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The Record Of Unusual Creatures Chapter 708

As Hao Ren predicted, it was not only demon hunters, whose hunting instincts were devolving. The natural hostility between the unusual creatures were also fading away. Even before that, the younger generations had already displayed a remarkable lack of hostility towards each other. But even that was a moot point now as the sense of hostility did not just reduce, but completely dissipated away.

Based on what Hessiana said, there were quite a number of youngsters within the Athens sanctuary who exhibited such a change and the most obvious signs appeared among those who were below 200 years old. For races that lived for a very long time, 200-year-olds were still looked upon as children. Even then, those who were above 200 years old showed a reduce sense of hostility too, but their numbers were still low and not fully accounted for yet. This phenomenon seemed to have transcended racial lines; vampire, or werewolf; halfling or shadeling, every race in the sanctuary encountered this and their numbers were roughly equal.

"The way Hessiana put it as though it was a plague or something." Vivian muttered as she fiddled with her phone. "Things are getting rather chaotic there and a few of the big families have stopped their younglings from heading out. Hesperides and a few other Ancients are trying to bring things under control.

"A plague? Isn't this a good thing?" Hao Ren could not comprehend. "They had buried the hatchet to co-exist before right? Now that the natural hostility had gone, shouldn't things turn for the better? Why are they having a lockdown?"

Vivian took a glance at Hao Ren, "If the hostility had dissipated from everyone, then sure why not. The key issue is that this had only happened to a part of the otherworldlings. This is similar to how the Demon Hunters losing their Hunters Instinct, and it will lessen their sense towards other creatures and awareness towards hostilities. The sanctuary is not some child's playground, and having youngsters who has no sense of danger walking about is no laughing matter."

Lily shook her head as she took a stab. "Then I'm even more confused now, the fall of the Mythological Age was so long ago and each and every otherworldling's power and influence had receded to this stage and yet they are still at each other's throat... Is self-control such a foreign concept to them?"

Hao Ren glared at the dumb husky. "That's easy for you to say. You still bristle when you see a demon hunter. And if you are that able, control your appetite for pork ribs would you?"

Lily immediately decided to shut up.

"Seems like this phenomenon is happening to everyone but the humans." Vivian wore a serious expression as she stroke her chin. "Based on that Hessiana said, they had also received reports from other sanctuaries through secure communication channels and it seems like it is happening world wide, and at a very alarming pace. She is worried that not only the younglings will be lose their natural sense of hostility, even the elders and Ancients will suffer the same fate... and in a few years time, no otherworldlings will have any hostilities with each other."

"Aside from the Sirens." Ayesha interjected. "We never had this natural 'sense of hostility', and our relations with almost everyone is cordial."

Something suddenly sparked in Nangong Sanba's mind. "Oh right. That's this one thing that I've never understood, why does only the Sirens are an exception?"

Hao Ren had some guesses on the matter. "The only difference between the Sirens and the other otherworldlings on Earth is that the Sirens have nothing to do with the Goddess. They are a being formed naturally... The cause is probably that. The 'natural hostility' is something that comes with the Goddess' creation and almost everything we encountered have something to do with her, most of the time."

Vivian was almost impressed by Hao Ren's theory that was based on sound logic, before kicking him in the rear.

Nangong Wuyue looked around before tapping the table happily. "Doesn't matter. It's good news after all. So by this, peace will come after a few years? The ten thousand year long inter-otherworldlings war can finally come to an end?"

"Perhaps it will be marginally peaceful, but things won't be as smooth as you imagine." Vivian shook her head. "The origin of the conflict was perhaps the 'natural hostility' but from then until now, the war is no longer about natural instincts. A conflict of ten thousand years would have all parties nursing grudges and blood debts, and even without the natural hostility urging them on the battles will still last for many more years."

