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The City Of Terror Chapter 230

Chapter 230 - Decisive Battle

    In truth, Wei Xiao Bei had his back chill after seeing this many Lickers.

    HIs previous fight with more than 10 Lickers and scaring them away was all due to luck.

    If he had another exchange with them, even he did not know if he could continue to persevere.

    It must be known that Mao An Ge was still beside him!

    Wei Xiao Bei did not hesitate as he charged towards a wall.

    On the other hand, the flesh monster that was Mao An Ge should have been slowed down by this. He simply did not notice that Wei Xiao Bei had ran away while facing the attacks of four tongues. His body would spray out blood from time to time. After crushing one of the Lickers, he finally noticed it.

    He turned around and saw that Wei Xiao Bei jumped up a wall and already disappeared from his sights. At this time, Mao An Ges rage immediately rose. He loudly roared and ignored the Lickers as he turned around the continued his chase.

    If their positions were reversed, Wei Xiao Bei would never roar like that in that place. If he did it, it would attract more Lickers and Zombie Dogs!

    After all, Zombies were creatures that sensed through sound. Their vision was close to nonexistent.

    Thus it was easy to imagine what kind of results Mao An Ges roar would bring.

    As for the three remaining Lickers, when Mao An Ge turned around, three tongues were shot at him, causing flesh to burst out.

    If Mao An Ges current body structure was not different from a normal persons, he would have already collapsed on the ground even if he was stronger than Wei Xiao Bei.

    The Lickers which were far away were like wolves attracted to the smell of blood as they increased their speed. The more they jumped around the faster they became.

    After Wei Xiao Bei crossed the wall, the wound on his back opened up again as he grinned in pain. This made him remember something.

    When he returns to reality, he should go and learn acupuncture and other medical skills. These medical skills should be able to help quicken his recovery.

    Additionally, he could also learn more martial arts that focused on Qi.

    He did not stop running as he considered this problem.

    The mysterious room that appeared in the plaza was the place Wei Xiao Bei chose for the decisive battle.

    Although the mysterious footstep was in the room, it did not endanger him that much. In the most crucial time, he could use the strange room.

    Wei Xiao Bei was so fast that he quickly reached the plaza again. When he turned to look, he saw that Mao An Ge had just jumped up the wall, while the four Lickers did not appear at all.

    However, when Mao An Ge had just taken two steps, more than 10 Lickers had jumped out towards him.

    Made it!

    Wei Xiao Bei stood some 20 meters away from the room, while he looked at the approaching Mao An Ge.

    Previously, the Lickers had instantly died when they reached around five meters from the room.

    Wei Xiao Beis current location was one where he could attack easily and defend easily.

    Because of his [Walking Like Flying] skill, Mao An Ges straight movement was fast. When he stepped into the plaza, he had distanced himself to about 30 meters from the Lickers.

    Wei Xiao Bei would never give Mao An Ge any chances. When Mao An Ge had just passed the fountain, Wei Xiao Bei immediately thrust the great spear at his head.

    Mao An Ge was indeed strong. When he saw the spear coming at him, he did not act on impulse like before and dodged it. Afterwards, he attacked Wei Xiao Beis legs.


    In terms of fighting skills, Wei Xiao Bei was stronger than Mao An Ge. With a light wave, the great spear was like a long rod smashing downwards.

    In an instant, Mao An Ge was smashed to the cement ground to the point that cracks began to appear on the ground.

    With a good hit in, Wei Xiao Bei did not continue fighting and retreated more than 10 steps with the spear pointed to the ground.

    Wei Xiao Beis thoughts became serious. He felt that Mao An Ge did not have any battle skills at the start, but he was appeared to slowly learn from him bit by bit.

    If this continued on, it would not be a good thing.

    Naturally, Mao An Ge appeared to not have been injured at all from being smashed onto the ground. On the contrary, he crawled across the ground like a mad dog, moving towards Wei Xiao Bei.

    Mao An Ge moved so fast, knocking against Wei Xiao Bei. However, Wei Xiao Beis spear was points to the ground. If Mao An Ge did not turn his head causing the spear to pierce through his shoulder, he might have just been the cause for his own death.

    Pull out and thrust again!

    However, this time, Wei Xiao Bei miscalculated. Mao An Ge rolled on the ground to dodge the attack.

