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The Great Worm Lich Chapter 33

As soon as the witchcraft incantation appeared in his head, Zhang Lisheng understood how to use it right away. He opened his eyes then happiness flashed in it immediately. He spat a mouthful of black blood at Mountoad and shouted the word 'transform'.

Thich smoke started coming out of Mountoad's body which was covered in black blood. Mountoad suddenly jumped and stuck tight on the living room's ceiling like it was capable of controlling the evil wind. It then dashed towards the floor to ceiling window that was broken by Mountain Cat earlier.

At this moment, Mountain Cat who was outside the window had yet to arrive on the ground.

He was adjusting his body in midair while extending all of his bloody nails on both of his hands tearing the Golden Dragon Hotel's exterior building wall. He was trying his best to minimize the impact of jumping off the building.

At that instant, a gush of absorption came from the top of his head which greatly weakened his fall's impact.

However, that strange help that came out of nowhere made Mountain Cat displeased. He looked up immediately with his distorted face. He saw a gigantic toad with toad skin all over it, the toad's mouth was wide opened and its head was sticking out. It was like a gigantic vacuum that was trying to suck him hard into its mouth. Zhang Lisheng was determined to kill him ignoring the trouble that might come to him by exposing his wizard worm.

The air surrounding him got bigger and formed into a cyclone that lifted his falling body. Mountain Cat knew that he was in a hopeless situation. He would definitely die if he was to hold anything back.

"Drive the target into a dead end, show no mercy like fishing with an electrical net," he shouted madly.

"Bastard, our grudge won't come to an end if either of us lives." He then chewed half of his tongue until it was mashed and spat a mouthful of fresh blood at Mountoad which made it lift its head.

The blood transformed into a monster claw with mottled fur in midair. It was ascending at an alarming rate with the attempt to capture Mountoad.

Zhang Lisheng who was chanting incantation at the moment was standing next to his wizard worm. Bracing the harsh, chilly wind high above, he was trying to kill his enemy with a single strike of his peculiar technique. However, he suddenly saw a beast claw that was the size of a wall that stretched open in the air, that then came towards him from below.

Seeing that there was no longer time to avoid the attack, the only thing that Zhang Lisheng could do was to use his peculiar technique to protect himself instead of using it to kill the enemy. He then made Mountoad blew a mouthful of air towards the monster claw with all its strength.

The air that blew out of Mountoad's mouth transformed into a spiral-shaped black smoke and collided with the monster claw that was transformed from Mountain Cat's blood.

"Baam." A deep collision noise came off softly. After that, an audio frequency which surpassed the limit that a human ear could notice came out.

Although nobody could hear the sound, people within hundreds of meters from the center of collision felt a sudden pain in their head. Many who had just filled their stomachs with food vomited immediately.

Mountoad turned back into the size of a football after releasing all of the air that it stored earlier. It crouched on the carpet like a sculpture. Meanwhile, Zhang Lisheng who had exhausted all of his wizard power didn't have any strength left to drive his wizard worm any longer.

He proceeded to stick his head out carefully while watching Mountain Cat turned into an insignificant little black dot that had fallen onto the ground. However, he didn't spread into a red blood pool. Instead, he was moving away slowly. Zhang Lisheng mumbled to himself with a solemn face, "Spitting blood and turning it into a claw, could it be that the Witchcraft's Gate of Sacrifice's Hunting Claw Method?"

"Brother Mountain Cat seems like we're in the same line."

"It's such a shame that you're being raised and ordered around by others. I'll end your life next time so that you can stop embarrassing your ancestors"

Although he said that, Zhang Lisheng knew that Mountain Cat would definitely be able to kill him with a single strike if Mountain Cat didn't underestimate him.

Although the Witchcraft's Gate of Death was powerful, its weakness was extremely obvious because the wizard would remain an ordinary person before transforming.

Zhang Lisheng couldn't help but feel a little irritated as he thought about it. At that moment, the anxious clamor of the hotel staff who arrived late could be heard outside of the door. They knocked on the door and kept knocking harder in each passing moment, "Ma'am Lili, Ma'am Lili. What happened to you? Is everything alright?"

Zhang Lisheng panicked from the noise that was coming outside. He thought to himself that the hotel staff would never believe whatever explanation he would say, so he carried his wizard worm, he then rapidly took a breath of the cold air outside, then he quietly walked to the couch in the living room and lied on the carpet following the direction of the wind. Zhang Lisheng's plan was to pretend to be unconscious.

"Ma'am Lili, Ma'am Lili. If you're not going to respond, we'll be taking necessary actions."

"Stop talking and open the door right now."

"Yes, yes Director Dong. I'll open the door right away."

As soon as the Room B4506's door was opened, a few Golden Dragon Hotel staff rushed into the room.

Although there was no light in the room, with the help of the bright moonlight and the strong, chilly wind, they could feel that the suite was already in a mess.

"The...the floor to the ceiling window is completely broken. The wall...why are the walls so dirty? It's so smelly in here, what's that smell"

"Shut up. It's not about the room anymore, the people are what's important now."

A young director in a neat suit shouted madly, "Turn on the lights and so we can see how the guests are doing."

The staff turned on the ceiling lights clumsily. The young director who still held a slight hope in him felt relieved after seeing the two guests who were unconscious.

"See how the guests are doing and call 120 for emergency help," He said slowly while his voice was a little husky and deep.

A staff hesitated but mustered his courage to comfort his superior who seemed depressed at that time. "Director, actually this is not much of our customer service department's responsibility"

"How is it not much of our responsibility?"

