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The Great Worm Lich Chapter 32

"Baby don't ask me why, I just need you to promise me this one thing. Can you do that?" Lili ignored the doorbell and begged.

"Okay, no problem mother. I'll not speak a sentence of Mandarin before we board the plane, even if there are words that I don't understand." Looking at his mother's begging expression, Zhang Lisheng nodded helplessly.

Lili was relieved to hear that her son gave his word to her request. She felt gratified and opened the room door.

It was a tall and skinny young man wearing the Golden Dragon Hotel's housekeeping staff uniform outside the door with a food cart. He then said courteously, "Ma'am, the room service that you ordered is here."

"Please, come in." Lili opened the door and stood aside.

The tall and skinny staff stood straight, but his body seemed to be hunching when he walked.

He pushed the cart to the coffee table in the living room and placed a few scrumptious dishes properly. He looked at Zhang Lisheng who was lying straight on the couch and asked after his nose moved a bit, "Would you like fork and knife or chopsticks for your cutlery?"

"A pair of fork and knife and a pair of chopsticks." Lili who was aside said conveniently.

"A pair of fork and knife and a pair of chopsticks." The tall and skinny staff repeated what Lili said and put down the cutleries. He then turned around and walked towards the door, while pushing the cart.

Watching him leave, Lili who was holding five USD in her hand waved the cash and asked, "Young man, don't you want your tip?"

The tall and skinny staff was stunned and walked to Lili while pushing the cart slowly. He said courteously, "Thank you" and took the cash.

After sending off the staff with a few USD, Lili almost fed Zhang Lisheng one mouthful after another throughout the entire lunch. After that, she only finished the cold and leftover dishes hastily.

Seeing Lili who looked a little blank when she was eating, Zhang Lisheng who was sitting next to her asked, "Mother, did you wake up really early today?"

Lili who actually did not sleep at all last night forced out a smile and said, "Oh no, baby. I had enough sleep last night."

"But I didn't sleep well. Can we stay in the hotel for the rest of the day, today?"

"Sure, nothing is better than that."

"Then I'll go to my bedroom to take a nap now. You take a rest in your bedroom after you're done with lunch too, mother."

"Oh baby, you're so sweet." Lili put down the fork and knife and gave Zhang Lisheng a tight hug, after realizing her son's sweet gesture. She said, "I'm such an incompetent mother, but I have such a considerate child."

All of a sudden, she began to sob quietly as she said, "Oh Lord, thank you for bestowing him to me..."

In reality, Lili almost collapsed completely from the heavy guilt that she accumulated for sixteen years, ever since she found out about Zhang Lisheng's existence.

And because of that, this competent career woman would spoil and protect her son that she abandoned for sixteen years almost unreasonably in the manner of paying back, since she met Zhang Lisheng.

However, the guilt in Lili's heart did not manage to expel properly, even after all that she had done. Subconsciously, she urgently needed a certain kind of emotional comforting, otherwise, she might drive herself crazy.

Coincidentally, Lili found a decent opportunity from the insignificant heart-warming action that Zhang Lisheng performed. From sobbing, it soon became crying and crying became wailing. No matter how Zhang Lisheng comforted her, nothing seemed to work.

Eventually, she cried herself into a deep sleep while lying on the hotel suite's living room couch. She was exhausted physically and mentally.

Seeing Lili falling asleep while snoring softly, Zhang Lisheng who had no idea what to do earlier was stunned for a while. He extended his hands and attempted to carry his mother from the couch to her bed for a good rest.

Unfortunately, although Lili's body was not considered to be tall, she was one size bigger than Zhang Lisheng who was skinny. He failed to carry her even when he was clenching his teeth and his face was flushing from the exhaustion.

Zhang Lisheng panted, while looking at his skinny arms and legs then forced a smile. He then switched his focus on the backpack that was placed on the carpet.

Since he had become a wizard, how could he fail to do this tiny little thing?

However, he had a chill in him when he imagined Mountoad turning into the size of a yak and hopped into the bedroom while having Lili hanging in its mouth.

"I've gone insane. I've turned into a wizard, not a god." Zhang Lisheng mumbled and walked into Lili's room in big steps. He carried a duvet from the bed and covered it on top of her.

Later on, Zhang Lisheng carried his backpack quietly and returned to his bedroom.

He took out his wizard worm from his backpack after climbing onto the bed. He sat with the most comfortable pose and began his cultivation by chanting an incantation with 'pst shh' sound.

Time flew by, Zhang Lisheng who gotten thirsty from all the chanting snapped out of the zone slowly, without knowing how much time had passed. The wizard power that was flowing in his blood had slowly stabilized.

He could feel that he was just one step away from getting to Rank-2 Wizard.

Zhang Lisheng stepped on the carpet with his bare feet and opened the bedroom door while carrying the Mountoud after getting off the bed.

The living room was in darkness, while Lili's snoring was ringing continuously.

Seeing that his mother was still resting, Zhang Lisheng smiled and decided to let her get a good sleep and wake up on her own. Just as he was attempting to retreat back to his bedroom quietly, suddenly, he saw a pair of round eyes that were shining faintly while glowing in the dark.

