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The Only Delicacy Chapter 60

Chapter 60

As the sun began to set, winds softly howled and dark clouds slowly gathered right above the city's perimeter, hindering the sun's familiar golden glow and darkening the skies before the moon had fully risen.

Amidst the darkened skies was a black shadow, dashing and leaping along rooftops, walls and alleys, fast enough that it seemed like a mere illusion to the naked eye.

The black shadow glanced at the skies gradually darkening, signaling that a storm was about to come. From leisurely dashing and leaping along rooftops, walls and alleys, the black shadow hastily increased its speed until not an illusion could be seen by the naked eye.

It sped up until its destination was now clearly visible, until those two small black dots gradually enlarged, and until it was only a few meters away from his destination

The black house and black building.

From constantly dashing and leaping, the black shadow smoothly shifted to a stop.

At once, the sun's familiar golden glow shown through the black shadow's face, making what was hidden fully revealed all on that single second.

If other people had caught sight of the black shadow, they would see a man with glossy neck-length wavy light brown hair, attractive almond-shaped dark brown eyes, and dewy wheat-colored skin that painted in gold, as if he was a deity disguised as a mortal all along.

That stunning man was none other than Sir Charles.

Under that golden glow, Sir Charles softly patted the dust off of his shoulders, along with the other dusty parts of his black attire.

Afterwards, he proceeded towards the entrance of the black house, concealing once more his unveiled, immortal-like beauty in total darkness.

Once he was a step away from the entrance, Sir Charles stopped and stood underneath the shadow of the building, fully merging him into one with the darkness. Then, he stood outside the black door that was clearly not visible by the naked eye and softly knocked.

"Knock, Kn--"

Before he could even knock for a second time, a half-naked handsome young man in his early twenties had already opened the door and stood by the entrance, looking at the guest before him with both insignificance and indifference.

Once he saw the man before him, Sir Charles slightly raised one of his brows upward.

Those multiple and unconcealed hickeys, love bites and translucent and milky liquid found in all parts of his upper body would have made any other normal person react more than necessary.

But, Sir Charles was obviously used to it, except that he just couldn't help being disgusted by the sight of it. However, since he had fully merged into one with the darkness, the slight change in his blank faade was not at all detectable by the naked eye.

"Show yourself. Or else."

The half-naked man glanced directly at where Sir Charles was standing and shouted towards his direction.

Once he heard the words, "or else," Sir Charles immediately rolled his eyes and slowly moved forward, one step at a time, until he gradually separated from the darkness and became fully visible before that young man.

Right when he had finally seen how the shadow, Sir Charles, had looked like, the young man instinctively widened his eyes and slightly parted his mouth.


After several seconds of being stared at, Sir Charles immediately and instinctively coughed under his throat, loud enough to catch that younger man's attention.

At once, the handsome young man immediately came back to reality. He seriously glanced at Sir Charles once more, checking him up from head to toe.

Then, he smirked.

"You're the one who interrupted us?"


Right at that moment, underneath Sir Charles' black attire were small goosebumps, popping out one by one until it became a sea of goosebumps.

However, aside from that slight change, Sir Charles still remained stagnant and silent like before, with absolutely no intention of answering at all.

Then out of nowhere, a sharp blade protruded the young man's wrists and directly aimed for Sir Charles' face.

The young man openly displayed mocking smile of victory. He disgustingly licked his lips and thought excitedly, "WHAT A LUCKY DAY! Such a perfect prey has fallen into my palms."

Just as the young man was brimming with tremendous excitement over the thought of thrusting a sharp blade into Sir Charles' face again and again until it came to the point that his face became inhumanely sickening and disgusting, time seemed to stop in mid-air for what seemed like forever.

As time stopped, the young man heard the slight rasp of some kind of material ripping and some kind of liquid spurting out of that material.

After a second, the young man finally came back to his senses and immediately looked at the source of those sounds, a terrible feeling rushing forth his veins.

From the young man's perspective, there was a tremendous waterfall of blood flowing from his upper body down to the ground where his whole right arm, which was holding on to the sharp blade, was lying on.

Right there and then, the young man's whole face darkened while his eyes widened, to the point that his eyes seemed to bulge out of its sockets.

"AAAAAAGGHHHHHH!!! AAAAARRGGHHHH!!!! YOUUUU!!! YOU BLASTED MONSTER!!! WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST DO TO MY ARM?!!!!" The young man shouted at the very top of his lungs.

Once more out of nowhere, the young man got his Shock Blade and used his left hand to aim that Shock Blade towards Sir Charles' most vulnerable opening, which was his heart.

Upon a slight contact with the blade, there would immediately be a tremendous electrocution in the receiving end, thereby leading to a one-hit K.O. for the user.

Once he saw that another toy was used to directly aim for his life, Sir Charles merely stood by the door, undaunted.

His body language clearly showed that he did not want to waste his time on unnecessary things. That included explaining himself to a sexually frustrated, perverted, disgusting, and rude single-armed lunatic who could not even answer a simple question as to why his arm was completely cut off.

Once the young man saw and felt Sir Charles' indifference, his left arm slightly trembled while his back and forehead became entirely drenched with sweat as he aimed for the intruder's opening.

