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The 99th Divorce Chapter 576

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Li Mosen blushed a little and gave her a pull. “That’s nothing. Your brother is much better than me.”

Li Jianyue glanced at Li Jianqian and snorted, “My brother is not very good at all. Dasu is an idiot, stupid and dirty!”

Li Jianqian acted as if he heard nothing, which upset Li Jianyue. With her hands on her waist, she shouted in front of him, “Dasu is an idiot, Dasu is stupid, Dasu is dirty!”

Li Jianqian was killed off in the game, let out a cry, and rolled on the ground. This look pleased his sister. She laughed. “Idiot, idiot!”

“Go away, I’m playing the game!” Li Jianqian sat up and continued to struggle. “It’s all because of my teammates that I have lost all of my ranks!”

Li Jianyue did not really understand it. She knelt down and watched him play. Seeing his fancy archery skills, she blinked, her eyes as big as a doll, and asked, “Brother, can you let me play?”

“No, ask Mosen to play with you.”

Li Jianyue was angry, stood up, and stomped her foot. “Cheapskate!”

Su Qianci stepped into the backyard very quickly and let out a sigh of relief when she saw the three children safe and sound. The bodyguards were standing in several places in the backyard, and there was no need to worry about safety issues.

Li Jianyue saw Su Qianci come over, and immediately pursed her lips. With her face red, her tears suddenly came out. She cried and rushed toward his mother, shouting: “Mom!”

Su Qianci saw her like this, knelt down, held her up, and reached out to wipe her tears. Heartbroken, she comforted the little girl, “What happened to Ersu?”

“Brother bullied me!” Li Jianyue pointed her finger at Li Jianqian who was obsessed with the game and accused. “He doesn’t let me play his game, and I will not talk to him ever again!”

Su Qianci smiled and carried her daughter over to watch her son play the game. And then she saw the word “victory” appearing on the screen.

Li Jianqian cheered and laughed loudly. “Mom, you see, I won, I won!”

Su Qianci recognized it at a glance. This was an online game that had been popular for many years, which Luo Zhan had been so obsessed with that he still didn’t have a girlfriend so far.

“This kind of game… who taught you to play it, it’s…”

She had played it for a while before, and she was always killed off very soon. After two days of playing, she felt sour.

“Uncle Luo Zhan taught me to play. It is super fun.”

“Your sister also wants to play. Can you share it with your sister?” Su Qianci asked.

“No, my sister is so stupid. I don’t want her to play.” Li Jianqian said unapologetically. Li Jianyue screamed and cried aloud. “Mom, Dasu is always saying I am stupid!”

The bodyguards on one side saw this scene and felt amused. The girl had been called stupid all day long, and she had never cried. In front of Su Qianci, however, she was constantly crying.

Su Qianci did not know this, wiping her tears. “Can you play with Brother Mosen instead? Let your brother play alone and don’t play with him. Ask your Brother Mosen to ignore your brother as well.”

“Tut, I won’t play with my brother ever again in the future!”