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The City Of Terror Chapter 275

Chapter 275 -Extremely Broken Dust World Stone

    With Wei Xiao Beis current intelligence, he was able to quickly deduce that if he was in the forest, he could try to hide in the largest fragment, but escaping it was something impossible to do.

    Could this be the so-called space collapse?

    Wei Xiao Bei frowned. This kind of image only happened in web novels.

    In truth, Wei Xiao Bei still could not believe that such a thing could happen.

    After all, space was something the could be twisted but hard to destroy.

    Speaking frankly, space was the foundation of the universe. Destroying space would require a huge amount of force. Even if all of the Earths energy was given, it might not even be able to occur.

    Moreover, with Earths level of science, it might not even be possible after thousands of years.

    The most important point here was that destroying space was something completely worse than a nuclear warhead. A small amount of carelessness could probably destroy the entire Earth.

    However, Wei Xiao Bei felt that this space collapse was related to the death of the torvosaurus.

He did not activate [Precise Calculation] to infer this and only quietly waited, but his entire body tensed up accumulating energy within.   

    Once something dangerous happened, he would quickly escape.

    This was something natural.

    The forest disintegration was even faster than the lake.

    Soon, the entire forest had turned fragments. The fragments would even bump into each other and turn to dust.

    Wei Xiao Bei recorded everything in his mind.

    In the end, the fragments quickly disappeared, leaving a deep hole in the ground.

    He was stunned when he saw this hole.

    Without a doubt, this hole looked like the hole that was left behind when the Citizen of Long Bo crushed the Big Tree Spirit.

    When Wei Xiao Bei went to take a look, the hole that appeared to be 20 meters deep had become deep and unmeasurable.

    Could the entire forest had sunk into this deep hole?

    Wei Xiao Bei felt that he had grasped onto something, but after pondering for a while, he did not obtain any results.

    At this moment, a small stone appeared on the torvosaurus corpse.

    It was entirely blue and let out blue-colored light as if it was a high grade gemstone!

    What is it?

    Wei Xiao Bei used [Status Appraisal] on the stone.

Name: Extremely Broken Dust World Stone (Rare Quality)

Description: ???

Effect 1: ???

    Extremely Broken Dust World Stone? Rare quality?

    Its description is full of question marks. The effect is also the same.

    It was the first time Wei Xiao Bei had seen such an object, an object that he could not identify even a single part of other than the name.

    From its name, it was easy to discern that it had a special relationship with the Dust World.

    However, information on what this relationship was however was non-existent. Even if Wei Xiao Bei wasted some time to think about it, he could not make head or tails.

    However, the next thing that happened made Wei Xiao Bei widen his eyes with desire.

    Before Wei Xiao Bei was able to grab the stone, the spearhead that had already drained the torvosaurus clean already let out a red mist. The mist was like a hungry wolf as it charged at the stone.

    In the next moment, the stone vanished within the mist before he was able to react.

    On the other hand, the mist was like a python that had eaten its fill as it slowly retreated back into the spearhead.

    It was so slow that it took a few minutes to go back in.

    Wei Xiao Bei could only patiently wait. Although the Dust World Stone appeared to be some incomparably valuable treasure, it had already been devoured by that mist. He did not feel regretful at all.

    No matter what was said, meat was cooked in a pot.

    The mist was a derivative of the spearhead. If there was any benefit in the stone, it would mix into the spearhead.

    When the mist completely withdrew into the spearhead, the entire great spear let out a dazzling red light. Even Wei Xiao Bei could not look at it directly.

    When the red light disappeared, Wei Xiao Bei opened his eyes and looked towards the great spear.

    The great spear had already disappeared.

    What appeared in its place was a floating rod.

    Using rod to describe it was too polite though.

    Its length was only an inch, and its body had gray spots as if it was corroding aluminum alloy. The sharp spearhead disappeared. When he touched its surface, it felt prickly to the hands as tiny thorns appeared on it.

    Its entire body looked as if it was garbage that belonged in a garbage dump.

    However, Wei Xiao Bei did not look at it like this. The rod had a huge probability of being his great spear.

    When he threw a [Status Appraisal] at it, Wei Xiao Bei was surprised that it had failed!

