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The Cold Ceo's Heart Chapter 89

His eyes lighting up as he heard the word 'present', Derek unfolded his arms and said, "Present! What is it?!" Before catching himself and controlling his enthusiasm.Of course, the glare from Luke on seeing the little kid not following the plan they had discussed before was also a reason behind this.Liz was watching everything with her eyebrows narrowed, and she had already decided to pull these two troublemakers' ears later to find out just what they had planned.However, for now, she was actually interested to see how the CEO would handle the matter.So far, she had mostly only seen him handle professional things with the acuity and wit that fit his position.So, she was curious as to how good his social skills were.Will, on the other hand, had also noticed the look between Luke and the little kid.Clearly, there was some 'external influence' in action.He didn't know why, but his mind entered into the state that it usually did when he was handling tough business competition.In any business negotiation, the one who had the upper hand was always the one who knew clearly what the other party wanted.And for little kids these days, there was nothing more enticing than a shiny toy.Before he had said that he had a present, he had already inventoried everything in his possession, but there was nothing that fit the bill.However, there was nothing to say that the gift had to be with him.Derek, who was both eager for the present but also unwilling to break the agreement he had with Luke, was shooting glances at the CEO.Thus, when he put his hand to his ear and said "Bring in D-80. Don't ask questions," Derek put on a puzzled expression on his face, wondering about what the meaning behind her his sister's boss's words were."Wh-"Again, he was just about to ask, but imagining the tasty delicacies promised by Luke, he closed his mouth.Yet, Will had heard the question, so he just pointed at the door, where a security guard was now standing.In his hand was a large pitch-black object which was quarter the size of a man, and when it appeared in Derek's vision after he had looked up to follow the CEO's finger, his eyes opened wide and his mouth fell open."A DRONE! REALLY! FOR ME?!"All the other thoughts driven away from his mind, he shouted this while squealing with excitement."Yes. Jimmy, hand it over to the brave man who saved his school from bullies today.""YAAAAYYY!!!"While Derek jumped in the air, the guard walked over and put the drone and controller on the ground.Walking to the CEO's side, he said silently, "Sir, you said don't ask any questions, but this is a military-grade drone that isn't on the market. It was being used for your security! On the open market, it would easily fetch over $20,000! Are you su-""Yes. Just chalk it as a personal expense."Replying under his breath, Will bent and picked up the controller before starting to explain to Derek how it was supposed to be used.As a kid, Derek liked any and all things that could fly, and a drone was actually something he had always wished for but never had the opportunity to buy.However, the controlling method seemed complex, but he was determined to learn it.Hence, he listened to the CEO with full concentration.Meanwhile, Liz and Luke were watching on with completely different expressions on their faces.Liz was smiling, as she really liked seeing her brother happy.On the other hand, Luke, who was observing this, had an ashen expression on his face.His first plan had already failed, but it was time for countermeasures.Looking keenly, he noticed that Derek had a slightly confused expression on his face while listening to Will's explanation about how to use the drone.Just as an idea started to form in his mind, Mary's voice drifted from the kitchen."Luke, one of your alarms is ringing." Yes! This was his chance!"Coming!"Taking off at a run, Luke quickly shut off the alarm and took out the tray of cinnamon buns that had just gotten ready.The enticing smell of perfectly baked bread with a tinge of cinnamon wafted in the air, and taking the tray outside, Luke said, "Derek! Come grab a cinnamon bun while they are hot. You can learn and play with your new toy later!""Waaahcinnamon buns!"Smelling the tasty scent that had just assaulted his nostrils, Derek immediately looked up to see Luke smiling at him while holding the tray with one of his favorite foods aloft.He had just been handed the controller, but Derek put it down and ran to Luke before picking one up and biting.Of course, it was very hot, so he starting jumping on the spot, but there was a very happy expression on his face.Meanwhile, Will, who had seen everything with one corner of his lip raised up, put the controller on the ground and got up.Liz, on the other hand, actually felt awkward as her brother had abandoned the gift given by the CEO."Kids, you know. Short attention spans. He definitely LOVES drones though, and must be really appreciative. Thank you. Dinner is ready, shall we go?", she asked, and heaved a sigh of relief when the CEO only smiled in response and motioned forward.In Will's eyes, though, the fire of competition shone, as it seemed that he had found a worthy opponent.xxxxxHey guys, please check out the Auxiliary chapter if you wanna know more about me, and my reasons for going premium. Thanks for sticking with me! ^^