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Talisman Emperor Chapter 408

Zhen Liuqing suddenly withdrawing halfway caused all the spectators to be stunned, and when they heard the reason Zhen Liuqing withdrew, everyone couldnt help but go into an uproar.

Shes giving up the battle for the sake of someone resolving their enmity with Qing Xiuyi?

Whos that fellow? Whats Zhen Liuqings relationship with him?

Shes being too rash! Thats the top three placing in the Allstar Meeting, yet she gave up just like this. Its such a pity!

I remember now! Its surely that fellow Chen Xi! Since the beginning of the competition, hed always been with Zhen Liuqing, and Zhen Liuqing has withdrawn from the competition now for the sake of allowing Qing Xiuyi to smoothly advance and fight Chen Xi!

Wave after wave of commotion resounded out, and then the gazes of everyone gradually looked toward Chen Xi.

No matter how they thought about it, they felt that the suspicion on Chen Xi was the greatest. Because not only did he have a rather close relationship with Zhen Liuqing, hed already directly advanced to the top three, so he completely conformed to the content within Zhen Liuqings words.

But what caused them to be bewildered was what exactly was good about Chen Xi to the point he was actually capable of making Zhen Liuqing make such great sacrifice? Could it be that the two of them are Dao Companions?

Amongst the people present, only Fan Yunlan was extremely sure that the person Zhen Liuqing spoke of was surely Chen Xi.

The reason was extremely simply, a matter of lust hadnt just occurred between her and Chen Xi, hed also seized Qing Xiuyis purity right before her eyes

I hope this fellow doesnt treat her like he treated me and seeks Qing Xiuyis forgiveness. Otherwise, he would be getting off too lightly Its best if she can fiercely teach him a lesson and let him know that theres no such thing as a free lunch in this world! Fan Yunlan muttered fiercely in her heart, yet her beautiful eyes carried traces of a smiling expression, and she seemed to have thought of Chen Xis appearance after being beaten black and blue. 


The second battle, Zhao Qinghe versus Ling Yu! The Civil Marquiss voice resounded out as he announced the beginning of the second battle, and it instantly moved the gazes of everyone from Chen Xi onto the battlefield.

You shouldnt have wronged yourself for my sake. Chen Xi didnt have the mood to pay attention to the battlefield at this moment, and he turned around to look straight at Zhen Liuqing as he spoke seriously.

Zhen Liuqing blinked and smiled. In any case, Ive already ranked in the top 10, and I dont covet the cultivation techniques in the Imperial Familys treasure vault. So instead of that, why not take a step back and allow you to put an end to something thats weighing on your mind?

Chen Xi was stunned as a wisp of indescribable warmth gushed out from his heart. He knew that Zhen Liuqing had spoken lightly of it, yet the actual price she paid was so great that anyone present was able to discern it.

This kindness is too great, how am I supposed to return it in the future? Chen Xi took a deep breath and restrained the distracting thoughts in his heart before shaking his head and laughing bitterly without end.

Zhen Liuqing teased with a smile. How about you let me see you take first place? You can take it as returning the favor.

That wont do. A favor is a favor, a competition is a competition, theyre both two different things. Chen Xi shook his head decisively, and then he glanced deeply at Zhen Liuqing and said, Ill do everything in my power to seize first place, for you, and for myself.

Zhen Liuqing was stunned, and then she lowered her head yet a wisp of a smile had curled onto the corners of her mouth.


Right at this moment, an enormous bang that shook the heavens sounded out from the Devilbane Arena, and it caused the heavens and the earth to tremble.

I admit defeat! Ling Yus voice sounded out.

Zhao Qinghe actually defeated Ling Yu in such a short period of time? Chen Xi was shocked in his heart, then he raised his head to look over, and he saw Ling Yu squatting there with a pale expression, whereas, the robust Zhao Qinghe stood before Ling Yu with his hands crossed in front of his chest, and he wasnt injured in the slightest!


Up to this point, the most important top three of the Allstar Meeting had been selected, and they were Qing Xiuyi, Zhao Qinghe, and Chen Xi.

The three of them stood side by side at this moment as they awaited the orders of Emperor Chu.

As they looked at these three figures, the eyes of everyone present revealed a trace of yearning and envy.

All three of them are existences at the top, and the accomplishments theyve obtained already allows them to enter the Imperial Familys treasure vault to choose any martial technique or Divine Ability.

Alas, theyre able to obtain such dazzling accomplishments at such a young age. All of us were too inferior all those years ago to bear comparison.

