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The Great Worm Lich Chapter 36

"Baby, I actually have a new family in America."

"But don't you worry, my love for you won't be anything less. On the contrary, you'll have more family members who care for you." Lili had a slight difficulty saying that as she observed Zhang Lisheng's expression closely.

The reason why she didn't tell her son about this earlier was because she was afraid to trigger Zhang Lisheng's reverse mindset and she would not be able to bring her son home successfully.

In Lili's imagination, Zhang Lisheng would definitely have an aggressive reaction when he heard what she said as he grew up in an inaccessible mountain area in China which was a traditional country. What she didn't expect was that Zhang Lisheng was only stunned for a while and said softly with his head held low, "Mother, it's normal to remarry since you've been single for more than ten years. There's nothing odd about it."

"Really? Oh, my baby" Lili was shocked and hugged Zhang Lisheng in surprise. She then said in excitement, "But mother didn't remarry, I'm just living with a New Yorker police named Sullo D. Lavin."

"You can call him Uncle Lavin or just call him Sullo."

"He's a big and tall Caucasian man, he can teach you how to play baseball or football in the future."

"Oh right, he and his ex-wife had two sons and two daughters. They're older than you, mother had given birth to a twin brother and sister who are two years younger than you. Looking at it, you're going to be the fifth one in this big family."

"Mother, since the both of you already have kids who are over then years old then why...why" Zhang Lisheng stammered as he said after being dazed for a while.

"Because I don't want to remarry."

"Baby, such a family is normal in America. There are many families which parents aren't married but they're living a happy life together."

"Is that so? It seems like American movies can't make me understand the American's way of living completely."

"But don't you worry, mother. I mean it, don't worry. I understand completely." Zhang Lisheng said softly while looking at a plane that was taking off outside of the window.

"Baby, I'm really sorry to be absent in your life before. Now I'm messing up your life."

Lili began to have tears of sadness and guilt pouring from her eyes as she said, "But I really don't want you to spend your remaining time before turning into an adult alone in this little mountain village without a day of mo-motherly love"

"I know mother, don't cry anymore. Please stop overthinking okay? I'm doing really good now."

"Tell me more about that..that Uncle Lavin and also your kids in America. I'll be living with them soon, I should know more about them."

"Alright, baby." Lili wiped her tears away then sniffed her nose and said, "Sullo is the lieutenant of the New York Police Department Crime Unit. Although he looks tall, big and serious, he's actually really gentle in private"

Lili then began to talk all about her family in America. She told Zhang Lisheng that his step-father who was not recognized by law was already 42 years old. He wandered around the streets of New York while handling exclusive serious criminal offenses such as murder and armed robberies. He was a crime buster.

This crime buster had four children with his ex-wife. His first son was named Stephen Lavin and he was 21 years old. With his strongphysique and movement, he had just been selected as the school team's quarterback alternative. He entered UCLA without having to take an examination.

His second son was named Randy Lavin, 18 years old and he had just gotten into twelfth grade in New York Lowbige Junior High.

Although he was not as glorious as his older brother whose a quarterback, he was also well known in their school as the football team's running back.

His first daughter was named Riley S. Lavin, 17, she was also a twelfth-grade student in New York Lowbige Junior High. She was extraordinarily smart with remarkable grades.

His second daughter was Michelle Lavin, she was also 16 like Zhang Lisheng but her birthday was earlier than him. From what Lili said, this lady was pretty. Her beauty was popular among New York Lowbige Junior High's eleventh grade.

The last two were Zhang Lisheng's twin brother and sister from the same mother but with a different father. They were Gill Lavin and Harry Lavin who were both 14. They were studying ninth grade in New York Lowbige Junior High.

"They're all good kids. Although sometimes they're a little stubborn, I think you guys will get along really well."

"Take a few days of rest when we get to America then I'll bring you to New York Lowbige Junior High and look for Rachel for the admission test. We'll see which grade is the best that you should get in."

"Ideally, you should be able to enroll in tenth grade since you're in your first year of high school in China. However, we'll have to take a look on to what extent did your education in China were able to cover because there might be a lot of courses that you're not used to yet" Lili slowly became more and more excited as she spoke and imagined her son's future.

Meanwhile, Zhang Lisheng who was standing next to his mother began to think. As time went by, education didn't become important to him.

As he calmed his excitement from meeting his mother, Zhang Lisheng was even more certain of his future now. The only thing that he wanted to do was to settle down and cultivate in peace.

Time passed by slowly. Finally, the bi-language announcement came off in the departure lounge. "All passengers please take note, the boarding gate of Flight K1061 flying from Chengdu Shuangliu Airport to New York JFK Airport is now opened. Please"

"Baby, we're leaving now." Hearing the announcement, Lili brought Zhang Lisheng to the designated boarding gate immediately.

