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The Great Thief Chapter 952

When he said this, the people around him erupted and began chattering away.
A Gold grade ring for 300 gold would be quite reasonable because Rings were considered to be special equips. The drop rates were around five times lower than normal items and a Ring with good stats was extremely rare. Most of the professional players were still wearing Steel or Silver grade rings.
However, when they heard this, no one dared to pay the money straight away. Their initial reaction was doubt what proof did he have that he could identify Dark Gold and Legendary equips?
"I'm not sure about Legendary rings but someone from my guild identified a Dark Gold ring," a bystander testified.
"Why do I have a feeling that this old man is a scammer? There are heaps of people like him," Remnant Dream said. Although she was still young, she was quite clever.
"Don't be silly; go buy two and pray for the best," Lu Li encouraged.
"Grandpa, I want to buy two. This one and this one," Remnant Dreams whispered as she handed him the gold coins.
Duke Spade looked at Remnant Dream, picked up the Rings and gave them to her.
"Do you want me to identify? If you let me do it, it's free, but if you want an identification scroll, then it's one gold coin.
Most people would prefer Duke Spade to identify the Ring for them. There was nothing wrong with saving some money and you could also show off to the surrounding crowds.
Normally, if other people received a good item from Duke Spade, they would immediately show off to the people that failed to get lucky. However, Lu Li was a lowkey type of guy and wouldn't want to attract unnecessary attention.
"Two Identification scrolls please. Thank you." Remnant Dreams said without hesitating.
She wanted others to be envious of her items as well, but Lu Li warned her about getting kidnapped if the items that she received were godly. As such, she decided to buy the scrolls and identify the Rings in a secure place.
The short, little girl ran away as soon as she received her items. Lu Li had to stop her before she ran too far.
"I said to be lowkey, not to be a thief. Alright, let's identify the items," Lu Li said.
"Why don't we buy more at one time?" Remnant Dream asked as she prepared to use the items.
"They won't sell it to us again if we buy more than two at once."
Lu Li knew about this from his past life. Many players who were addicted to gambling had also realized this after they bought several rings in hopes of getting rich overnight.
This was why the lottery businesses made so much money.
They were all after the slim chances of spending a little amount of money in exchange for millions and millions of gold, enough for the rest of their lifetime. Then, they could use this money to marry a beautiful wife, buy whatever they want and achieve things they could never have done before.
"Eh, why is he here? Isn't he your friend?" Remnant Dream asked when she saw someone approaching them.
"I called him here; he's going to give us the gold," Lu Li said as he waved at him. "Over here, Mr. Shen!"
Shen Wansan walked over with his overweight frame and complained, "I'm a very busy person and earn thousands of dollars in a matter of minutes. I'm not someone that you can just order around."
"Woah, Mr. Shen, you've started using proverbs!?" Lu Li joked then pointed at Remnant Dreams and said, "These are the rings that we have. Duke Spade has taken too much money that people have earned from their blood, sweat and tears. Let's hope we can get him back for this."
"Haha, if you say it like that then I feel less guilty. Let's head over to the tea shop my shout," Shen Wansan suggested. He didn't want to stand out in the streets to make a deal.
"Ivory Ring seems pretty meh," Remnant Dreams announced as she handed it to Lu Li.
Lu Li looked at it briefly then gave it to Shen Wansan.
"Seems like a pretty decent Silver ring. How much?" Shen Wan San asked with a chuckle. Although the Ring would be considered as decent for a casual player, Shen Wansan knew that Lu Li had his eyes set on a much bigger prize.
"Two options you either pay to buy it, or you can be in charge of selling it. Then, we'll split the money," Lu Li said.
"Haha, I'll just pay to buy it. You guys are probably in need of some money anyways. It's almost the end of the year," Shen Wansan offered. He was quite considerate; this was a win-win situation since Lu Li got his cash and he could make some profit.
"You can have every item that's under Gold grade, but anything above that, I get to keep," Lu Li said.
Lu Li wasn't planning on buying Rings for the entire guild, but if there was a need, then he wouldn't mind selling them for a cheaper price.
Rings were very rare and there were many players who were in need of one.
"Another silver grade ring; such bad luck. Lu Li, I think your bad luck is contagious."
Remnant Dream were unsatisfied with the two Silver grade rings that she had identified.
"Be grateful most items that other people identified were all trash," Lu Li said as he put the rings away in his backpack. "I'll keep this one. It's a decent ring for a Fire Mage, and it isn't much worse than a Gold one.
"Ok, 45 gold for the Ivory Ring," Shen Wansan said, placing the gold coins on the table.
"I'll go buy some more. Remember to give me my share of money."
Remnant Dream ran back to Duke Spade to buy more Rings while Lu Li sat and sipped on tea with Mr. Shen.
Not long after, Remnant Dreams returned with two more.
She identified them again and uncovered one Silver and one Steel. Shen Wansan bought both for 50 gold altogether.
Excluding the ring that Lu Li kept, they had spent 120 gold to buy four rings and sold them to Shen Wan San for 95 gold. They were losing money from doing this.
Remnant Dream had failed to identify a good ring with four chances. Her luck didn't seem to be working out for her today. It was no wonder some many people bought rings for Duke Spade and lost so much money without profiting in return.
The players slowly realized that Duke Spade was an NPC created by the gaming company to balance the difference between the poor and the rich. However, there was still an increase of players who were gambling away by buying multiple mystery rings a week.
"Wow, a Gold Ring!"
After losing quite a bit of money, Remnant Dream was very pleased with the Draxleguage Ring.
The Draxleguage Ring was a Mage ring. Although its stats weren't amazing, it was still good enough to be considered a Gold grade. If Lu Li were to sell this on the market
"450 gold coins that's a very good price for you guys. I'd sell it for 500 gold if I had to do it myself, but that would take a long time," Shen Wan San couldn't help but offer. In reality, he wasn't very hopeful because it was a Mage ring, which were very much in demand right now.
"Okay, deal."
Surprisingly, Lu Li accepted and gave the ring to Mr. Shen without hesitating.
"Why don't you keep it?" They had already gone through twelve rings and Lu Li had kept two for himself. The rest were all sold to Shen Wan San. The two that he had kept weren't even as good as the Gold ring.
"I told you, the goal of today is to make money," Lu Li answered honestly. "We don't have many gold coins left.