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Table For Two Chapter 194

A concerned frown appeared on the man's face which up until now had been completely stony. Even though it did not amount to much, Qing Qing was weirdly satisfied knowing she had caused some distress to the man. They were probably under the order not to hurt her and she was going to make it as difficult as possible for these lapdogs.

Qing Qing was not going to let herself be underestimated. If these men think they could just coerce her to do their bidding, then they had another thing coming. She stood firm in her stance and she would hesitate to scream bloody murder if the men ever dared to lay a finger on her. She had had a bad day so she was going to make everyone's day equally as bad. That was just the kind of woman she was.

The man was considering hauling the young woman over his shoulder and tossing her into the limo when a white noise appeared in his ear. Someone was trying to initiate a conversation. He tilted his head to the side and pressed the bud deeper in his ear. He nodded along to the order that was given to him through the communication device.

When the person was done, the man cleared his throat as he turned to Qing Qing and announced, "My benefactor says she just want to offer you a helping hand. Of course, Miss Qing Qing, if you do not want such aid, my benefactor said you are free to walk away. There will be no harm done."

Then the man took a large step back to allow Qing Qing a wide berth, signalling for her to leave if she wanted to. As ordered by the voice in his earbud, he and his colleague was not going to stop her.

Qing Qing frowned when she heard this. Initially, she assumed this was some important people that she had inadvertently offended and now they came seeking revenge. Naturally, she was not going to allow herself to be taken away by force just like that. No one could guarantee her safety that way.

However, this latest order had turned her perspective upside down. Apparently, the person behind these men just wanted to offer her a helping hand. Qing Qing was not naive enough to not consider the possibility that it was just a lie and this was a trap.

However, if this was not a lie and was really someone reaching out to her with an olive branch, not taking it would be such a waste. Based on the amount of security and the luxury of a limo, this person was influential and rich. Even though Qing Qing did not understand why such a character would reach out to her, considering her disguise had just been exposed, having a powerful ally would be immensely helpful. It could turn her fate around instantly.

Qing Qing tried to look at this from many angles, to make the most well thought-out decision. Even though the man had not said enough, he had revealed enough for Qing Qing to come up with several speculations of her own.

One crucial information he had let slipped was the gender of the person pulling the string behind him. Qing Qing heard him clearly, it was a 'she'. Qing Qing thought about it and other than Joann, she could not say she knew any other powerful women in her life.

However, Qing Qing believed this might be related to Joann. Perhaps this person saw through her hatred for Joann and was reaching out for a collaboration. After all, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Qing Qing give it a deep thought while the men waited patiently for her to come to a decision. They did not rush her in any way, they just stood there silently like they were keeping vigil over her.

Qing Qing eventually made her choice. She walked past the pair of security guards and turned her lips charmingly to the one who spoke earlier and said, "Okay, bring me to meet your benefactor."

Qing Qing climbed into the limo and she did not notice the micro-second of shock that crossed the man's face.

When Qing Qing was giving him trouble earlier, his Madam Boss could also hear it through the earbud that actually contained double-sided communication. On top of a speaker, it was fitted with an audio recorder so the person on the other end of the line could hear what was happening.

His Madam Boss walked him through how to deal with Qing Qing. She told him to repeat the things that she told him through the earbud and it would make the young woman put down her resistance and follow along. The security guard who believed in the persuasive power of physical threat over words did not have faith in his Madam Boss' orders but he followed it anyway.

Therefore, he was quite shocked to realize his Madam Boss' plan had worked. It made his admiration for his Madam Boss grow bigger. He had not met anyone who could match his boss in terms of brilliance and craftiness until that day. Now he understood by his boss was so devoted to his wife. His Madam Boss was one charming lady.

The security guard collected his thoughts and rushed to the limo. There was no conversation during the journey, the young woman did not seem like she was in the mood to talk anyway. There was a deep frown on her face like she was in very deep contemplative mode so none of the guards disturbed her. They assumed she was just nervous from meeting their boss. It was understandable, their boss could be quite an intimidating person.

Qing Qing though was actually closely following the roads that they were taking and she was coming up with guesses on who the culprit could be based on where they were going. She was also formulating plans to manipulate this mysterious woman. Even though the woman came to her with the offer of aid, Qing Qing would have preferred if she could have this woman under her control and she was going to try her best to make that a reality. If she could manipulate someone as influential as Joann once, she was sure she could do it again.