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Table For Two Chapter 175

Xiu Ling was pointing at a basketball hoop machine. It was an indoor basketball game. You throw the provided basketballs into the hoop that was placed a distance away and the more you managed to land the basketballs inside the hoop, the higher your score.

It was a game favoured among male high schoolers because there would normally be more than one such machine arranged side by side and they could use it to compete to see who would score the highest.

It was also a useful tool on dates because the guys could use it to show off their basketball skill, which apparently was quite dashing to some girls.

Out of the corner of her eyes, Xiu Ling believed she caught an awkward expression on Lin Kang's face. However, it disappeared so fast to revert to his usual expression that Xiu Ling would have no trouble believing she had just imagined it.

Xiu Ling borrowed a token from Lin Kang and she walked over to one of the machines. She started the game and taunted Lin Kang in mock provocation, "Come on, let's see who is the better basketball player! I'm sure I'll be able to wipe the floor with you!"

Of course, Xiu Ling was only kidding. She knew Lin Kang was most likely going to win. She had never seen the man be bad at anything and she was only average at sports. Furthermore, Lin Kang had that body of muscles to prove that he was good at physical activities.

However, Xiu Ling did not see the cold sweat that trailed down her man's face. Everyone has their weakness, yes, even for a person like Lin Kang. Nobody is perfect.

Contrary to how he appeared, the man actually was quite weak when it came to sporting activities. As the heir who had the future of Lin family on his shoulders, Lin Kang was raised on books and studies. After all, how was basketball going to help with his future career?

The only two sporting activities that the man was good were swimming and gym. At the end of the day, the person who designed Lin Kang's schedule when he was a child understood the need for a sport-related activity to keep the child at least healthy so Lin Kang's grandmother slotted swimming into his schedule.

Lin Kang actually took quite some time to learn swimming. He would have given up much sooner if not for the fear of angering his stern grandmother. He kept at it and eventually picked up swimming. He was not going to participate in any competitions any time soon with his talent and technique but at least he was good enough to be able to teach his son the skill.

The reason why he went to the gym almost daily had plenty to do with his family responsibility as well. As the heir to Lin family, he needed to look a certain way so ever since he was in high school, he was sent to the gym daily to train. He had kept up this habit for so many years that Lin Kang had managed to convince himself he liked the training regime even though he was forced into it in the first place.

These events combined to create this complicated and contradiction of a man.

Therefore, when Xiu Ling said she was interested in trying out the hoops game next, the man's heart skipped a beat. He was going to suck so hard at this. He could not even remember the last time he touched a basketball in his life.

Lin Kang believed it was during a high school game or something of that sort. Despite his rejections, his classmates dragged him to join a friendly basketball game between classes since one of their players injured his ankle the day before.

Lin Kang did not have much dark memories in his past since he lived with the philosophy of having no regret but that game was definitely one of the things that he would not wish to revisit. To this day, his face would burn with shame thinking back to how big of a fool he had made himself that day.

The ball escaped from him when he tried to dribble and he accidentally shot the ball at his teammate's crotch when he tried to pass the ball. Luckily, his teammate moved fast enough to block it or else there would have been a serious accident.

Halfway through the competition, Lin Kang could have sworn the gathered crowd was silently laughing and mocking him. They were making fun of him.

Ignoring the referee's whistle, Lin Kang abandoned the game and walked out of the court. That was the day his signature majestic aura was born. When his classmates and the referee ran over to try to stop him, he turned around and the whole gymnasium went silent. They were too petrified by the warning in his eyes to even move their lips and limbs. They watched on silently as the young man disappeared out the door of the gymnasium.

Lin Kang had no desire to have a repetition of that experience especially in front of his wife. He looked around with the desperation of a convict trying to find an escape route. There was the door that led to the toilet but he couldn't have hidden in there forever, now, could he?

While Lin Kang was busy drafting an escape plan, Xiu Ling had finished her game. Her score was just slightly under 100 which was not bad considering she was not really a sports person.

Xiu Ling turned around to call after Lin Kang, "It's your turn now."

There was no way for him to run now. Xiu Ling's eyes were expectantly locked on him as she urged him forward to take his place.

Lin Kang's Adam Apple moved as he took a deep gulp. His steps towards the basketball hoop machine was deliberate and heavy like a prisoner taking his last steps to the electric chair.