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Tempest Of The Stellar War Chapter 640


“Likewise, likewise. My friends are waiting for me. Let’s chat more next time,” Wang Zheng replied cheerfully.

Redington glowered until Wang Zheng left. He had not raged only because Pampas was present. He did not believe Wang Zheng had that kind of privilege, but had no idea how he had weaseled his way in.

Watching Wang Zheng’s figure in the distance, Pampas gave a rare smile, and turned back to survey the other four. “Looks like we can’t underestimate the Huang Grade students this year.”

“Pampas, don’t listen to that guy. His physical skills are strong, but his ability X evaluation is weak. If not, he would not be in Huang Class 7.” Ling Luoyu said.

Pampas shook his head. “Luoyu, to someone who can place on the Battle Power Rankings, ability X is already inconsequential.”

Saying thus, Pampas left.

Luoyu and the rest were stunned. Battle {ower Rankings?

How was that possible!!!

Even they did not qualify. The entire Xuan Grade in the academy only had 2 or 3 capable of entering the Rankings.

Ling Luoyu and Ai Xiaolu looked at each other, affirming the mutual shock and disbelief. Redington and Dialo’s reactions were even more different. In an instant, they felt slighted, their egos crushed. Pampas’ meaning was clear: He and Wang Zheng were on a different level.

Ling Luoyu was a little unsettled. She began to feel a little impulsive for the first time. Grandfather had understood her well, and would not have introduced just anybody

Ai Xiaolu had an excited look about her. She had been undecided about something before, but now she could act with confidence.

A business had to be profitable, just whether it realized gains in the short-term, or far in the future.

It seemed like this news must be conveyed to Snow Li. She would definitely be happy. For a Huang Grade student to enter the Battle Power Rankings was startling news.

That Pampas knew was no surprise. After all, he was also on the battle power Rankings, and his position was definitely higher than Wang Zheng’s.

It was a pity that a lack of ability X was Wang Zheng’s flaw. If he had been more balanced, Wang Zheng’s future would have been immeasurably bright.

Wang Zheng’s growth till now was not bad by any means, but if his ability X could not be improved, his development would be limited from now on. But according to Snow Li, his ability X was not very weak.

Ai Xiaolu was shocked. Could it be?

To enter Elite Academy X, the minimum requirement was a C Grade ability X. Regardless of how poor one’s mastery was, anyone capable of achieving a C Grade was no ordinary person. And Wang Zheng had not even used his ability X.

Just how formidable was this guy?

Wang Zheng met up with Zhang Shan and Oli. Zhang Shan was a wilted shape. He must have been beaten up by Oli, poor guy.

Wang Zheng gave Zhang Shan a few understanding pats. “All shoots mature under the torrents of wind and rain.”

Zhang Shan rolled his eyes in annoyance. If he could not beat her, that could not be helped. This girl was cruel in her fighting.

As the three were preparing to leave, Ai Xiaolu came running over, looking at Wang Zheng with a wide smile. “Wang Zheng, shall we talk privately?”

Wang Zheng was taken aback, but nodded. “Zhang Shan, Oli, go ahead without me. I’ll talk to her.”

Normally, Zhang Shan would raise an eyebrow and a few protests, but in his miserable state he was in no mood at all. He could not beat Wang Zheng, and now he had been plucked by a little flower. This was a disgrace.

Actually, Wang Zheng had wanted to talk to Ai Xiaolu as well, just that he found it embarrassing to broach the matter. But since she had actively sought him out, he would muster his courage and try, if the situation arose. He had no choice. After all, he had promised Xiao Fei. Xiao Fei was one who cared a lot about her dignity. She would never debase herself to ask others for a favor. She was the kind who would rather break than bend.

In the training arena’s recess room, Wang Zheng and Ai Xiaolu found a corner, and took a cup of water each.

Ai Xiaolu sized him up, smiling widely. “What do you think I’m about to talk about?”

Wang Zheng rubbed his nose. He hated it when girls said “guess”, because he could never guess it.

“KING’s situation doesn’t seem to good.” Ai Xiaolu got straight to the point. Knowing Wang Zheng for a while, she knew he was a straightforward person. There was no point beating around the bush.

Wang Zheng nodded suspiciously. “How did you know that?”

Ai Xiaolu smiled. “You think of me as a foolish and rich type? Since I’ve invested, naturally I keep tabs on the company’s status. KING’s experiments have met with failure recently, and my invested capital is half gone. Personality-wise, I have quite a lot of respect for Professor Xiao Fei, but business-wise, she’s a failure.”

Wang Zheng smiled painfully. On this point, he wholeheartedly agreed, although he also empathized with Xiao Fei. Research was inextricably linked to money, but working for that alone was meaningless, especially for the space program.

