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Table For Two Chapter 196

When Qing Qing found out Yi Nian work for the CEO of the company, she thought she had hit the jackpot. This was because it meant that Yi Nian had access to many sensitive information that would be invaluable to her. After she loosened his lips enough, Qing Qing would be able to get many details that would be crucial to her.

However, first thing first. Qing Qing who walked along Yi Nian, turned to the man and asked, "Brother Yi Nian, this is the first time I've been invited to such an occasion. It is embarrassing to admit this but I feel close to you for some reason, perhaps because you've been the only one who has been kind since I've arrived at this place." Qing Qing lowered her head but not before she could make sure that the man had seen her blush.

Qing Qing continued, "I feel safe enough around you to admit that I'm quite afraid. I know I'm going to meet someone important and I do not want to make a fool of myself. Brother Yi Nian, can you please tell me more about the person who has requested to see me?"

Qing Qing had done two things that perfectly manipulated the man's ego. One was to create a problem for him to solve and two was to make him feel special like he was the only one who would be able to help her.

Feeling sorry and pity for the young woman, Yi Nian could not wait to help her. Before long, Qing Qing managed to get him singing like bird. "You said you're going to Meeting Room 2?" Yi Nian thought about it and explained, "Oh, if I'm not mistaken, Miss Xiu Ling is the one who has summoned you then!"

Yi Nian remembered quite distinctly he had been given the order by his boss to book that room for Madam Boss that day.

'Miss Xiu Ling?' Qing Qing tossed the name around in her head but it did not ring any bell. 'I need more.'

"Miss Xiu Ling? The name sounds so scary!" Even though the sun was shining, Qing Qing managed to make herself shiver in a cartoonish manner. Seeing her in this state, Yi Nian had an urge to put his hand around her shoulder, to shield her from any outside harm.

Then, Qing Qing added in a soft voice, "I still think the name Yi Nian is more mellifluous. It sounds like the name of a strong, handsome man that I can depend on."

Yi Nian was flustered from the sudden compliment and Qing Qing took this opportunity to sneak in a probing question, "By the way, Brother Yi Nian, can you tell me more about this Miss Xiu Ling? Is she someone important?"

Compliments went a long way especially one given by a woman to a man. It made them more willing to talk. Therefore with a few more carefully placed questions, Qing Qing managed to get all the information she needed on Xiu Ling from Yi Nian.

Qing Qing realized she already knew of Xiu Ling. Even though Joann didn't once mention her by name, she did share plenty of stories about Xiu Ling with Qing Qing. Based on the snippets of information Joann once told her and the freshest information she gathered from Yi Nian, Qing Qing now knew Xiu Ling was the wife of Lin Corps' CEO and Joann's best friend.

It was then that the urge to escape blossomed within Qing Qing. Since Xiu Ling was Joann's best friend, it wouldn't be out of good intention that she was invited to Lin Corps. Probably she wanted to take revenge on Joann's behalf and this whole offering of help was just an elaborate set-up.

However, it was already way too late for Qing Qing to call it quits. She was literally steps away from meeting Xiu Ling and calling things off now would have been too suspicious and abrupt.

Furthermore, it was not yet confirmed that Xiu Ling was doing this on Joann's behalf. Perhaps there was a hidden rivalry between them that Qing Qing did not know about. After all, she had managed to trick the whole world that she was close friends with Joann while harbouring her own goals. Qing Qing, more than anyone else in the world, understood how unreliable it was to rely on what people could see on the surface.

On top of that, Qing Qing had her own reasons to meet Xiu Ling in person. After realizing Xiu Ling was the mysterious Mrs. Lin that apparently fell from the sky one day into Lin family, Qing Qing wanted to see for herself what was so unique and out of the ordinary about this Mrs. Lin that she managed to capture the heart of the most powerful man in the nation.

Of course, Qing Qing's interest was not purely out of curiosity, she had a second type of emotion influencing her decision.

However, regardless of her intention, Qing Qing knew she needed to be on her best behavior because if this Xiu Ling was not her enemy, then she could be 'persuaded' to become Qing Qing's most valuable pawn.


Xiu Ling waited patiently in Meeting Room 2 for her guest to arrive. When the clock went past 2 pm, she could not help but frown. It had taken far too long for Qing Qing to arrive. Xiu Ling wondered if some complications had happened. Perhaps Qing Qing chose to be uncooperative on the way there?

As if on cue, the door to the meeting room opened then. Yi Nian bowed for the young woman behind him to walk in. This was the second time Xiu Ling had met Qing Qing in person, the first time being when she caught the young woman cuddling with her best friend's husband. It felt weird finally interacting with her, after hearing and knowing so many things about her.

Yi Nian closed the door and exited the room, leaving the two women to size each other up.