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The Invincible Dragon Emperor Chapter 794


Deputy Master was already one hundred miles away from the Samsara City. He could hit the bead every time he made a move and smash it away. At the same time, Lu Li had been moving the bead to the sides from time to time. That was why he was able to lure the Deputy Master away for about one hundred miles.

Uncle Nine of the Jun Family was right. Lu Li had lured Deputy Master away on purpose. Lu Li did not have the ability to kill a Semi-God Realm warriors yet. Naturally, he would have to create a chance thusly so that Lu Renhuang and Lu Li’s soul slaves could kill off powerful warriors of the five forces.

The Wicked Bead had much energy left. Deputy Master could strike at it for one hundred years and still wouldn’t be able to break it.

The Wicked Bead had been dodging from side to side. Every time Deputy Master took actions and hacked down, Xuan Qi in heaven and earth would gather. He could strike on the bead with precision every single time. Admittedly, Deputy Master was very capable.


A jade talisman hung on Deputy Master’s belt broke. Deputy Master came to a stop. He seemed to having difficulties making a decision.

Patriarch Yang was asking for help. Things must be bad. If Deputy Master didn’t go and provide assistance, all on his side might be murdered.

However, he had been hacking at the bead for some time. He thought the bead was able to crack at any time now. Should he just give it up?

For Deputy Master, as long as he could take down Lu Li, nothing else was of importance. Hence, after experiencing some hesitation, Deputy Master decided to keep on going after the bead for the time for once incense stick to burn. He believed that Patriarch Yang and the others could hold on for such long.

“Lu Li, how is it going out there?”

Inside the Wicked Bead, Lu Ling asked with concern. Lu Feixue and the others that had been taken hostage were poisoned but it was not serious. They could recover in no time after taking some pellets.

Looking at Lu Ling with a smile, Lu Li said, “Sister, don’t worry. I have everything under control. It is not a difficult thing to wipe out the five forces.”


Lu Ling was relieved. She had complete trust in Lu Li so she stopped concerning herself about the situation outside. She then looked to Leng Wuxin and asked in curiosity, “And who is this young lady?”

Bai Qiuxue and Jiang Qiling had seen Leng Wuxin earlier. The two felt unhappy that such a delicate beauty was here. They thought that Lu Li had been seducing pretty girls while he was away. When Bai Qiuxue and Jiang Qiling heard Lu Ling posing her question, they turned over as well.

“She is my soul slave. Don’t mind her.”

Lu Li smiled casually and did not offer detailed explanation. He could not because Deputy Master had grown impatient. It was already the time for one incense stick to burn. He had now decided to go back and have a look first.


Deputy Master was not that far away from the Samsara City yet. As a Semi-God Realm warrior, he arrived in the time for merely dozens breaths. He took a look from the distance and the sight graved him.

On Lu Renhuang’s side, there was no loss of lives. Only four or five were injured and one man had his arm broken. But for the five forces, six Earth Immortal Realm warriors had perished. Four were badly mauled. The only ones remaining intact were Ji Ao’xian, Yang Bucheng, Granny Butterfly, Patriarch Yang, Patriarch Li, Che the Terror and another Earth Immortal Realm warrior

Deputy Master was fuming with anger. He could see Lu Li’s plan now. Lu Li had lured him away so Lu Renhuang could kill away. Killing intent surged in Deputy Master’s eyes. Why didn’t he go and kill Lu Li’s men when Lu Li did this to his side? Deputy Master believed he could deal with the bead after he took care of Lu Renhuang and all the others.


Gilding his saber across the sky, Deputy Master flew over swiftly. Then, he hacked at one of Lu Li’s soul slaves.


The Wicked Bead had been following Deputy Master. It sped up and came over in an instant to shield before the Earth Immortal Realm soul slave. Then the Wicked Bead glowed as the soul slave was taken in.


The saber landed on the bead. This time, instead of being knocked away, the bead remained still in midair.

“Ha, ha, ha!”