"What happened here was that our customer service staff was beaten until he was unconscious by someone who also stole his uniform. The person then sent food to the guests staying in Room B4506, then that night an accident happened to the guests in Room B4506."

The young director couldn't help himself, so he screamed out loud while feeling lost, "Tell me, how is this not our responsibility?"

The staff stammered as he failed to get on the Director's good side, "Director, then... uh, didn't we just find out that Zhao Luo was beaten by someone until he was unconscious?"

"We informed the security department right after we found out about it."

"Oh yes, yes there's the security department. Since something happened to the guests' safety, the security department should bear the responsibility."

"Moreover, looking at the room's condition, it's obvious that this is not an ordinary theft but more of a trouble that the guests brought onto themselves. Speaking of which, it's our hotel that's at a disadvantage here."

The young director patted his own face hard after hearing what his staff said. He then lifted his spirit then said softly, "You're so smart to come out with so many excuses to push the responsibility away for me."

"All these excuses make sense but the only thing that I know is that once anything happened to guests who are staying in the Golden Dragon Hotel, it's me, the customer service director's responsibility."

"To be honest, if I'm so good at coming out with excuses like you, my current job position might be folding bedsheets with you."

The staff's face suddenly became flushing red and he left with his head hanging low.

The young director then raised his voice and instructed systematically, "Don't move the guests' bodies before the ambulance come to avoid adding injuries to the guests for the second time. Get a couple of duvets to cover the guests up, make sure to keep their body temperature."

"Pull the floor to ceiling window curtain tight to block the wind as much as possible."

"Also, keep the guests' luggage and personal items where they are. Don't touch any of them."

He then took out a walkie-talkie. He was planning to communicate the situation with his superiors and the persons-in-charge of the same level in other departments to discuss countermeasures.

The first one that he paged was naturally the person who bore the same responsibility as he did. It was the security department director, Xu Dongliang who was an ex-soldier.

"Director Xu, Director Xu. I'm Dong Qifeng from the customer service department, please answer me if you're hearing this."

In the open-air parking lot outside of the Golden Dragon Hotel, Xu Dongliang who was big and tall looked shocked after seeing a human-shaped sunken hole smashed on top of a Porsche Cayenne. He habitually placed the walkie-talkie next to his ear when he heard sound coming out of it.

"Director Xu, do you hear me? I'm Dong Qifeng from the customer service department."

"I hear you, Director Dong. Do speak."

"Director Xu, didn't I just reported to you about our staff from the customer service department, Zhao Luo who was beaten until he was unconscious while he was on-duty this afternoon. Someone else then replaced him to send room service to Room B4506?"

"There's a bad development to the incident. The mother and son who are staying in Room B4506 were attacked and unconscious now."

"The room is in a great mess and even the floor to ceiling window glass is broken"

"Wait, is the Room B4506 that Director Dong was talking about located in the building right across the open-air parking lot?" Xu Dongliang's heart jolted and lifted his head automatically. He asked while looking at the guest room that was sparkly with lights.

"Yes, our hotel's open-air parking lot is just outside of Room B4506's window." Dong Qifeng thought about it and said, "Director Xu, I think it's best that you take a look at the scene as well. After all, this incident is related to your security department."

"Room B4506. Isn't... isn't it on the 45th floor?" Xu Dongliang seemed like he didn't hear Dong Qifeng's suggestion and asked blankly in the late autumn's chilly wind.

"Of course it's on the 45th floor. Director Xu, it's best that you come here so that we could communicate face-to-face."

"Sure, sure. There's something that I would like to talk to you as well," Xu Dongliang replied then he ended the conversation. He was stunned for a while and rubbed his nose. He then looked at his underlings who were standing aside and said loudly, "Get a rug to cover this broken car."

"Quick, quick. Stop being in daze, all of you are so slow to take action."

"I'll talk to Director Dong from the customer service department. All of you stay here, nobody should go near the car before I come back."

"If the car owner comes here, tell him that we're doing a valuation for the car and the hotel is planning to compensate him in full amount. If he creates a disturbance, we'll solve the issue with legal proceedings."

"Yes, director." The security guards gave a military salutation in a nondescript manner. Some of them were looking for a canvas to immediately cover the car while some of them spread out to stop guests who were still wandering around in the middle of the night and wanted to see what was happening as they noticed something was wrong.

The only person left was a tanned and skinny middle-aged man who looked like he was mourning. He said carefully while being by Xu Dongliang's side, "Director, I really did watch the parking lot's door carefully and I would patrol whenever I can. But who would've thought a person would fall from the sky to smash a big hole on a car."

"His face was filled with blood and his eyes were ferocious. As soon as he glared at me, m-my body started to shake. I really...I really didn't dare to"

"It's alright, Lao Li. You're only making two thousand yuan a month, you can't be losing your life here."

Xu Dongliang frowned and instructed while he walked, "I know this isn't your fault. Go and guard the door now, everything would be fine as soon as you stop talking nonsense. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?"

The tanned and skinny middle-aged man was stunned for a while and nodded like a chick pecking rice grains on the ground as he replied, "Yes, yes, yes. Thank you, thank you, director."

"I...I understand. I'll do my job properly, I won't talk any more nonsense, I won't talk any more nonsense"

Xu Dongliang nodded impatiently and rushed into the hotel lobby.

Like bearing a pile of burning coal in his heart, he took the elevator exclusively for hotel staff and arrived at the 45th floor while feeling annoyed. He rushed into the Room B4506 with a solemn expression.