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The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 376

It wasn't only Ren Baqian and the winged cavalry who went to Ping City. Qing Yuan and Hong Luan also went with them. The two of them had been waiting here after the empress left for Ping City. Since they were going to pick the empress up, they brought along the empress's carriage too.

After Ren Baqian and the rest left, many commoners headed out of the city as well.

These commoners were tasked with burying the bodies.

There were all kinds of corpses lying on the ground just as they headed north of the Great Xia barracks. Due to the weather in Great Xia, the bodies started to emit a foul stench. If there were only a few corpses, it wouldn't be that bad, but such a large number of dead bodies lying everywhere had a high possibility of causing a plague. As a result, these bodies had to be buried.

Furthermore, burying these bodies underground could also increase the fertility of the land.

If it wasn't for the fact that it was a distance away from the fields, many commoners would be very willing to bury these bodies in their fields because it would help to increase their harvest.

Previously, Ren Baqian had already witnessed such a scene. Back then, when Wu Shenghou died and Great Xia was defeated, many commoners organized teams to bundle up the corpses and carried them back to their fields to be buried the next day.

Seeing their happy and excited behavior, Ren Baqian felt as if they weren't going to retrieve dead bodies, but were getting jinkela instead.

[1.Jinkela- billed as an American technological breakthrough that can substantially improve fertilizer potency and increase crop yields.]Of course, they would obtain huge benefits from collecting these corpses as well.

After the Great Xia soldiers were chased away and killed, they weren't able to bring too many weapons along with them, so a large number of weapons were scattered outside. Even though most of them were spears, they could be collected and used to make daggers. If they collected a few more spears or even a steel knife, they could be smelted together into a thick saber. This would then become their family heirloom.

In the past, there had been no cases of enemies invading Dayao. Now that the output of Mount Damo in the south was sufficient, the imperial court didn't have any intention of making use of these weapons.

Half a month ago, with the exception of the sabers and spears that were gathered by Li Qianqiu and then transported away, the other weapons were all scattered, left behind, and claimed by the commoners as personal possessions.

With these weapons, the next time there was a war, these armed commoners would be able to serve a "piping hot bowl of sh*t" to the enemy. On Earth, people paid particular attention to the issue of "hiding money with the commoners." In this world, however, it was all about "hiding 'weapons' with the commoners." Following which, they headed all the way north. When they were on the road, Ren Baqian looked at Lin Qiaole, who was tied to a fork-horned cow and snoring away, and hesitated for a long time before giving up on the plan of finding her a sparring partner. If the lolita was scratched by Lin Qiaole, Tong Zhenye would probably kill Ren Baqian with his bare hands.

One day later, Ren Baqian and the others could finally see Ping City from a distance away.

Ren Baqian stood on top of his fork-horned cow and looked through the binoculars. Ping City's gates were actually open, but very few people were entering and exiting.

The soldiers at the top of Ping City's walls had also slightly increased as compared to the previous time he came.

Even though the Great Xia army had retreated, Hong Wu still maintained a considerable amount of vigilance.

Everyone marched for another half a day. When they were about 5 kilometers away from Tiesuo Pass, they could already see that there was rubbish everywhere. It was the same as the situation right outside Liao City. Before the Great Xia army retreated, they left behind a huge amount of rubbish, and even though Hong Wu had already sent people to tidy up, it was evident that it wouldn't be tidied up in a short period of time.

Ren Baqian got everyone to stop.

"Sister Qing Yuan and Hong Luan, the both of you will head into the city first. The rest of us will continue tomorrow."

Everyone looked at him. These 5 kilometers would probably only take them another hour of travel. As such, they didn't know what was going on in his mind.

"Wait over here," Ren Baqian instructed before running into a secluded forest which he had spotted previously.

As he wanted to return to Earth, it was better for him to leave everyone outside of the garbage heap than leaving them within.

When he returned to the villa on Earth, Ren Baqian first drove around the city and then bought a pile of sweets and chocolates which weighed no less than 150 kilograms. After that, he purchased sorghum wine and base ingredients for hot pot before returning to his villa.

He also called to order a cotton candy machine as well as a lot of colored sugar.Over the next two days, he made cotton candy whenever he was bored. As a result, he became very skilled at it.

