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The Good For Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1275

Chapter 1275 – Double Cultivation Is The Kingly Way (7)

From the oldest batch of elves, to the newest batch of elves who had just entered the advanced training camp, all of
them already knew of the existence of a heaven-defying elf in the advanced training camp. Despite her young age,
she possessed an extremely terrible strength.
After entering the advanced training camp for a short period of one month, she had already reached the fourth floor
of the Pure Spirit Tower.
Even among the elves of the previous batches in the past, none could have attained this speed.
Normally, a gifted elf could enter the second floor from the first floor of the Pure Spirit Tower about a month after
entering the advanced training camp.
Basically, there would be one or two of this kind of talented elf in every batch.
Just so as An Ran: after a month of training, he finally succeeded in obtaining the pass to enter the second floor of
the Pure Spirit Tower. Among their batch of elves, apart from Shen Yanxiao, he was the only one to enter the second
floor of the Pure Spirit Tower.
The speed of An Rans progress was fast, but it was still within the range that the elves could accept.
But Shen Yanxiao!
She was an aberrant!
One floor a week! Without even catching a breath!
They reckoned that if not for the pass needed to enter each floor, she could just stay inside the Pure Spirit Tower for
five months until the training period ended!
Formidable, too formidable!
All the elves in the advanced training camp regarded Shen Yanxiao as some aberrant being.
Even Elder Yue expressed great shock after knowing the speed of Shen Yanxiaos ascension.
It could be said that from the establishment of the advanced training camp to the present, no elf could progress
faster than Shen Yanxiao. With regard to the speed of her advancement in the Pure Spirit Tower, her emergence had
completely smashed the advanced training camp to the ground!
When Shen Yanxiao appeared again and took the pass for the fifth floor of the Pure Spirit Tower, the elves were
already looking numb.
Wasnt it just the fifth floor?!
It was no big deal

Anyway, in another week, that fellow would surely come again for the sixth floor pass.
They were already used to it!!!
Because Shen Yanxiaos advancement speed was abnormally fast, Elder Yue was somewhat worried whether Shen
Yanxiao could stand such exertion.
Elder Yue specifically talked to her when Shen Yanxiao took the fifth floor pass. As a result, he found that in just
half a month, Shen Yanxiao had been promoted from a red elf to a white elf. He was instantly speechless.
Looking at Shen Yanxiaos rosy and lustrous complexion, and her stable breathing, the worries and concern in Elder
Yues heart were broken into slag in an instant. Finally, he could only remain silent for a long time, and then quietly
let Shen Yanxiao return and continue climbing the upper floors of the Pure Spirit Tower.
Shen Yanxiao, with the intention of continuing the double cultivation, entered the fifth floor of the Pure Spirit
Tower. However, as soon as she stepped into the fifth floor, she immediately felt a large force pressing on her face,
which almost made her feel a little dizzy.
“The atmosphere here is so strong.” Shen Yanxiao deliberately slowed down her source of lifes absorption of
external forces at once. The fifth floor of the Pure Spirit Tower was far different from the previous four floors.
The life force here was very powerful and pure; even if the life forces of the previous four floors were to be
combined and doubled, they could still not compare to the forces in the fifth floor.
Shen Yanxiaos brows wrinkled slightly. Even though she had slowed down her rate of absorption, the life forces
that rushed into her body were frantically pounding at the source of her life.

It was as though the forces around her were eagerly wanting to break into her body.
What was even more terrifying was that when these life forces poured into her body, Shen Yanxiao clearly felt that
her source of her life had a tremor, and a burst of stinging pain was spreading from her source of life to her entire

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