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Tempest Of The Stellar War Chapter 521


The new representative Ye Bingwen’s only daughter, OMG mecha company’s successor.

Nobody expected her to be prettier than her picture. Besides, with his richexperience, and the captivating aura about her, this must be a pure virgin. It whetted Kyle Ment’s appetite.

“I’m not well acquainted with Mr Ment.” Ye Zisu merely replied. After all, it was a “friend” introduced by the principal, and she would show him some face.

Yan Xiaosu’s face was grave. “Boss, Zisu, let’s go over that side. Friends are waiting.”

“Keke.” Kyle Ment laughed lightly, but blocked the way. “Mr Yan Xiaosu, it’s been so long. I hear Mr Yan’s company Little Lucky Star is currently restructuring, moving into products outside of sanitary towels. Tsk tsk. The young are so ambitious. But I hear things are not going well.”

Yan Xiaosu smiled coldly. “Many things are difficult at the start.”

“Is it. I wonder if you have bitten off more than you can chew, much like a snake trying to swallow an elephant. People should know their limits, and avoid treading into territory that is not theirs. Otherwise, they might be left without enough to even make ends meet.” Ment said.

Diana was a huge brand on the Moon, its generational history spanning over a century. Their product line was varied, from washing products to personal hygiene cotton balls. It was definitely a dominant player in the Solar System. On Earth too, it held about 20 percent of the market share. But recently it had begun aggressively investing in Asia, from advertisements to other aspects, ruthless in its advance.

Only then did Wang Zheng realize that things were not as simple as he had thought. No wonder Yan Xiaosu had been scrambling to manage things recently, worried that trouble would soon break out. Little Lucky Star’s expansion had encroached on Diana’s interests. Looking at the situation, he was planning to put Little Lucky Star out of business.

“Xiaosu, what’s up?”

Yan Xiaosu shook his head. “A small matter. Just the usual business competition wars, is all.”

Yan Xiaosu did not want to get Wang Zheng worried about these things. Among the 3, he was already the least useful, and he did not want to let his own family matters drag things down for them.

Investment was an issue. Little Lucky Star’s interest was in products, and wanted to ride the wave to expand. But the results were not good. For one, the products were not selling as quickly as expected. On the other hand, big companies like Diana had started to pressure Little Lucky Star from all sides, even competing on the traditional sanitary towels that was their interest, fighting them for every bit of profit.

“Competition leads to improvement. This is a good thing.” Wang Zheng laughed.

“Mr Wang, to have earned a scientific contribution prize as a university student. Very impressive. I personally have no head for these things, but I do recall my subordinates having prizes and such. Some professor-things, they’re always fawning over me. Very bothersome.” Kyle Ment eyed Wang Zheng. Damn, what was this. A composed outlook, but really a poor student puffing and preening. What a fool!

Wang Zheng was incensed now. Damn, was he picking a fight? To have wrong thoughts about Ye Zisu, and then to bully Yan XIaosu, a classic snake.

Seeing the opponent taunt Wang Zheng, Yan Xiaosu could hold back no longer. “Ment, Little Lucky Star maintains a stable foundation and popularity in Asia. Although the Diana brand is famous, but to bring us low will be no simple matter.”

“Keke, perhaps you do not know. Diana Group has already entered Tita Titan Star, attaining a first-wave business permit. You know what this means. It’s Diana’s road to the galaxy!” Ment guffawed loudly. “This is a huge influence in the Solar System, and it is yours truly who has secured it. I hear you groveled in Mars for a long time, but came back empty-handed.”

Yan Xiaosu clenched his fists. This was the truth. His forays into Mars had indeed been fruitless. Although Little Lucky Star had some small reputation, but the road of expansion was too arduous, requiring all sorts of networks and connections. They had not even given him a chance. If they could not break into foreign markets, and their own Asian market was being invaded, then it was really all going to pieces.

Ye Zisu eyed Wang Zheng, shaking her head slightly. When she left Tita Titan Star, she had not heard of Diana. Of course, these trivial matters were not what she would have looked out for.

“Wow, that’s really impressive. Your company actually secured the super-gravity energy ore’s mining rights?” Wang Zheng exclaimed, with the poise of a village idiot.

