after. They depend on me having this job to feed them. Please, sir..."

It was unclear whether the sales promoter was being sincere or was just appealing to Lin Kang's sense of pity. In any case, she managed to make it seem like she was in desperate need of the job. Even Manager Kim pitied her. If he was not afraid of stepping on Lin Kang's tail, he would have intervened already.

Unfortunately for her, Lin Kang had no pity for those who dared to look down on Xiu Ling. He looked at the crying woman with a pair of eyes that were hollow in emotions other than disgust. In a chilling tone, he said, "In that case, you better start packing."

The woman froze and the tears stopped falling. Looks like she was truly at the end of her line.

Suddenly, a female voice said, "Wait a minute."

Everyone present turned towards Xiu Ling. The sales promoter looked at her with a mixture of rancor and animosity. Of course she kept that out of Lin Kang's sight. She had suffered enough from the man's hands and it had not escaped her mind that this was all the woman's fault. It was because of the floozy, who probably was the man's mistress, that she had to suffer thusly.

If it wouldn't make things worse for her, she would have torn into Xiu Ling, making her pay for what she was forced to go through. Now that her knight in shining armor had come to rescue her, the sales promoter believed Xiu Ling was there to add salt to her injury.

'If she is willing to lower her morals enough to be a man's kept woman, then she definitely would not mind kicking people when they are down, in fact a disgusting creature like her probably enjoys it. What have I done to attract such a distasteful harlot today? I've been nothing but a good girl!' thought the sales promoter resentfully.