    This was the first time [Status Appraisal] failed to provide any information. When the [Status Appraisal] was released on the rod, it seemed to have completely deflected the skill.

    Without any choice, Wei Xiao Bei could only look at his status panel.

    Luckily, the status panel had a bit of information on it.

    Items on hand: Sealed Weapon (Currently evolving. All abilities had been sealed. Note: obtaining more energy would quicken evolution), Yongs Plume x21, Damaged Sacred Beetle Ovary (Feed, Increases Obedience), Woodman Heart x5, Monster Trees Roots, Small Holding Bag, Ming Lun Envoys Proof, Hard Metal Jian, Ice Heart, Secondary Spring Water of Youth 1364 milliliter, Stegosaurus Plate x7, Tyrannosaurus Rexs Teeth x160.

    From the items on hand section of his status panel, it was clear that Wei Xiao Bei was a rich man.

    Every single item was not a normal good.

    However, he had no time to inspect his storage and focused on the first item.

    From the introduction, all the great spears abilities had been sealed. This was probably why it had turned into a rod.

    However, it was also not on the verge of finishing its evolution. From the end notes, unsealing the great spear would probably require it to evolve and demanded a lot of energy to do so.

    In short, from now until who knew when, Wei Xiao Bei was temporarily unable to use the great spear.

    Although Wei Xiao Bei tried it out, the rod was very firm. Even if it struck the Hard Metal Jian, it did not leave any marks at all. However, it was much more convenient to just use the Hard Metal Jian as a weapon than trying to use the rod.

    No matter what was said, the forest, lake, and dinosaurs that probably appeared due to a popular movie in the real world had all died or turned into fragments.

    Wei Xiao Bei speculated that the torvosaurus might be the foundation of everything.

    However, if he wanted to clarify this speculation, he would not be able to do so even if he wasted a month to think about it.

    As he sighed, he stopped thinking about such matters. He placed the great spear that had turned into a rod into his Small Holding Bag and went to inspect the torvosaurus corpse.

    The corpse had already hardened. It was easy to tell that there was no more moisture in the corpse from a single touch. It was as dry as meat that had been left to dry for more than 10 years.

    Wei Xiao Bei thought about it and kicked it with his right leg. The corpse that was less than 10 meters long had flown away like a baseball.

    He did not use any power at all behind the kick. Thus, the corpse had only flown a few meters away before dropping down directly into the hole.

    Time slowly passed by.

    No sound or movement came out from the hole.

    It was as if the torvosaurus corpse had been dropped into a bottomless hole, forever unable to reach the bottom.

    However, Wei Xiao Beis thoughts were different.

    He was thinking that the hole was not bottomless but just extremely deep. He guessed that it was so deep that the sound had been dispersed when it was coming up.

    Wei Xiao Bei moved his body close to the side of the hole and looked down.

    The hole still remained deep. Light was barely able to be seen at around 200-300 meters inside.

    Everything else was pitch black, as if it was a giant monsters mouth that was prepared to swallow everything.

    Wei Xiao Bei could not help but quiver. He stopped staying beside the hole and walked away towards the direction Zhou Xing Yuan escaped to.

    Although he was not optimistic about Zhou Xing Yuans destiny, he already decided that he could not leave him behind. Zhou Xing Yuans position and power in the real world was something that he could make use of.

    Although his strength was already superhuman-like compared to normal people, he did not want to show off his strength too much in the real world.

    Having power beyond imagination was something that easily attracted trouble in the real world.

    Wei Xiao Bei wanted to lay low and not expose himself. Thus, gathering people who could help him accomplsih things in the real world was important.

    Naturally, if Zhou Xing Yuans luck was so bad that he had been killed by some monster, Wei Xiao Bei would not cry for him.

    While he was running, he examined his evolution points.

    After killing the torvosaurus, Wei Xiao Bei obtained 380 evolution points.

    For a normal 3-Star Creature, this number was quite low, but the Dust World Stone that the great spear had absorbed outweighed this amount.

    With this 280 evolution points, Wei Xiao Beis total had reached 3880 points.

    There was now a huge gap in his agility and strength. Although this gap could be bridged with qi, it was not all-purpose. It only bridged the gap to a certain extent, so there were still problems with it.