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The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 492

"As expected, he isn't a Venerable."

After the disciples of the Tai Yue School had seen Jiang Chen standing beside Meng Shuiyan, killing intent was ablaze in their eyes. They were holding sharp weapons in their hands.

However, bearing their apprentice sister's instructions in mind, they only blocked the two people's way instead of rushing to attack.

Meng Shuiyan didn't respond immediately when she had been yelled at. She looked towards Jiang Chen.

As expected, she saw an angry face.

She had told him that she had been chased by Hu Fei because she had intended to steal a valuable treasure from the Tai Yue School, but had failed.

By then, Jiang Chen learned that she had actually succeeded. That changed everything.

The Tai Yue School wouldn't let go of her. They wouldn't only send disciples in the Reaching Heaven State, either.

It would be just fine if they sent Venerables.

He had been dragged into the mire by this woman, and evidently, she had done it intentionally.

Maybe Meng Shuiyan was beautiful and sexy, but she really didn't have a good heart.

However, it seemed she didn't think anything was wrong. Jiang Chen had no idea whether the folks of the Realm of Milky were all like this.

"The problem between you and her and the problem between you and me are two different things." Jiang Chen took a big step back. He said, "I won't help if you attack her, but if you want to take revenge against me, bring it on. I'll just trust in luck."

Those from the Tai Yue School were confused, not sure what trick he was playing.

"You'll have to fight anyway. Do you have to do this? Don't you think I might share the treasure of the Tai Yue School with you?" Meng Shuiyan complained.

"I, Jiang Chen, don't need anything that's been stolen," said Jiang Chen coldly.

He really didn't like this woman when she judged others to her own standard.

"I told you the Tai Yue School had stolen it from others, too!" Meng Shuiyan, also in a fury, brought this to his attention.

Jiang Chen didn't bother to speak. He closed his eyes tightly.

Overhearing their quarrel, the disciples of the Tai Yue School felt rather baffled, but they were tempted.

Three or four men moved, approaching Meng Shuiyan.

"Hey!" Meng Shuiyan shouted loudly at Jiang Chen, seemingly nervous.

But Jiang Chen didn't move, as if he had heard nothing.

The disciples of the Tai Yue School eased up. They launched their attacks at Meng Shuiyan.

Jiang Chen cracked his eyes open at this moment to observe how Meng Shuiyan was responding.

As he had perceived at the beginning, according to the standard of the Dragon Rise List, this woman would have been ranked between tenth and twentieth.

The attackers were no weaker than Hu Fei. On their sleeves there were also seven 'fight loops.'

Meng Shuiyan was being attacked from the front and rear. The situation was incredibly dangerous for her.

"Are you going to do nothing but watch me die?" Meng Shuiyan was still yelling at Jiang Chen, not so resolute as to face death unflinchingly.

Jiang Chen said, "We're not a team."

That being said, he was going to save her. After all, they knew each other.


Meng Shuiyan was on the verge of getting killed and Jiang Chen was about to help her when a woman in blue flew over.

"This is bad! It's Li Yaqin!"

Meng Shuiyan didn't feel lucky, although the disciples of the Tai Yue School had stopped attacking her. Instead, she looked desperate.

Because before if Jiang Chen had helped her there was still hope, but at that point, even if he helped, she was doomed.

Jiang Chen noticed the fight loop on the woman's sleeves was golden, and there was only one.

"Give it to me."

The woman in blue was over their heads, looking down on them. Her cold tone sounded extremely oppressive.

"It doesn't belong to the Tai Yue School!" Meng Shuiyan gnashed her teeth. She looked steadfast.

This was the first time Jiang Chen had seen such a look on her face.

"Go to hell then." Li Yaqin waved her hand. An azure light flew out of her sleeve, as fast as lightning.

The azure light came up to Meng Shuiyan before she had finished a breath. It turned out to be a sharp sword!


A ringing metal clash sounded. Jiang Chen had gone up to Meng Shuiyan like a wind, holding the Red Cloud Sword.

"I knew you wouldn't see me die, apprentice brother!" Meng Shuiyan shouted joyfully.

"Shut up!" Jiang Chen said unhappily.

He looked serious when he gave Li Yaqin another look.

This woman was much stronger than Ning Haotian. She was actually the strongest rival in the Reaching Heaven State he had ever faced.

In the Dragon Field, Ning Haotian was already a rare genius, and he, Jiang Chen, was rarer.

But in the Realm of Milky, he had run into a stronger one so easily.

When I go to the Three Middle Realms, will Venerable be an average level among youngsters? Jiang Chen couldn't help but think.

"Didn't you just say you wouldn't help?" a disciple of the Tai Yue School asked.

"I meant I wouldn't fight against you," Jiang Chen said with a disdainful smile.

The disciple was about to continue speaking, but Li Yaqin cut him off.

"You were the one who left the sword wound on Hu Fei?"


"Your swordsmanship is good enough to get a golden loop. Since you killed Hu Fei, you can replace him and become a disciple of the Tai Yue School." What Li Yaqin said was totally surprising. She had invited him to join the Nine Great Forces instead of killing him.

Jiang Chen didn't come to himself for a moment. He said, "So anyone who wants to join your school only needs to kill someone from your school?"

"Not just anyone." Li Yaqin didn't explain. She was waiting for Jiang Chen's answer.

"I'm too busy to join the Tai Yue School."

It would meet Nan Gong and Shui Yuan's expectation for him if he joined the Tai Yue School, one of the Nine Great Forces in the Realm of Milky, to practice.

But that wasn't what he wanted. He was going to look around in the Realm of Milky to find a fast and effective way to improve.

Meng Shuiyan and the Tai Yue School's disciples didn't expect his rejection.

They really wanted to ask him whether he knew what he had declined.

Meng Shuiyuan had mentioned to him the Tai Yue School's position in the Middle State. It wasn't easy to become a disciple there.

"Go to hell then."

Li Yaqin didn't show any emotion. Not long after Jiang Chen's rejection, the azure light appeared again. This time, it flew across the sky like a piece of silk cloth.

Jiang Chen turned around to run away without saying anything.

He wasn't afraid he wouldn't be a match for Li Yaqin, but he was afraid someone stronger would show up after he defeated her.


Meng Shuiyan was surprised that Jiang Chen had started running without her, but she also reacted quickly to follow him.

The disciples of the Tai Yue School tried to stop them, but Jiang Chen forced his way through.

"You managed to dodge my sword attack?" Li Yaqin didn't move. She was shocked.

In a competition of martial arts techniques, if one party ran away directly like what Jiang Chen had, and the Azure Ray Sword hit nothing as a result, it meant there was a huge gap between the two rivals.

However, such judgment didn't take fight doctrine into account.

After all, Jiang Chen had managed to see through the attack. He hadn't exerted the fight doctrine.

If they really exchanged blows, it would be difficult to say which one would win.

"Chase them!" Li Yaqin also started to chase when she had come to herself.

Compared to the valuable treasure Meng Shuiyan had, she was more interested in Jiang Chen.

She wanted a good fight to test him and improve her swordsmanship!

Jiang Chen made her see where she could continue improving as a Reaching Heaven State, because the elders of her school had told her as a Reaching Heaven State that her swordsmanship had reached the limit!