Deputy Master heard Lu Li’s laughter coming from inside, “Deputy Master, took you long enough to finally come around. But it is too late now. Father, Great Grandfather Five, Uncle Jiang, don’t fight this.”

The Wicked Bead took off and flew around all of them, taking them in one by one. This time, Deputy Master got a nasty shock. There was one thing left for him to do, to continue to hack the bead since everyone was taken inside.


The Wicked Bead didn’t leave this time. Rather, it enlarged and expanded, crushing down with tremendous force. There were still many warriors on the ground. With one action, the bead crushed many.


The bead wreaked havoc in the city. All the warriors that the bead bumped against, be it Eternal Realm, Noble Lord Realm or Human Sovereign Realm warriors, were pounded to death.

“Spread out. Spread out and run!”

Ji Ao’xian kept yelling furiously. Not many of the warriors remaining here from other big forces. Most of the warriors were from the Samsara Palace. Looking at so many warriors crushed to death, Ji Ao’xian felt his heart bleeding.

Samsara Palace had five Earth Immortal Realm warriors and its affiliated forces had three. At the moment, apart from Ji Ao’xian and one Earth Immortal Realm warrior that was badly wounded, the others had all perished. What was more, many Human Sovereign Realm warriors had been massacred. Samsara Palace had sustained a heavy loss even if ultimately they could win. The Samsara Palace was effectively no longer the most powerful force of the Central Plains

Deputy Master stood in midair, afraid to take further actions. There were loads of warriors on the ground. When he took actions, those warriors would be killed by ripple effects of his moves. Deputy Master had no other choice but to stay there and watch as the warriors fell into Lu Li’s victim.

“Lu Li, you devil. What kind of game are you playing, killing those warriors? This is heinous crime. You deserve to be ripped to pieces!”

Ji Ao’xian bellowed in fury. Of the millions of warriors, hundreds of thousands had been crushed to death by Lu Li. After all, those were all asset of the Samsara Palace and those warriors were all Ji Family disciples.


“Why didn’t you show mercy and kindness when you were massacring those millions of people of the Clouds Plains, the Serenity Plains and the Northern Desert? What have those civilians done? It is forgivable to kill warriors when different forces are fighting against each other. But you, have killed murdered civilians. How can those civilians how have died in grievance rest in peace if I don’t uproot your Ji Family?” Lu Li said with a sneer.

For a moment, Ji Ao’xian didn’t know how to refute. He wasn’t there when the army went to invade Clouds Plains, Serenity Plains and Northern Desert but he didn’t try to restrain his underlings, either. He had heard that many civilians were dying. That being said, he didn’t mind. He didn’t know that he would be punished for it and it happened so soon

His expressions changed again and again. Seeing that Lu Li kept going after the warriors, Ji Ao’xian screamed, “Lu Li, come after me, I dare you. I will stand here. Come on. Do you have the nerves?”


Ji Ao’xian had barely finished his words when the Wicked Bead come up from below at the top of its speed. The bead was coming toward Ji Ao’xian directly.

The bead was not far away from Ji Ao’xian in the first place. It arrived in no time. Deputy Master reacted quickly and hacked at the bead but it was not affected for one bit. The bead knocked away Ji Ao’xian with force.

“Swish, swish~”

The bead sparkled. One wind dragon after another came out and covered up Ji Ao’xian. In an instant, he began to howl in midair in misery.


Lu Renhuang was sent out. Over his golden spear was a circulation of glorious beams. He aimed at Ji Ao’xian head. Deputy Master was astonished at the scene. “Lu Renhuang, how dare you?” He cried out.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Lu Renhuang made three consecutive moves before he vanished in midair. He was taken into the Wicked Bead again. Ji Ao’xian had on a Quasi Relic armor. Nevertheless, he was under soul attack and could not protect himself. Blood oozed out from his face. He fell, weakly. He had been killed by Lu Renhuang.

“Family Patriarch”

That wounded patriarch of the Ji Family bellowed. Yang Bucheng, Granny Butterfly and Che the Terror were stunned pale. They looked at each other. The same thought came to their minds.

From today on, the Great Land would be an entirely different world