What made the young man instinctively act this way was not the other's indifference or silence, but the hidden, powerful aura that emanated around Sir Charles by just simply standing there, looking at him with not the slightest change in expression, and doing nothing.

Right at that moment, the young man immediately understood that the stunningly handsome man before him was no ordinary man.

They were enormous levels apart.

However, despite realizing that fact, the young man's emotions were entirely raging and bursting with fury and vengeance, to the point that not even his instincts and common sense could stop him.

He placed all his efforts into delivering that one hit K.O. straight to Sir Charles' heart.

But before the young man could penetrate or even touch Sir Charles with his Shock Blade, time stopped in mid-air for a second time.


Two bullets went straight through the young man's chest, perfectly hitting the center of his heart and letting another tremendous waterfall of blood flow from his chest down to the ground.

Right before he knew it, the young man's field of vision blurred and then, he immediately blacked out.


Sir Charles disregarded the slight disturbance and merely looked at the beautiful, petite and innocent-like young woman before him.

That woman was none other than Amanda.

"Aren't you going to lecture me, react or something?" Amanda asked cutely as she reached out towards Sir Charles to touch his chest.

"For what? Killing a slutty lunatic?"

Before Amanda could even touch him, Sir Charles backed one step away, dodged her advances and countered her stupid question with a rational one.

"Then, aren't you going to congratulate me?" Amanda glanced up towards his eyes in a puppy-like manner, which all men couldn't help but completely fall for.

All men except for Sir Charles.

"Don't test my patience."

Sir Charles merely stood outside the entrance with a completely blank faade. However, a subtle yet powerful and imposing aura suddenly burst forth, immediately changing the entire mysterious aura into a state of deadliness and greatly affecting all those around him.

Amanda immediately shut her mouth and leaped several meters away from him, "Would you stop doing that?! Are you trying to kill me?!"

Sir Charles simply stood by the entrance in silence, with not the slightest bit of intention to answer.

However, the deadly silence was now interrupted by the sound of one of his black leather shoes tapping onto the ground again and again, signifying just how impatient and irritated he was to have wasted much of his golden time.

Amanda rolled her eyes, leaped towards the living room and immediately shouted without the slightest hint of cutesy, "FUCKING ASEXUALS! THEY ARE SO PLAIN BORING!!"

This time, Amanda had fully unveiled her true personality which was way opposite from her pretentious, innocent and adorable image.

Meanwhile, Sir Charles simply entered, closed the door and followed Amanda's lead, fully disregarding the curses that had been indirectly aimed at him along the way.

As they went in, another half-naked handsome young man eyed them, especially Sir Charles. He warily and silently eyed the two before following after them to the living room.

Once they had arrived at the living room, Sir Charles immediately stood by the couch while Amanda went towards the direction of the black drawer beside the couch. She opened the drawer, got her desired document from a pile of messy papers and placed that document on the table in front of the couch.

"HERE! HAPPY?! BECAUSE OF YOU, MY DARLING BABY WAS KILLED!! KILLED, GET IT?! ONCE YOU'RE DONE, GET THE FUCK OUT!!" Amanda shouted angrily and harrumphed at Sir Charles' direction.

As she did that, she leaped towards the direction of the half-naked handsome young man who was standing by the opposite end of the couch. Then, she gently wrapped her arms around his neck in order to kiss him and continue with what they were doing before they were unluckily disturbed at the height of the moment.

Right when Amanda had wrapped her arms around him, the young man excitedly and immediately responded by wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her in into a hot and feverish kiss, totally unconcerned with openly displaying their indecent sexual act in front of an intruder.

As they kissed their way to another round, Sir Charles simply took the document and fully ignored Amanda's curses from a while ago and their disgusting public display of affection.

Reading the document would have only taken him one glance before directly leaving out of disgust. However, this time, as Sir Charles continued to read the document, he unconsciously began to take up more than a glance and a second of his time.

Of course, Amanda noticed how long it took for him to read.

But she was 'too busy' to even care.


Out of the blue, a subtle yet powerful and manly voice vibrated all across the living room.

When Amanda heard his stunning voice that exhibited power and dominance exactly like a king, her body instinctively tingled with pleasure. Sir Charles' voice alone made her tremendously desire to leap towards his direction, pull him towards the bed, and do all sorts of indecent yet pleasurable acts to him.

However instead of doing that, Amanda simply stopped kissing the man before her and glanced towards Sir Charles' direction with hot, fiery passion.

"Damien's orders."

After stating that, Amanda immediately proceeded towards kissing the young man within her embrace, unconsciously directing that hot and fiery passion for Sir Charles towards that young man instead.

In her mind, Amanda couldn't help but be disappointed about what she had believed all this while, 'Unfortunately, he's either gay or asexual. Tsk.'

However, if she had known that her belief all this while was actually wrong, things would have changed, regardless of the fact on whether she would be killed or not.

Meanwhile, Sir Charles never bothered to glance at Amanda's direction and simply took note of her answer. He carefully read the entire document twice through another single glance and, once he was satisfied, he immediately vanished out of thin air.

Once Sir Charles had fully left, Amanda stopped kissing the young man and merely pulled him close into a tight embrace. The young man also reciprocated the embrace and glanced at Amanda with a devilish smile.

Amanda caught sight of that and also responded with her own seductive and wicked smirk, licking her blood red lips as she did.

"Finally, darling. It's time."