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Table For Two Chapter 191

After Joann asked that question, the room was silent for quite some time. Just as they thought Qing Qing was going to move into yet another show, the young woman did something that surprised them. She lowered her head and started to chuckle.

After she had a good laugh, Qing Qing raised her head to say, "Joann, you should have told me you've known all along. I wouldn't have wasted my tears then. Do you know how precious they are? I could have saved them to trick others."

Qing Qing even raised her hands to swipe at the tears that still hung on her face.

Qing Qing did everything with such insouciance that it gave Sylvia and Joann quite a shock. It was as if the young woman did not mind one bit that her disguise had been torn apart.

Qing Qing noticed the shock on their faces and she added with a charming smile, "Why do you two look so surprised? You've known this already, haven't you?"

Joann and Sylvia were so shocked because the young woman seemed to transform before their eyes. What they saw earlier was just a mirage and now they were dealing with the real Qing Qing. However, the transformation between the two identities was so drastic and abrupt that they needed some getting used to.

Joann was the first to recover. She set her face in hard lines and she asked, "Why do you did all those things? Is it because you hate me?"

"I hate you?!" Qing Qing scoffed with condescension like it was so dumb for Joann to think like that. "Joann, why would you think that? Do you think the moon hates the sun that it seeks to replace every day? Similarly, I don't hate you, it is simply part of nature's course."

Here, Qing Qing took a pause to allow herself a smirk. She made sure to hold Joann's gaze before continuing. "Joann, I can sense your hatred towards me and it's my advice for you to save your energy. Like I've said, it's the course of nature, so why waste your energy hating something that is inevitable?"

Sylvia was confused by what Qing Qing was saying and she slammed on the table angrily. "What the hell are you talking about? Are you not ashamed of what you've done?!"

"Shame?!" Qing Qing scoffed like the very concept of the word was so foreign to her that thinking about it would make her laugh. "Now, listen to me little girl." Qing Qing turned to Sylvia and talked like she was going to teach her a life lesson. It was obvious that she was talking down to her. "This concept might be too hard for you to grasp but try to follow along, okay?"

Qing Qing smiled at Sylvia and the latter just wanted to wipe that smirk off her face. Qing Qing continued, "Like what I've said earlier, this is just all part of nature mending its course, the flower has to fall for a new tree to grow... The old flower I might add." Qing Qing slid in the insult as she arced her head around to level a glance at Joann. It was clear who she was talking about.

"You..." Joann was quick to rise to the bait.

"Now now. Don't get your old woman's panties wrapped up in a bunch, Joann." Qing Qing smiled slyly. She liked this feeling of getting under people's skin. "What I'm saying is that Joann has enjoyed a long career, a rewarding one I might add but even the brightest moon has its cycle. It's time for the prima donna to fall so the new starlet can step up to the stage, wouldn't you agree?"

That was a rhetorical question because before Qing Qing got an answer, she continued, "In case you do not understand metaphor, that is me saying Joann is getting too old and it's time for a fresh face like myself to take her place. I do not hate her, I am merely ushering the cycle along."

Joann's veins were popping on her forehead. This was such a great insult. She had never been shamed on such a high level before. Even Sylvia was feeling mad on her mother's behalf.

Joann demanded in a powerful voice, "So you did all those things because you want to replace me?!"

In contrast, Qing Qing was much more collected and poised. She replied in a tone that was as smooth as water, "I did not do those things. People simply got tired of the same old thing and they want something new and fresh." Qing Qing smirked and allowed the final kicker to tumble out of her sultry lips, "Why do you think Xu Jing want me and not you?"

"You little..." Joann's emotions took over her body before she could finish her sentence. She leaned forward in her seat as she gathered power in her palm. She was going to send the girl flying with a slap to her face!

Qing Qing who saw this had a small smile appear on her face and she adjusted the angle of her face imperceptibly as if to welcome Joann's slap.

Sylvia's journalistic instinct kicked in when she saw the play of emotions on Qing Qing's face. In that instant, she knew what the young woman was up to. Sylvia jumped up from her seat to hold her mother back. "Mom, no! This is a trap!"

Qing Qing gritted her teeth in anger while Joann turned to her daughter in confusion. Sylvia explained, "Mom, have you forgotten we're in a public place?"

That did the trick for Joann. If she had slapped Qing Qing earlier, then it would have created a big enough ruckus for people to share it online. If Qing Qing played the victim, which Joann was sure she would, then she would be branded the bully in the court of public opinion. After all, she was the more veteran actor and the public would be biased against her.