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The Generals Little Peasant Wife Chapter 98

Yang Le Le looked at the group of women that had gathered and sneered in her heart: it was exactly these type of people that are always looking to make trouble for others.

Asking these types of questions, arent they just finding fault in Yao Yao?

During these 20 days, she had learned a lot of things. While there, she didnt only learn embroidery, every embroiderer would study daily how to draw and how to read; her days there were very fulfilling.

When Madame Yang saw that her daughter had returned, her eyes filled with happiness, Le Le, youre back? She stretched out her hand and took the things that Yang Le Le had bought home as she cheerfully welcomed her back.

After they returned home, Madame Yang finally could not hold back any longer and asked, Le Le, are you really alright there?

Yang Le Le nodded her head, En, mother. When I was there, I only worked for three hours at the embroidery house. The rest of the time was spent learning to read, draw, and doing some other stuff.

For real? Madame Yang was astounded. She thought that when her daughter was working outside, she must have had a tough time and must be very tired.

Who knew that she unexpectedly only had to work a couple hours every day; moreover, she was also able to draw and read. Madame Yang knew that only ladies from rich and privileged families were able to learn those things.

Yes, combined with the characters I learned from Yao Yao, now I can already read a lot of characters. Oh right, mother, this time I bought a lot of ink and paper to bring back with me for Xiao Zhi. Yang Le Le said as she pointed to the paper.

Great, thats really terrific. Madame Yang said happily.

Seeing that her daughter still thought of her family while she was outside made her very pleased.

Looking at all the things that she had bought, she Madame Yang already knew they were for all them.

When Yang Yi and his family found out that Yang Le Le had returned, they were very happy, Le Le youre back at last. You cant imagine the horrible things that were said while you were away. Other people all said that you had been sold by Yao Yao to a place outside. Yang Le Le now understood. No wonder the village people had asked her all those questions before it was all because of that. She laughed coldly, Tomorrow Ill go look for Yao Yao. Once they see what a great relationship I have with her, lets see what they have to say about that.

Isnt it just? Madame Qiao nodded her head on the side.

Although she admire Yang Le Le for being able to go out, she wasnt jealous. She knew that their whole family would benefit by her younger sister doing well.

Seeing the many things she had brought back for their child, if it were them making the purchase, it would have taken no little sum of money.

Sister-in-law should not be begrudged from letting Xiao Zhi practice his writing on the ink and paper. Yang Le Le said seriously.

Rest assured, your sister-in-law understands. When talking about her son, Madame Qiaos smile grew much brighter.

Because of the strong foundation Ning Meng Yao helped him develop, once he went to school, he had an easy time coping with his studies. The teacher also commented he was clever. This made them start to have some expectations.

On the second day, after finishing breakfast, Yang Le Le got the things she had bought by herself and went to Ning Meng Yaos house.

When Yang Le Le arrived, Ning Meng Yao was discussing something with Qiao Tian Chang. Her arrival did not catch the attention of the two who were talking.

Hey, would you guys at least acknowledge me? Yang Le Le said plaintively. After waiting for more than an hour and seeing that the two people still hadnt finished talking, Yang Le Le finally couldnt stand it any longer.

The sudden sound severely startled Ning Meng Yao. Qiao Tian Chang, who was opposite her, turned unhappily and looked at her coldly.

That icy-cold gaze caused Yang Le Le to shrink her neck in fear, I didnt do it on purpose.

Youre back? How was your time there?

Yang Le Le smiled happily, It was so great I didnt want to come back.

If you like it then thats good enough. Ning Meng Yao nodded her head. She didnt ask for more details. Just by seeing Yang Le Les excited appearance, she knew it hadnt been too bad.

Yang Le Le nodded her head and then looked at them dubiously, Lets not talk about me first. Yao Yao, dont you think you should tell me whats going on between you two? Before she left, the relationship between those two wasnt super close. How was it that after not seeing them for only 20 days, the relationship between those two seemed so comfortable now?

Ning Meng Yao glanced at Yang Le Le but didnt respond. Qiao Tian Chang shot a warning look at Yang Le Le which triggered a scowl from her.

After staying for a while at Ning Meng Yaos house she finally went back. Her plans were to spend some quality time together with her parents, bring gifts to Ning Meng Yao, as well as take care of quite a few other things. All she had done made its way around the village and everyone finally knew that the rumor they were gossiping about was false.