    At this moment, the large group of Lickers had caught up. They shot their tongues towards Mao An Ge.

    Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh.

    Even if Mao An Ge was gradually learning battle skills, he was not skillful enough. In an instant, the tongues had caused his flesh to burst up.

    This guy can truly last!

    Wei Xiao Bei could not help but compare himself with Mao An Ge as he became stunned.

    If he had been the one hit by more than 10 tongues, he would have been heavily injured.

    Naturally, the Lickers attack was not ineffective against Mao An Ge.

    After the tongues pulled back, Mao An Ges attention was naturally moved towards the Lickers. He turned around and charged towards a Licker, but it was clear that he had slowed down.

    The tongues continuously burst Mao An Ges flesh. This would naturally affect him.

    Just the damages to his skeleton would affect his strength and speed.

    This could be seen from the skeleton monsters used by the farmers market.


    One of the Lickers was not able to dodge Mao An Ges pursuit. In an instant, its head was crushed, and it died.

    At this moment, Wei Xiao Bei raised his spear and thrust out, piercing through Mao An Ges waist.

    Wei Xiao Bei did not chose to attack Mao An Ges head. If he did so, it would attract Mao An Ges attention.

    The focus of the battle should be the Lickers against Mao An Ge. Wei Xiao Bei would only thrust out his spear from time to time to injure Mao An Ge.

    After all, Wei Xiao Bei believed that he still did not have a good opportunity to kill him.

    In truth, Mao An Ges [Intermediate Regeneration] was very strong. The burst flesh had healed in just a short period of time.

    Naturally, this was all thanks to his special body covered in flesh as well as his special skills.

    However, when these parts of flesh were burst apart from his body, Mao An Ge would use flesh from other parts of his body to replenish them. Thus the longer the battle, the thinner his body became.

    However, this was not decisive enough.

    Wei Xiao Bei could see that the flesh on the ground that Mao An Ge stepped on would stick to his feet and be quickly absorbed through it. Then the flesh would move up as if they were following a pipe and go to different parts of his body.

    Just like that, Wei Xiao Beis next step was to remove these flesh that fell on the ground by flinging them away with his great spear.

    Luckily, Mao An Ge did not have any thoughts of taking the initiative to fuse with those pieces of flesh. Otherwise, with his body and [Intermediate Regeneration], he would become an immortal monster.

    The Lickers numbers were also gradually decreasing.

    After all, the Lickers were only 2-Star Elite Creatures.

    As long as Mao An Ge ignored the incoming tongues and the other Lickers, it was easy for him to just charge ahead and kill a Licker.

    In truth, at this moment, Wei Xiao Bei was slightly reminiscing about those Zombies.

    The Licker was admittedly stronger than a normal Zombie, but they were incomparable to them by one aspect.

    That was Zombies being able to pass on the T-Virus, while the T-Virus had already lost activity in the body of the Lickers. It was just unknown whether they disappeared or changed.

    In short, this was the reason why Wei Xiao Bei never felt any discomfort after their attacks, turning into a Zombie was impossible.

    If the Licker could pass on the virus, Mao An Ge would also be in a bad spot.

    Naturally, this would also mean that Wei Xiao Bei had already turned into a Zombie himself.

    When the Lickers numbers had decreased to three, Mao An Ges strength had decreased a lot.

    At this time, Wei Xiao Bei did not just cheer on from the side. He raised his spear and once again fought Mao An Ge head-on.

    Each thrust did not separate too far from Mao An Ges head.

    Wei Xiao Beis attacks had throughly enraged Mao An Ge. It ignored the Lickers and continuously attacked Wei Xiao Bei.

    Intermediate Power Burst?

    Mao An Ges strength suddenly multiplied. Then he hit the great spear that was moving towards him, almost causing Wei Xiao Bei to let go of it. Wei Xiao Bei finally understood that Mao An Ge had just used [Intermediate Power Burst].

    In truth, if Mao An Ge had directly used it earlier, Wei Xiao Bei would have received heavy injuries.

With [Intermediate Power  Burst], the originally strong 3-Star Creature that was Mao An Ge had become a bulldozer!   

    Just a single punch from him was enough to instantly create a basket-sized hole in the ground!

    If it was Wei Xiao Bei, he would only be able to create a fist-sized one.

    It was easy to imagine what would happen if he got hit by them.