At the same time, a voice that was intentionally deepened came off with a slightly teasing tone, "Young man, don't make any loud noises. Your mother is in a deep slumber, don't wake her up."

"Pst shh" Zhang Lisheng was shocked when he realized there was an accident happening outside of his expectation. His mouth was opening and closing quickly as he chanted a couple of incantations softly. His expression had a sudden change to a ghastly look as he said, "Brother, this is the Western Sichuan land. If you don't want to die, leave far away from the 'father's mother far away."


"What you've just said had proved that I'm here for the right person. I thought you escaped last night, you got me panicked for a long time. After all, it isn't a pleasant feeling to owe someone a favor."

"You're here for Third Brother?"

"You knew quite a lot." The uninvited guest in the living room smiled and said.

"Not a lot actually. What's your name?"

"Since you're so calm, I'll make an exception and tell you then. My name's Mountain Cat. The 'mountain' of the poor mountain ranges and the 'cat' of the ferocious cats with nine lives."

"So Mountain Cat, what do you want from me?"

"I would like you to go to an empty space with me out there. Although I have nine lives, my intuition told me that I might have to drench a large amount of effort if I fight you in this room."

"Sure, let me put on my shoes." Zhang Lisheng agreed right away and put down his wizard worm on the bedroom door. He was just turning around after putting it down.

"You've dropped something. Don't play tricks in front of me" Mountain Cat who possessed night vision said with his deep voice while having an ominous premonition.

Right at that moment, whispers of 'pst shh' came off in the dark.

As the strange noise whose purpose was unknown, came out of Zhang Lisheng's mouth, the wind in the suite began to flow at an alarming rate. Mountoad which looked like a sculpture toad who was placed in front of the bedroom door suddenly transformed over two meters tall. It opened its big mouth and stuck its tongue filled with sticky fluid towards Mountain Cat.

Such an odd and terrifying scene had caused Mountain Cat who looked like he had everything in control lost his majestic pose. He cursed and leaped high in the hotel living room like a leopard cat.

After avoiding Mountoad's sticky tongue attack, Mountain Cat then targeted at Lili who was nearby to be his hostage. However, Mountoad proceeded to stick its tongue out continuously and sealed all of his possible destinations.

The same thing happened continuously. The only thing that Mountain Cat could do was to act like a bug that was avoiding a devouring toad as he kept moving just to dodge its huge, terrifying sticky tongue.

Apart from that, he was pulling his distance with Lili further and further away in order for Zhang Lisheng to be unable to guess his movement trajectory.

However, even though he was losing in the end, Mountain Cat tried his best to scratch Mountoad's huge tongue by extending his half an inch long sharp nails on his both hands with the attempt to slash the tongue while leaping continuously on the ground, wall, and ceiling.

Unfortunately, when his sharp claws got hold of the side of the wizard worm's huge tongue, he could not exert his strength as his claws were cut into a wet, slippery and firm cowhide. On the contrary, his claws were firmly stuck by its tongue.

If his nails were unable to grow again after breaking, he might have been pulled into Mountoad's stomach conveniently.

Since attacking by force did not work, Mountain Cat began to talk occasionally with the attempt to mess with Zhang Lisheng's head while looking for any possibilities to slip in an attack, "Ar-Aren't you curious about w-why your mother isn't awake after such a long time?"

"Kid, I-I poisoned your mother"

However, he eventually dismissed the very last hope that he had after his eyes met Zhang Lisheng in a flash with the help of a bright moonlight that was shining from the floor to ceiling window. He saw Zhang Lisheng who was hiding behind Mountoad's back was wearing an expression like he was looking at a corpse.

Mountain Cat then realized that underestimating his enemy while thinking that this assassination plot would be an easy one, was his biggest fault.

The fatal mistake of confronting his enemy teasingly, led his instinct to prove that Zhang Lisheng was extremely dangerous.

Sensing that Zhang Lisheng might have set a trap at the door for him to fall in, Mountain Cat cursed hard before leaving, "God d*mn it. I-if we're at an empty space, I would've killed you since the beginning."

"I didn't manage to k-kill you this time, t-'there'll definitely b-be next time" Mountain Cat barely avoided Mountoad's tongue attack and crushed towards the floor up to the ceiling window in the living room, ignoring what consequences there might be.

Perhaps it would not be any danger for him to be climbing the 45 floors up and down, but crushing and falling by force? He would be at his peak of luck if he managed to survive.

There were countless regrets, vengeance, and anger when Mountain Cat was escaping. The negative emotions were like the very last straw to crush a camel which completely destroyed the very last obstacle to get Zhang Lisheng to Rank-2 Wizard.

With his eyes closed, all of the runes and spells that he used to memorize appeared in Zhang Lisheng's mind once again.

The difference from the last time when he became a wizard, was that there were tens of ancient strange worms in the form of black and white colors climbing on each other at the back of the runes and spells. It came and go as it turned out to be the background of the runes and spells in its end.

All of a sudden, a brand new witchcraft incantation refined in Zhang Lisheng's head. The wizard power in his blood was boosted half of the intensity before, while there was a second lump that was the size of a green bean bulged on the ceiling of his mouth.