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The Anarchic Consort Chapter 270

Baili Jia Jue's fingers were like ice, touching her warm skin, and the pinch made Helen Weiwei shrank back: "I am not smart compared with my Highness."

Ultimately, she had underestimated the danger of this man.

Helian Wei Wei did not think that even now, with the power the eminent monk had transferred to her, she still could not free herself from his imprisonment.

What is the strength of this man?

She was like a cooked shrimp, her fingers trembled, but she couldn't move, and the sound of rubbing between the clothes shook in the thick sandalwood palace, but it seemed to be a lot louder.

He held her waist in one hand, and the other hand frenzied. Although was a very embarrassing moment, but he did like he was meant to.

It was just that his fingers were too cold, like ice.

Her heartbeat was getting louder and louder, and the breathing hot and heavy.

Helian Weiwei's voice was getting colder and colder: "This is not the same as what we agreed on, so is Your Highness intending to deafult on our contract? Maybe it is better for us to part ways now?"

She thought her tone was very good based on the current situation.

If the other party was not him, and the situation was not special, she would have killed him.

But after all, he did save her life. When the two old men came to kill her, if he had not helped to stop them, it was likely that she would not be breathing right now.

She did not know the purpose His Highness had approached her, perhaps it was because of her teasing initially, or to find a wife to satisfy the Retired Emperor.

Whatever it was, it was acceptable to her.

But... the rest, huh, she was not so stupid, to put herself in the hands of a prince, to let the other party do whatever they wanted to do!

Perhaps he was just punishing her for taking his things. After listening to her words, he took his hand out of her clothes.

Helian Weiwei knew that she had won. The Third Prince was a deep and profound person,he would not be so ignorant.

This was a man in high position, they always know what was most important to them.

Of course..


Baili Jia Jue adjusted his robes, he smiled but his smile did not reach his eyes, instead they brought out the unpredictable coolness from the bones: "What you think is good. Parting ways when we've just gotten married. Don't you want to take back the Helian residence?"

Helian Wei Wei smiled: "Without Your Highness, I can still take back my family residence."

"Is that so?" Baili Jia Jue looked down at her: "I would like to see for myself, without me how many people will choose you, and how many people will choose Helian Guangyao in the family election."

She has only met Black Scorpion a few times, how many times must this man mention it!

Helian Wei Wei glanced over at the well dressed, indifferent Baili Jia Jue, like a well brought up man. Nothing like the Baili Jia Jue who was caressing her on the bed earlier. It made Helian Wei Wei feel sick.

Helen Weiwei had never seen anyone so shameless, his face took credit for the fact that she did not punch him.

She thought that the cold mouth of the Third Prince could only order people around. She did not think that it was capable of speaking the shameless words he spoke to her on the bed.

What vegetarian for over twenty years, he was untaught.

"Don't scold me in your heart. " Baili Jia Jue stood up, but did not untie her. He appeared to have gone into the study to get the contract.

Helian Wei Wei was not afraid of him at all. As long as the contract was still there, she can get out of this difficult situation. Besides, it was only a small lock.

Helian Wei Wei looked down and studied the thin chain that was around her ankles. She did not break the chain like she did last time. Instead, she took a small pin from her head and inserted it into the lock. She twisted it back and forth.

She listened to it.

Helian Wei Wei smiled slyly as she patted the little golden lock in her hand. She watched as Baili Jia Jue returned and did not try to conceal it as she put the little golden lock into her pocket. It was obvious that since she had unlocked it, it belonged to her now.

Baili Jia Jue no concept of money. In his eyes, there was no difference between a gold lock and an iron lock other than which colour looked more beautiful.

What made his eyes sink was that she was able to unpick the lock so easily.

He really needed to pay attention to her a lot more.

"You've brought it?" Helian Wei Wei stretched out her long legs, her long hair draped down her back. The way she looked at him was like a little prey waiting to be fed.

But this prey was totally unaware, and thought that she was the master. He didn't understand. Was he so unlikeable that for them to have a relationship was like taking her life.

He couldn't really tie her up.

But it didn't matter.

You were supposed to go slow with this kind of matters.

Especially when this little thing trembles in his arms, it is more interesting than destroying her.

It's just that he didn't expect it. At this point, she still wanted to leave.

Baili Jia Jue's eyes went cold, like a gust of cold air had blown through his whole body.

Helian Wei Wei looked at him and her lips curled up as she smiled: "In fact, Your Highness doesn't care much."

"Oh?" Baili Jia Jue raised his eyebrows.

Helian Wei Wei twirled her hair carelessly and shrugged her shoulders: "It's just one night. Just so we aren't embarrassed the next time we meet, let's make it clear now. I had been poisoned and it is understandable that Your Highness did these things. Besides, you can't give me to other people and make Your Highness a cuckold. To be honest, if Your Highness hadn't had walked in and I couldn't control myself, it wouldn't have happened. It's only one night and ifYour Highness was not satisfied, I can give you some money. So it's like if you aren't happy, you don't have to come back. For the sake of our cooperation after our marriage we will just pretend it never happened"

Helian Wei Wei never imagined that one day her negotiating skills would be used in such a situation. Perhaps it was as she had said before, if it was someone else, she would have shot the person in the head with a gun instead.

She thought back to the night before, some of it was her fault. Her body was not like what it was in the twenty first century where it had gone through drug training. Besides she was too young and delicate, without the antidote, she would not have lasted until the middle of the night.