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Table For Two Chapter 171

To the sales promoter's surprise, the woman did not turn towards her but turn to face her man. She demanded, "Lin Kang, why are you doing this?"

"I'm just teaching the woman a little lesson in the importance of good customer service," Lin Kang explained with a warm smile, one that was reserved for Xiu Ling alone. He had never once smiled at the sales promoter, not counting the ones that he had done out of dis-ingenuity.

'A little?!' the sales promoter's mind was blown. She wanted to counter, saying this was nowhere near a little punishment but what if Lin Kang decided to up the ante, she thought about it and very cleverly held her tongue.

Xiu Ling, who shared her incredulity, though did not fear to speak her mind, "A little lesson?! Lin Kang, have you lost your mind? The lady is just doing her job, please don't take away her job because of this."

Even though Xiu Ling was technically helping her, due to the sales promoter's existing prejudice towards Xiu Ling, everything she said just sounded like barbs in her ears. 'It sounded like she was trying to plead the case but somehow she was going to make it worse for me, I'm sure of it!

'By stopping the man, she was going to make him retaliate, thus making the punishment even worse for me. That has to be it! The floozy is not only shameless but wicked as well! Curses!'

"If insulting you is part of doing her job, then there is all the more reason for her to get relieved from her post." Lin Kang shrugged. The ground could have opened up to swallow the sales promoter right there and then, and he probably would have thought it wasn't retribution enough for insulting his wife, the greatest sin that he could perceive in the world.

Xiu Ling sighed. "Be that as it may, I do not want to have that on my name."

"Xiu Ling, what are you talking about? It is only fair that we have to bear the consequence for everything that we've done."

"That I agree with but I also believe the purpose of a punishment is to correct a behavior. I trust that the lady has already learned her lesson. Doing anything more will only be out of malice. I do not want to teach our son that. Do you?"

While Xiu Ling did not see anything wrong in taking revenge but she also believed in the value of moderation. Pushing things too far for the sake of it was merely a distorted form of bullying and as a mother and as someone who came from a humble background, she did not want to impart that knowledge in her son where having power meant you should abuse it.

Xiu Ling had already decided to forget about the sales promoter in her mind, she deemed the woman as someone who was not worth her time. Therefore, what Lin Kang was doing, she saw as unnecessary flexing of his muscle. She was not one to have enjoyment built on other people's undeserved misery.

If the sales promoter had committed a bigger offense than merely misjudging her, then perhaps Xiu Ling would have agreed with Lin Kang's method.

It was then that Lin Kang realized his wife had a different philosophy from him when it came certain things. He did not mind it, in fact, he found it to be quite alluring that his wife had her own sets of ideals that could come up against his own. He saw that to be quite admirable and becoming, especially on a woman.

This was not because he had a particular bias against women but he had simply never met one who could match him in terms of wits and willfulness. This shouldn't come as much of a surprise considering the man's majestic aura that forbade others in his presence to speak their mind just in case they did not align with his.

In other words, Lin Kang was glad to have found an equal and even more glad that the someone was his wife.

He conceded to his wife's point. "Xiu Ling, you're right. I've acted too rashly. So what do you suggest we do about this?" This referring to the sales promoter and the whole situation.

"Since you've said you will buy everything in sight, we are not going to go back on our promise but the lady will have all the time in the world to do that. The items can be shipped whenever they're ready. That's all we'll do, leave her to her job and we proceed with our lives."

"If you say so."

Xiu Ling practically grew an angel's wings in the sales promoter's eyes. She not only saved her from the heinous punishment but also handed her a huge business deal. How did she ever mistake an angel walking the earth as a devil?!

Xiu Ling's kindness and mercy changed the sales promoter. She felt like kneeling before Xiu Ling, that was how much she was impressed by this incredible woman.

If they proceeded with Lin Kang's method, the sales promoter would have ended up resenting them but through Xiu Ling's way, they were managed to touch a person's heart. Realistically speaking, the sales promoter wouldn't turn over a new leaf just like that but at least it was a start. At least now, she wouldn't dare to look down on people without reason anymore. The incident with Xiu Ling and Lin Kang had taught her that much. That arguably was the better result.

Xiu Ling then exited the store with Lin Kang tailing behind her. Manager Kim coughed to shake the sales manager out of her flabbergasted state.

"Miss, you better thank your lucky stars that Miss Xiu Ling is such a forgiving person. Now, quickly get to work." He was talking about the whole store worth of item that the sales promoter needed to pack but thankfully there was no time limit hanging over her head this time.

The woman nodded in agreement.