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The Employed Empress Chapter 51

Wei Yi Yi tour around the palace for a sigh of relief. It took her a lot of effort to throw off that Jiang Liu.

Along the way, she saw different gardens and artificial sceneries. If not for the few eunuchs, this place can pass as a women community. For Wei Yi Yi, the whole inner palace could amount to a whole city.

For her, who grew up with men, this much alone could bring wonders to her mind. The few instances where she been to a place with too many girls is the times where she accompanied Xiao Ai to shop.

Walking near the walls, she came to stop in front of the gates. They pass thru a secluded back gate last time Tang Mei took her outside. And so, Wei Yi Yi curiously extend her neck to look.

It was slightly open and that small opening was enough to give her a full view of the guards outside. They were standing like statues straight out of a ancient picture book.

Wei Yi Yi eyes shine in delight!

The only impression she have with other guys here are either a eunuch, a royalty, or boss' guards dress in civilian clothing. But once those men don their armor, they just look exactly like a good gong!

The guards seem to notice her as they turn to bow at her. Wei Yi Yi actually stick out like a sore thumb standing in the middle of a road. She almost return the same bow if not for Tang Mei swiftly tagging.

Wei Yi Yi gave a nod before turning back.

If not for Tang Mei, Wei Yi Yi would be lost in this big palace. It's dangerous to walk around aimlessly in a place you're not familiar with.

"Ah Mei, that's a pavillion right?" she pointed at the roof that's hidden within the bushes directly to their left. "Are you tire? Let's sit there for a moment."

"But your majesty... that's out of the way." But the empress already hold her hand to guid her. Tang Mei dare not straggle out of the empress' hold.

Once they are close enough, Tang Mei heard some sounds coming infront. With every step closer, the sound become distinct.

There are people talking.

"Empress, did you hear that?"

"Hmmm? I'm hearing noth----"

The moment Wei Yi Yi step out from the fork of the road, the whole pavilion came in view. It was situated beside an artificial lotus pond.

Outside the pavilion, four ladies wearing the elegant and colorful robes of a concubine stood facing each other, shouting, and crying. A few maid servants are encircling them to hide the scene.

Wei Yi Yi immediately recognized the lady who have exaggerated hair ornaments as Ye Ai Ning. She has this twisted expression in her face as she kept on shouting at the one she's facing. Seeing her wicked face, chills run down Wei Yi Yi's back.

While she's deliberating on whether to step out, Ye Ai Ning slap the lady she's shouting at! The other two was not able to stop her as she jump to grab the lady's hair.

"A-- a cat fight..."





Wei Yi Yi made a sharp turn.

"Empress! You cannot pretend you didn't saw them!" Tang Mei hold the empress in place.

"Let me tell you, Ah Mei! These women are hand picked from the brightest, smartest, most intelligent and talented ladies all over the nation! And they were left here, inside the palace. Dying of boredom, with nothing to do!" Talking in one full breath, Wei Yi Yi didn't forget to emphasize 'nothing to do' and exaggerate. "They're the most terrifying people you'll ever meet!"

Specially those women with nothing to do but chase a guy! Just think about how handsome her buddies are. From a harmless jealousy up to those terrifying backstabbing, she witness them all! And it's not funny!

"Your majesty... it's the empress duty to investigate matters such as this..."

So it's impossible to run? In the end, she would need to clean up their mess, isn't that so?

A "splash" echo behind their back. Wei Yi Yi rigidly turn her head only to see two of the concubine in the pond. One at the ground extend a hand to help only to lost her balance and dive to the water too. Ye Ai Ning straggles out of the pond and grab the foot of another concubine.

Now the four of them are fishes in the water.

"Your ladyship!" Their handmaids.

"....." Wei Yi Yi.

"...." Tang Mei.

Ah, she wanted to cry! She wanted to jump after them and play victim too.

"Someone! Call the emperor ah!" Wei Yi Yi cried out.

"Wh---?! Empress you cannot!"


Quick footsteps sound outside. The door at the imperial study flew wide open. Before Jiang Liu could open his mouth, Jiang Yu block him. "I take it that you're done with the work I gave you."

"Err... Yes! Yes! Of course brother!"

Jiang Liu sign at the servant following him to present the scrolls to the emperor. He received a doubtful look from his brother but there's now way he'll tell that half of them are made by the empress.

With suspicion in his heart, Jiang Yu open a scroll. It was a portrait of the head of the imperial guards. He have a serious look in his face, donning his palace armor, and a sword at his side.

Jiang Yu was satisfied.

He was about to reach for the second one when he hear a "crunch" sound.

"You... you cannot eat here! What are they even?!" The emperor reprimand his younger brother.

"These are tanghulus! They're so tasty and savory! And sweet!"

They are flavored for children too.

"How many times must you be told not to buy foods at the street?" Jiang Yu creased his brows; unhappy.

"I didn't brought it from outside. Sister-in-law made them for me. We were having a picnic by the lake just now!" Jiang Liu merrily told his brother. He told it like they were having a good time when in fact, Wei Yi Yi is so close at snapping at him.

Jiang Yu pause. He said, quite disturbed, ".... with my empress?"