"Hatred is not something you can end in a day, especially the one between the Demon Hunters and the otherworldlings." Hao Ren nodded in agreement, before turning his gaze on Liu Sheng and Zhao Xi. "But coming back to that, we got to thank the Demon Hunters for their brutal efforts in forcing the otherworldling's into hiding in the sanctuaries. And if the interracial hostilities were to end, the otherworldlings will probably be the most united of factionsin the world."

It was apparent that this never crossed Liu Sheng and Zhao Xi's mind before and as they reacted slightly belatedly to Hao Ren, uneasiness was apparent in their eyes. They now realise the outcome if things were to go on as it is:

The splintered otherworldlings would reunite as a singular force and the demon hunters' previous efforts in maintaining this disunity will unravel. This will certainly put them in a numerical disadvantage and if the otherworldlings were to counterattack from all of their hidden sanctuaries, the Mythological Age will surely return!

And this time around, there will be no one to end it.

"Oh don't you worry too much." Vivian noticed the change in Liu Sheng's expression and smiled as she gently shook her head. "Those old coots aren't stupid for one. They will soon realise that their time has passed, and that humans today are no longer the obedient thralls of yore. If the otherworldlings is bend on reconquest... the only thing they'll get is scorched earth. A barren, desolate Earth."

Humans had the weakest constitution amongst all intelligent races on Earth, but they are the most fanatical and the most dangerous of the lot. Even Y'zaks was impressed by them. He had never met any other lifeform that was so desperately looking for more ways to expand their strength and to blow their home to kingdom come many times over even after they had already found a way to do so. Facing the humans today, neither the otherworldlings nor the demon hunters could say with confidence that they could reign over the world again. It's not that they do not have the capability to annihilate humanity, it's more to the fact that no one can be sure someone somewhere going trigger happy and taking the whole ecosystem with him to the grave.

Y'zaks then grinned widely. "They are like those lunatics with forbidden spells. Even if you have confidence to overcome them in any circumstances, they too have confidence to take you down with them in any circumstances."

"But even if those old coots could figure this out, there's no guarantee the elders of other families would be that wise," Vivian's turned deep and serious. "How about this, I'll contact the Ancients that I know and to let them in on this information. We'll start monitoring the movements of all the otherworldling families in the world. I believe that those families that still pay any attention to bloodlines and seniority would listen when those old bastards speak."

Lily took a sideway glance at Vivian. "You sound just like an old coot yourself in these mom.... AHHH Don't pull my ear!"

"Controlling and monitoring the families is simply an appeal to authority, and it is not possible to keep every faction under tabs. Confusion and disturbance is bound to happen." Nangong Sanba said. "Most importantly, this is just band aid measure and ignores the cause. We are on the back foot before we understand the cause of the natural hostility and its disappearance."

"We also don't know how long can this delicate balance hold." Liu Sheng had many questions about what Hao Ren and his crew had talked about, but he too has his own thoughts. "There's many unknown factors in the world, and the current stalemate is all smoke and mirrors with maximum pressure. This..."

"This is not something for the long run. It will unravel someday sooner or later." Hao Ren looked back at Liu Sheng. "But it is not now."

Everyone present discussed the matter for a good while. After reaching an impasse Liu Sheng and Zhao Xi bade their farewells. Before they left however, they had agreed to a few of Hao Ren's request. Basically to be his eyes and ears, and to let him know when there is a significant movement in the inner circle of the Demon Hunters. For Liu Sheng and Zhao Xi, as long as what they do did not endanger their brethren, they had no objections working with Hao Ren.

"If there's a chance to contact Hasse, that will be better." Vivian said as she clutched her arm looking into the sky in the distance. "Honestly, this is a good time for an 'upheaval'... But I don't fancy the thought of worldwide chaos. If the Demon Hunters could cooperate... this would probably be a little bit easier."

Hao Ren kept quiet as he stood beside Vivian pondering the same matter.

The disappearance of the natural hostilities between otherworldlings... Does it have something to do with his more frequent activities in the Plane of Dreams?