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Table For Two Chapter 180

This came as quite a news for Xiu Ling. "Really?! How?! Weren't Zao Ming and Lee Mu unable to come up with anything even though they had searched high and low?"

Lin Kang scoffed, "You're comparing the power of two individuals and the entirety of Lin Corps, of course the result is going to be different."

Xiu Ling nodded. Lin Kang had a point. Even though Lee Mu had a certain degree of star power, it was no competition to the man who had the whole nation's economy under his grasp. Lin Kang would have access to many resources that would not have been available to Lee Mu and Zao Ming. Resources like detective agencies and scientific laboratories.

Lin Kang explained, "Remember the envelope that Zao Ming gave us?"

It was after their discussion about what to do with the blackmail's threat. Xiu Ling came up with the idea of doing the commercial and the article to deplete the blackmailer of their power. As inspired as that was, it was ultimately a temporary solution, to fully resolve this issue, they would have to uncover the identity of the blackmailer and deal with them once and for all.

It appeared like Lin Kang had managed to do that.

"I have called in a few favors at the law enforcement and managed to get some of their crime scene investigators to look at the envelope," Lin Kang explained in a tone that sounded like this was just a Sunday afternoon chore for him even though it must have caused him quite some trouble. Xiu Ling had a shocked look in her eyes. She did not expect Lin Kang would go to such an extent to help Lee Mu and Zao Ming. After all, she did not think the man was even that close to said couple.

To be frank, Xiu Ling got that part right. Lin Kang would not have cared about Lee Mu and Zao Ming if not for Xiu Ling. He was doing this for his wife, not for the couple. Xiu Ling had asked for his help to help them to get to the bottom of the truth and Lin Kang would stop at nothing to complete the assignment given by his wife.

"Even though they were unable to trace the envelope back to its sender through the postal service, they managed to collect some useful evidence, like the culprit's fingerprints that were stuck to the envelope as well as the blackmail letter inside the envelope." This way there would be denying the result of investigation. Anyone could have touched the envelope due to accident but only the culprit as well as the receiver would have come into contact with the content of the envelope.

After removing all the victims and witnesses' fingerprints from the pool, there was only one set of fingerprint left.

"So who is it?" Xiu Ling finally asked the question.

Lin Kang opened the file he had in his hands and allowed its content to slip into his grasp. There were the lab results and a picture. He handed the picture to Xiu Ling, "Here she is."

'She?!' Xiu Ling queried internally as she accepted the picture from Lin Kang. She took a good look at the culprit they had been searching for and suddenly something hit her. The girl in the picture looked surprisingly familiar like she had seen her somewhere before.

Lin Kang was about to explain the identity of the girl in the picture and her connection to the victims when he noticed the contemplative frown on his wife's face.

"What's wrong, Xiu Ling?" Then a possibility occurred in Lin Kang's mind, "Do you happen to know this young woman?"

Then again, that would not have been such a surprise considering she was an up and coming actress. She was known for her sweet and innocent personality so Lin Kang was quite shocked when he found out the truth. It was as they say, we shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Sometimes, the sharpest knife is hiding behind the most innocent looking smile.

"Perhaps you have recognized her from the television, after all she has gained some popularity recently after that big movie..." Lin Kang tried to explain when Xiu Ling interrupted him, "No, it's not that. I remember seeing her before her career started to take off."

"Huh? How is that?" Lin Kang questioned.

Xiu Ling's lips pursed into a thin line. Hard lines were set on her face. Yes, Xiu Ling had already made the connection, this young woman who blackmailed Lee Mu and Zao Ming was the same person who she saw her best friend's husband with. The young woman was too involved in these incidents for Xiu Ling to think it was all a mere coincidence.

She hesitated about telling all these to Lin Kang because technically it did not really involve the man. Lin Kang had already done more than enough by helping her find the real culprit. Should she continue to take advantage of his kindness?

Little did Xiu Ling know she did not need to worry about that at all. Lin Kang sensed her hesitation and he said openly, "Do not feel pressured to share everything with me, I understand the need for secrecy. Some things can be said and others not. It's the same with business. I fully understand."

Xiu Ling appreciated his kind gesture. "Lin Kang, please do not misunderstand. I do not wish to hide anything from you considering you've helped me so much already. However, there are certain things that involve other people's privacy and I do not want to be found gossiping behind people's back. I will need to discuss this with said person first and if she's fine with it, I'll come back and share it with you. Thank you so much."

Lin Kang smiled and said, "Of course. I find it admirable that you care so much about your friend." Lin Kang handed her the rest of the document. "Here, take this with you. It might help explain the situation better. Do not hesitate to come to me if you need any help."

"Thank you."

Lin Kang then stood up and exited the room to leave Xiu Ling with her thoughts.