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Table For Two Chapter 174

However, Xiu Ling could not argue with the fact that Lin Kang's method bring result. With her watching on, the crane's hook curled itself under the plushy's ear where it found purchase.

Xiu Ling saw the intense concentration on her husband's face and she thought, 'Perhaps it is not so bad if Lin Xi can grow up to be a man as charming as his father.'

What Xiu Ling did not realize was Lin Kang was being extra focused and cautious because he did not want to disappoint his wife. After the failure at the mall, Lin Kang swore to not screw things up anymore. He would succeed at winning this gift for Xiu Ling if it was the last thing he would ever do in his life.

Sweat slid down his face as the crane lifted the plushy up into the air. Lin Kang could feel his heart still as the crane slowly moved towards the chute where he would drop the plushy to win. He had never been so focused and nervous about something in his life. It was as if his very future depended on this particular moment.

Perhaps the nervousness in Lin Kang was brushing on her or perhaps she was influenced by the atmosphere, Xiu Ling found herself getting increasingly nervous as the crane with the plushy hanging on its tip slowly moved towards the chute.

The plushy teetered dangerously and it was quivering as heavily as both Xiu Ling and Lin Kang's hearts. If it fell, their hearts were probably going to fall along with it.

The timer started to run out. There were about 10 seconds left on the clock. As long as Lin Kang could manage to navigate the plushy to the mouth of the chute without letting it fall in the next 10 seconds, he would win.

This meant that there was no time to take it careful and slow. Lin Kang knew that as well. He suddenly titled the stick to the left, guiding the crane in that direction as the machine counted down to 5.

Since this was merely a game machine, even if Lin Kang had gone full tilt, the crane would not have moved faster than 10 mph but in Lin Kang's eyes, the steel part had practically flew across the small distance, taking his heart with it.

The crane finally stopped at the 2 second mark. It wiggled from inertia and the plushy it was holding jiggled with it as well. Lin Kang and Xiu Ling watched with bated breath, thinking the prize will just drop into the chute.

However, the plushy only wiggled slightly before returning to a stationary state. The timer ended and the power of control was taken away from Lin Kang. The plushy just hung there leisurely, above the chute that would have brought it out for Xiu Ling.

Lin Kang tried to push on the stick, in fact, he pushed on it so hard that Xiu Ling thought he was going to break it but the control had been disconnected. Even if the man had snapped the stick off the machine panel, it would not changed anything. The prize would have continued to dangle there, as if taunting them.

"Again, still so close." Xiu Ling took another token from the pile that Lin Kang left on the panel and bent down to prepare to slip another one into the machine. "We'll only need to jiggle the crane once and I believe it'll be done."

However, before she could do so, Lin Kang raised his leg and launched a kick at the side of the crane machine. It created a resounding boom and made Xiu Ling jump. Thankfully, the arcade was unmanned or else the owner definitely would have called the police on Lin Kang.

"Lin Kang, what are you doing?!" Xiu Ling gasped.

The machine rocked from the force of his kick and so did the stuff inside it. The crane titled from one side to another and the plushy fell off before making its way down the chute. Lin Kang bent down to claim the prize and he handed it over to the still-dumbfounded Xiu Ling.

"Th-thank you." Although she was not quite sure she should be thanking him for vandalizing the place. "You should not have done that, we could have just put in another token and it'll still be fine..."

Lin Kang cut her off, "There shall be no waiting for you. If I cannot win you the prize that you want at the first try, then I would have been greatly disappointed in myself. If I cannot be my best, then how can I allow myself to be with you?"

Xiu Ling was both stumped and touched. She thought about it and realized there could have been worse reason for the man to commit to violence and in that moment, she'd figured why not. She deserved to be pampered once in a while and if that was Lin Kang's intention, she would choose to accept it.

She held the prize to her heart and she told Lin Kang, "In any case, thank you. I will definitely appreciate this gift. I love it." Xiu Ling was not telling that just to make Lin Kang feel better. She did like the present, more than the stuff with higher price tags that Lin Kang bought for her at the upscale mall. He worked hard, using his own effort and not by throwing money around, to win this for her and that was why she was going to cherish it.

Lin Kang was happy to hear that and to see that sincere smile on his wife's face. It more than made up for the apparently lackluster performance at the mall.

Eager to bring more joy to his wife, Lin Kang urged her forward, "What shall we play next? Or should we stick with the crane machine?"

"Let's try something else," Xiu Ling said as she looked around the room. Eventually her eyes landed on something. "How about we try that next?"