Ye Zisu smirked to herself. Wang Zheng was about to ruin somebody’s day. She loved this kind of mischievous person.

Kyle Ment looked at Wang Zheng like he was an idiot. “You fool, of course not. The super-gravity energy ore is a resource that nations have warred over. What kind of use is your book-smarts? Buried in your books all day. Even Aslan Empire only attained limited rights with the help of their Princess. It is a priceless treasure.”

“Our Diana Group is the first Solar System brand to enter Tita Titan Star. In the next decade, Tita Titan Star’s everyday products will be completely produced by our Diana brad. We will use that to move out of the Solar System, and make our mark in the Milky Way!”

Kyle Ment’s eyes were shining with the light of money, as though he was about to be the leading creator of sanitary towels in the universe.

Their decade of market monopoly was not the main point. What was important was that this guy was using Tita Titan Star’s popularity as free advertising. For a long time, it was going to be in the spotlight.

“Yan Xiaosu, with this as our selling point, do you still think you have a future in Asia? You can consider the buying terms we have offered you. If you hesitate too long, then I guess your whole family will be sleeping by the road.” Ment said.

Ye Zisu frowned. “Mr Ment, bullying people comes to no good end.”

Towards Ye Zisu, Ment still gave a smile.

“Ms Zisu, our family is a old member of the Federation representative council. We greatly favor Representative Ye Bingwen. Furthermore, you should know the importance of the super-gravity energy ore to the development of mechas. Our family is on good terms with the Lan family that rules Tita Star. I could offer you a referral. Perhaps the two of us could continue this conversation in a quiet place. These other fish are not to my liking.”

Yan Xiaosu was fit to burst. Just as he was about to make his move to teach the other guy a lesson, Ye Zisu stopped him. She gave a brilliant smile. “Ah, Mr Ment is so legendary. Truly the pride of our Solar System.”

Ment laughed heartily. His ego could be repressed no longer. He was indeed rich and handsome.

“But what to do? Our OMG has already been accorded special mining rights. And what a coincidence that my good friend is Lan Ling. Her surname is Lan too.”

OMG’s research regarding Wind God was still a secret, which Ye Zisu planned to publicly announce only after the model was completed.

“Keke, Ms Ye tells such wonderful tales.” Ment completely did not buy her story.

“Speak of the devil.” Ye Zisu opened her Skylink, and Lan Ling’s image appeared.

“Zisu, what’s up? Wang Zheng, you’re so heartless. Not even a message since you returned to Earth. Is there no place for me in your heart?”

Lan Ling could not resist resenting him. She had been waiting and waiting, but this bugger did not even send her a message.

“Keke, I thought that there would be no signal.” Wang Zheng said embarrassedly.

“Hmph, I’ll let you off this time. But now that you know, no more excuses!”

“Sister Ling, this is Yan Xiaosu, the representative of Little Lucky Star company, that mainly makes everyday products. They need a Tita Star business permit. Ye Zisu said, dragging Yan Xiaosu.

“Small matter. You decide, and it shall be.” Lan Ling laughed. She too had noticed the gaping fellow on the other side.

“But, this Mr Ment of Diana Group is trying to put my friend’s company out of business.” Ye Zisu put on her best troubled expression.

“Diana Oh, I recall now. Their company has already been recorded on the Tita Star business blacklist.”

As the Skylink snapped shut, Yan Xiaosu was gaping in surprise. He knew that Wang Zheng had made the rounds in Tita Star, but Was there a need to be that cruel?

Ment’s face was white as a sheet. He indeed recognized Lan Ling, although the reverse could not be said. The company had invested heavily, and called in all sorts of favors, and even used the good name of the Solar System’s goodwill towards Tita Star to even open an avenue, and they had secured a promise only after great pains.

Now, it was all collapsing around him.

“Alright, things are settled. Tyrant Su, everything tonight is on you. I want the best.”

Wang Zheng threw an arm around Yan Xiaosu. This punk, to think he’d try to hide things.

“Drink till we drop.” Ye Zisu added. For some reason, her face was turning red.

What else could Yan Xiaosu say? Life with friends was indeed different. They helped him fend off all the snakes and pretenders!