During the period of time that he was back, the housekeepers came to clean up the house. It was actually a rare sight for the housekeepers to see the owner of the villa. "Do you want to eat cotton candy?" Ren Baqian was currently making cotton candy in the hall and offered it to the housekeepers as they stepped in. The housekeepers were a little stunned.

Don't ordinary people offer cigarettes? It can't be that rich people offer cotton candy?

Then, the two housekeepers saw the pile of cotton candy that was placed next to Ren Baqian, which was his achievement over the past two days. The two housekeepers were between laughter and tears as they received the cotton candy from Ren Baqian. With regards to Ren Baqian's behavior, they could only conclude that he had an unusual hobby.

On the third day, Ren Baqian brought bags of different sizes back to Dayao. After shouting for Shi Hu, they went into the forest and walked two laps around before finding a suitable tree that was in line with Ren Baqian's imagination. In addition, this tree was rather straight. This tree was three meters tall and almost as thick as the mouth of a bowl.

Ren Baqian ordered someone to cut down the tree and to get rid of all the leaves. Following which, he brought this tree past the garbage heap and arrived in Ping City .

The situation inside Ping City was much better than Liao City. Great Xia had mainly surrounded Ping City and only launched small scale attacks. Apart from Hong Wu, who was seriously injured, there weren't a large number of casualties. Even though it could be seen that the city wall was damaged, it wasn't like Liao City's wall, which was almost stained a purplish-black from the bloodstains.

They didn't encounter any incidents as they entered and headed straight for a residence right in the middle of Ping City.

In general, intersections were always found in the middle of a city. After all, it was necessary for the roads to lead to the gates in all directions.

However, it was different in Ping City as there was a large-scale residence right in the middle. As a result, all pedestrians, horses, and carriages had to make a detour here.

This was the residence of Hong Wu, who had been protecting Ping City for a decade.

Although the commoners who walked here had to make a detour, nobody ever complained because this was the border and not just another city.The idea behind locating Hong Wu's residence here was very simple. If the enemy troops were to destroy Ping City, they would have to make a detour around Hong Wu's residence first. This was the same as announcing to everyone that Hong Wu was here.

Everyone arrived at the gate and got off their fork-horned cows. Just when they were going to report their identity, a burly man appeared in front of them.

That burly man looked at Ren Baqian and the rest with suspicious eyes. The imperial guards and the winged cavalry behind him were easily recognizable.

After that, he pointed at Ren Baqian just as he came to a sudden realization and exclaimed, "Ah! You are the fellow from that time!"

Ren Baqian raised his head and grinned. This person was the same guy who wanted to use a beautiful maidservant to trade for a drone. In return, he had previously been kicked into the wall by the empress.

"Is Her Majesty here? Black Bamboo Academy's Principal Ren would like to seek an audience with her."

"She's here!" That burly man scratched the back of his head, turned around, and kicked the soldier behind him. "Quickly get someone to announce the arrival of Principal Ren!"

He then jumped off the flight of steps, placed his arm around Ren Baqian's shoulders, and asked, "That, that thing that flies in the sky, are there anymore? Can I exchange something for it?" During the war, even though Great Xia mostly launched small scale attacks, there were two surprise attacks as well. However, with two drones taking turns to surveil Great Xia's movements from the sky as well as the binoculars on the city walls, none of their moves could escape the eyes of the commanders in Ping City.

As long as there was a slight change in the strength of the troops, it would immediately be detected. This burly man had been envious of a magical object like the drone. Unfortunately, General Hong Wu treated the drone like a treasured possession and didn't even allow him to go near it.

"A beautiful maidservant?" Ren Baqian grinned. He wondered if the empress would suddenly jump out of thin air and give him a kick since there were times when she appeared unpredictably. That burly man was at a loss. After hesitating for a long time, he stealthily said in a wretched tone, "Leave your address behind, and I'll send one over later on."


Thump! "Aiya!"

Ren Baqian got smacked by a flying roof tile to the face

The empress looked at the sky while standing on a roof that was a distance away. She immediately returned to the courtyard before anyone found out that the roof tiles were thrown by her.

Just looking at Ren Baqian and that burly man's expressions made the empress already want to throw something at them.However, she threw the roof tiles at the wrong angle again!