Yes. They fully deserve being called proud geniuses of the heavens and dragons and phoenixes amongst men that possesses great karmic luck. Their future is immeasurable, and it wouldnt be long before theyll surely grow into an overlord of an area.

All of the Earthly Immortal Realm experts sighed without end.

Before the final round of the battles are carried out, I have something to announce. Emperor Chu spoke out indifferently with a powerful and deep voice that resounded in the heavens and the earth.

Ive decided that the person whos able to obtain the first in the Allstar Meeting may raise a request to me. So long as it doesnt go beyond my bottom line, then Ill agree to anything!


Everyone present was seething in excitement. It couldnt be helped, this reward was truly too attractive, and even the Earthly Immortal Realm experts felt extremely jealous and envious in their hearts.

Obtaining the first would allow one to make a request of his Majesty. Such an exceedingly great reward is simply like a pie that dropped down from the sky, it can only be chanced upon by luck! 

Moreover, its value was so great that it was absolutely not something a Dao Grade martial technique or a formidable magic treasure could compare to. Because the rewards were fixed, whereas a request could be raised according to ones will, and it could completely resolve an urgent requirement of ones. Especially when the person that made the promise was his Majesty Emperor Chu, what was he incapable of doing within the Darchu Dynasty?

Xiuyi, spare no effort, as you must obtain the first. Such good fortune isnt just beneficial to yourself, its greatly beneficial to my Whitecrane Sect as well. It absolutely cant be allowed to slip by!

Qinghe, did you hear that? His Majesty himself has put forward a requirement. If youre able to obtain the first, then I guarantee that the seat of Pavilion Master of the Merak Pavilion will be yours in the future!

Little Brother, Big Brother doesnt want to give you pressure. But if youre able to fight for first, then fight for it. If youre able to obtain the promise of his Majesty, then its greatly beneficial to both your Chen Clan and my Wanderingcloud Sword Sect.

Meanwhile, the Whitecrane Sects Daoist Long He, the Merak Pavilions slovenly old Daoist, and Bei Heng couldnt sit still any longer, and they successively sent voice transmissions to instruct the young geniuses on their side.

A wisp of lofty sentiments gushed out abruptly from the hearts of Qing Xiuyi, Zhao Qinghe, and Chen Xi when they heard this. Ive already come all the way here and am only a step away from the first. Wouldnt it be too much of a pity if I dont go all out?

Emperor Chu looked down at the three young people beneath him, and then the corners of his mouth revealed a trace of a slight smile. Lets not talk about rewards first. I have to first congratulate the three of you. Once all of you enter the Primeval Battlefield, youll understand the importance of the Allstar Meeting this time to all of you.

In other words, its very likely that the Allstar Meeting this time will change the fate of all three of you, assist all of you to achieve greatness, and allow all of you to obtain even more brilliant accomplishments in the future.Chen Xi and the others stood solemnly as they listened seriously and respectfully.

Theres surely one amongst the three of you thatll take the first in the Allstar Meeting this time. But at this moment, Im unable to deduce exactly wholl be able to obtain this supreme glory as well. I can only hope that all of you will be sure to go all out and not have any regrets. Emperor Chu encouraged the three of them before announcing the final battles. After two hours, all three of you will carry out the final battles, and its divided into three battles.

The first battle, Chen Xi versus Zhao Qinghe.

The second battle, Qing Xiuyi versus Zhao Qinghe.

The third battle, Chen Xi versus Qing Xiuyi.

Three battles, every single one of you will battle the other two people, and the winner of two battles will be first. Alright, seize these two hours of time to adjust the state of your minds and bodies.

As soon as he finished speaking, Emperor Chu flicked his sleeve, causing golden rays of light to gush out once again and envelop Chen Xi and the others, causing their physical strength, True Essence, and Shaman Energy to recover completely and be filled with vigor.

But even though their strengths had recovered, the pressure they felt had increased. The three of them understood why Emperor Chu gave them two hours, it was to allow them to try hard to calm their minds and bodies and be sure to maintain their most optimum state.

At practically the exact same moment, Chen Xi, Qing Xiuyi, and Zhao Qinghe sat cross-legged in midair and entered into deep meditation, and they completely disregarded the changes in the outside world.

All three of them understood that perhaps the final round of the battles tested the Dao Heart more than anything else. After all, there was an extremely small gap between their strengths, and this gap could be made up for by various methods. However, once their Dao Hearts became unstable, it was sufficient to be lethal, and they wouldnt even have the chance to remedy it