After the ticket check was completed, both of them followed the path and entered the plane. There were two beautiful air stewardesses in blue uniform leading the passengers to their seats.

When they saw Lili and her son, the air stewardess who was a little older took the initiative to ask in English while smiling politely, "May I know if you're Ma'am Lili and Mr. Zhang Lisheng?"

"Yes, we are," Lili answered in doubt.

"There're vacant seats in the first class cabin in this flight, would the both of you like an upgrade?"

"What a surprise! Thank you."

"Please follow me." The air stewardess whispered something into her colleague's ear and led Lili and her son to the first class cabin.

"Mother, what does upgrade mean?" Zhang Lisheng could not understand and asked softly into Lili's ear.

"That means we bought a business class ticket but we're enjoying the first class service. Moreover, it's the air stewardess who asked us herself, I've never encountered such good luck before."

"Baby, it seems like you're a lucky charm."

They both walked into the first class cabin as they chatted.

The A3800 plane's first class cabin looked a lot like a mini salon bar. The cabin's ambiance was elegant and splendor. The seats looked more comfortable and the gaps were bigger.

The air stewardess was well trained as she pointed at the vacant seats elegantly and told both of them, "Please find yourself a seat that you like, may I know if there are any drinks that the both of you would like?"

"Thanks, we'll order drinks after the plane took off," Lili said and brought her son to the two vacant seats on the same row.

"Sure, Ma'am Lili. I'm the plane's first class' crew chief, just let me know whatever you need anytime you want."

"Oh right, Mr. Li Longhua sends his regards and wishes the both of you a safe journey."

Lili was stunned, she turned around and said in a surprised manner, "Please thank Mr. Li for me, he's just too nice."

"Also, tell him that I think such delicate and thoughtful service will definitely bring his business to the next level."

As Lili was complimenting Li Longhua, in Room B4506 that was closed in the Golden Dragon Hotel, Li Longhua was looking closely at the stinky mucus that had dried on the walls. He then asked Xu Dongliang who was next to him with a concerned expression, "Dongliang, are you sure that the kid pretended to be unconscious last night?"

"Yes, his eyeballs were rolling continuously under his eyelids when I looked at him. He wasn't unconscious at all."

"But since he was our hotel guest, it was troublesome to call him out so I made the best of a bad situation."

"Sigh seems like I handled it too recklessly. If I saw the scratches on the wall outside of the hotel earlier, I wouldn't have forced Ma'am Lili to compromise last night. A young boy managed to force such 'fella' to escape by jumping off the building, this...this"

"Keep away from ghosts and demons, keep away from ghosts and demons. I've been careful all my life, never have I thought that this would ever happen despite me being so careful."

"Director Li, I don't think it's as serious as you described?"

"Not serious, it's not serious for ordinary people but to those who would kill one's entire family if his shoe was spit on" Li Longhua arrived at the new floor to ceiling window that had just been installed as he was speaking half-way. He looked far into the sky and sighed with a serious expression. He said, "Forget about it, let's hope the matter comes to an end after we take care of it."

Li Longhua was looking into the sky, Zhang Lisheng who was flying in the sky for the first time was also glancing out of the window.

The clouds were rolling, the sun was shining brightly. Some people would feel carefree when they saw such a magnificent and broad scene for the first time. Some people would be scared and anxious while some people might not find it interesting as they had seen it a lot of times already. They thought it was similar to the aerial views they saw on television screens and pictures.

Meanwhile, Zhang Lisheng looked like he had lost his soul from shock as he saw the golden sun shining brightly.

Seeing her son's stiff face, Lili comforted him softly, "Baby, don't be afraid. We're safe here in the plane."

"I'm not afraid, mother. I'm excited. The sky is like a completely different world compared to the ground, it's really beautiful here."

"Yea. I remember I was really excited too when I flew for the first time when I was still a kid. I thought how amazing would it be if humans have a pair of wings where we could glide through the clouds. Even far places would be close, we could go wherever we want."

"Isn't that 'Travel to Mount Penglai when the sun rises, stay on Tiantai Mountain when the sun sets. What a free life, a life that ordinary people desires'? Mother, I'm thinking of that too." Zhang Lisheng slipped his tongue as he mumbled.

Since they had boarded the plane, Lili didn't condemn her son for speaking Mandarin unintentionally. She also did not notice what kind of odd ambition that her son had when he said that. The only thing she did was to rub Zhang Lisheng's hair, lowered her seat, put on a blanket and slept comfortably.

Zhang Lisheng had two meals throughout the journey from Chengdu to New York. His head had never once left the cabin window. 18 hours later, the Flight K1061 was hovering above New York JFK Airport during sunset.