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Table For Two Chapter 193

If they were normal citizens, they would have pulled out their phones to start filming or taking pictures already. However, none of the customers around them did so. In fact, it seemed like they were completely uninterested in the drama.

Nevertheless, from Joann's observation of their body language and the way their bodies was turned, they were obviously clued in to the happenings at their tables.

Other than that, the gender disparity of the customers made Joann raise her eyebrows as well. They were inside a cafe so it was expected that the clientele would be female but most of the customers that day were male.

Even though they were dressed in a myriad of manners, all of them looked tough and buff. Yes, the government was promoting a healthy lifestyle but having a whole cafe of muscular men enjoying tea time was certainly strange. Joann could not help but frown. She was too distracted to even realize Qing Qing had escaped from the scene.

Seeing the faraway look in her mother's eyes, Sylvia assumed her mother had not come down from the shock and pain of betrayal. She sat down beside Joann and leaned against her shoulder. "It's okay, mom. I'll be at your side if you need me."

Sylvia's words brought Joann out of her reverie. "Thank you, Sylvia," she began. She was indeed touched by what her daughter had done for her but she did not want her daughter to worry about her for no reason. "But I'm fine. This is not going to knock me down that easily."

"I know it won't." Sylvia sighed as she leaned into her mother and she prayed that everything would turn out alright in the end.


Qing Qing stormed out of the cafe with her face burning with shame and pain. She did not expect her actions would be exposed that day and she definitely did not anticipate being slapped in the face.

Her blood boiled with anger and she was already coming up with plans to counter back. Even though her disguise had been exposed, it didn't faze her that much. In fact, she felt somewhat liberated. Admittedly, attacking Joann from inside was no longer possible but now she could unleash all hell on the woman. Qing Qing had nothing holding her back anymore, she had not committed to a plan that was on a grander scale before this because she was afraid it might expose her but now, that worry had gone with the wind.

With every step, Qing Qing became more confident in herself as the plan started to formulate in her mind. She was going to make the pair of daughter and mother regret for ever crossing her path. If they wanted to play, then sure, she was up for a dance!

She was going to show them who was the real boss!

Suddenly, two muscular men in black suit stood out from the shadows to block her way. Qing Qing grumbled with annoyance, "Don't you have eyes?! Can't you see you're blocking the road?!"

The two men stood where they were completely immobile. It was as if they were turned into stone. Qing Qing looked at them and realized the men were wearing earbuds, she believed they were security guards for someone important. Normally, she would have walked around them to prevent any sort of trouble but considering the day that she had had, Qing Qing wouldn't mind having someone to vent her emotions at. Even if the king had appeared before her that day, Qing Qing would have cursed the man out.

Qing Qing might have a small stature but she could be a force to be reckoned with when she was in her aggressive mode. Her explosive anger would add at least 10 inches to her height.

She pulled herself upright and was ready to lay it into the men, when one of the men said in an official tone, "Miss Qing Qing." The fact that they knew her name stunned the young woman and she slowly winded down from her anger.

The security guard continued, "Our benefactor would like to have a word with you. Please come with us and do not make a scene." The men parted to allow Qing Qing to walk through them and further down the street was a black limo. Another security guard was standing by the door and when Qing Qing looked down his way, he opened the door and waved for her to get in.

The man had been nothing but cordial but Qing Qing could hear the trace of a threat under his voice. His words were polite but it felt like the security would not hesitate to take her by force if she refused to follow the orders and climb into the vehicle.

Qing Qing had just walked out from a trap so she had learned her lesson. If she was being ushered to a guillotine, she needed to know who was behind it first. She was not going to walk into a trap mindlessly like how she did earlier. She felt like kicking herself for being so careless.

Qing Qing demanded from the security guard who spoke earlier, "Who is talking in that earbud? Who is giving you the order? I'm not going anywhere if you do not give me an answer!"

Qing Qing stomped her feet on the ground as if proving that she was not going to move an inch if she was not given an satisfactory answer.

Like a true professional, the man answered without giving much away, "That is sensitive information that I am not allowed to divulge, Miss Qing Qing. Please go into the limo. You will know who is our benefactor when you arrive at our destination."

Qing Qing glared at them but the men were completely unfazed. It felt like they were threatened by a cute kitten. Qing Qing argued, "I've already told you I'm not going anywhere until you give me an answer. If you wish to be so stubborn, then fine. We'll just stand here, after all, I have all day."