“This is one of our biggest worries at present. I won’t hide that the research has definitely encountered difficulties.” From a business perspective, hedging a little was always better, but Wang Zheng could not bring himself to do it. He at least acknowledged the risk. “The current odds of success are half and half, although the invested sum into this program is indeed significant. But rest assured that we have not given up. We’ll continue to look for finances to continue investing.”

Ai Xiaolu smiled. “Do you still have options?”

Wang Zheng was taken aback. Ai Xiaolu took a drink of water, her eyes lit with a strange excitement. “Frankly speaking, I’m interested in the program. Its future returns are very high, although the risks are equally high. It seems worth gambling on. As I understand it, KING Company is strapped for cash, and all its possible loan options are practically exhausted. Even smaller loans are out of the question.”

Wang Zheng was deflated. Ai Xiaolu spoke the truth, but he was not in despair. Wang Zheng had a final ace up his sleeve, but he would not use it if he did not have to.”

“As the major shareholder in KING Company, do you have a plan?” Ai Xiaolu asked. As a creditor, Ai Xiaolu indeed had the right to research KING Company thoroughly, although she had not expected to find that Wang Zheng was the biggest shareholder. To find out that he was the inventor of the space theory was something she would never have dreamed of. For such a scientific genius to also be a super-soldier was peerless.

“Indeed, times are hard. Xiaolu, you looked for me today not to put me in a tight spot, right?” Wang Zheng smiled. “And I don’t think you’re looking to call the debt either.”

Ai Xiaolu did not think that Wang Zheng would respond so quickly. This person looked foolish, but was actually pretty sharp.

“If, say, our Ai Shi Group invested heavily in this program, would you be very, very happy?” Ai Xiaolu smiled.

Wang Zheng was not too surprised. “What are your terms?”

At this stage, it was definitely not something that a personal connection could have brought about. The other party must be looking for some benefit, and the terms would be fairly substantial. The way Wang Zheng saw it, they must be after his shares.

“What do you think?” Ai Xiaolu smiled slightly. Suddenly she felt that speaking to this mysterious guy was pretty interesting.

“My stocks? I find that reasonable.” Wang Zheng mulled over it for a while. He had to make concessions if the program was to succeed and his shares to be worth something. And such a request was natural for the other party as well.

Ai Xiaolu shook her head with a smile. “If it was anybody else I spoke to, that would be the case, and then perhaps I would not even extend this offer. But since it’s you, I don’t want stocks.”

Wang Zheng was shocked, and waved a hand irritably. “Besides stocks I have little value. It seems like I don’t have anything else valuable, and I couldn’t even get much if I sold my body.”

Ai Xiaolu could not help laughing. “Oh you. If you really wanted to sell your body, I’m sure the takers would be queueing out the door. Alright, no more jokes. I value our relationship highly. Of course, I mean that between schoolmates, it’s lucky that we could meet here despite the different worlds we live in. Therefore, the Ai Shi Group’s condition is not your shares besides, your contribution to this program has been the most. But in business there must be reciprocation. The future investment will not be my own. I am just part of a family, and a very small one at that.”

Wang Zheng nodded. He had an idea of what she was getting at, but was not sure.

“You mean, something related to the super gravity energy ore?”

“Bingo! Really a smart boy. When researching KING, I found something strange. You actually managed to get your hands on the super gravity energy ore. Only a few big countries like Arbiter have priority, and many others are waiting for it. Yet a faraway company like KING on Earth is getting it even before Arbiter. What do you say is the reason?”

The same privilege would be a completely different notion in the hands of a company and a financial group. In truth, the space program was becoming a flop. Ai Xiaolu had persuaded her family on the basis of the super gravity energy ore.

If the Ai Shi Group could control this, then their influence and position in the Hail Cloud Alliance would rise greatly. This was something that money could not buy. It was about political influence. Just imagine a problem that nations worried about, solved by a family. How amazing that would be.

“Can you be more specific?” Wang Zheng asked.

Ai Xiaolu nodded. “We can continue investing another 50 billion in 3 phases. But in this period, KING Company must give half of their super gravity energy ore allocation to the Ai Shi Group. And if the company goes bankrupt in the end, the Ai Shi Group wants KING Company’s ore buying permit.”

Wang Zheng did not know how to explain. In truth, KING Company did not have any buying permits. They had secured it on his word alone. If KING Company went bankrupt, then there would be no meaning for him as well. He did not study finance. Although he did not regard himself as completely inept, but he had not realized that the super-gravity energy ore had such huge implications.

“Xiaolu, I can vouch for the first condition, but the super gravity energy ore purchase is a little complicated. If KING Company runs into difficulties, you might not be able to get your hands on it.” Wang Zheng warned. He laid out the ugly side first, also in a bid to get to what Ai Xiaolu truly wanted.

Ai Xiaolu rested her chin on her fair hands, sizing him up. “However you look at it, you don’t look like a wastrel. Anybody else might have tried to fool me. You’re good, to lay it out preemptively.”

“Anybody else might not be in such dire straits now.” Wang Zheng chuckled.