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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 617

“Enough about these things. Right now, my wounds are really not light.” Chu Feng checked himself and grimaced in pain. He had been struck several times by lighting after coming out from the odd cave. That area was specifically made to purify all things evil. He was nearly shocked to death there and many parts of his body were charred black and bloody.

Add to that his trip to the netherworld and the corrosion of the yin affinity therein, it was like adding one disaster on top of the other. Now that he had calmed down, he was wracked with unbearable agony.

“First it was the extreme yang thunderbolts, then the excessive yin death qi. To be corroded by the two different attributes, it seems I’m super unlikely. It’s like I’m suffering a living hell.”

Chu Feng mumbled in dissatisfaction. He was struck by lightning out of the blue then invited into the netherworld for no good reason. All of these things were uninvited disasters, at least in his eyes.

He sat cross-legged on the desert and circulated the Robbery Induction Breathing Technique. Immediately, he began drawing upon the free energy particles in the air to repair his injuries.

At the same time, in order to stabilize himself, Chu Feng brought out a spatial bottle and produced a dazzling pill as bright as a small sun. That was the Six Path Reincarnation Pill.

“I’ve visited the land of reincarnation, walked the netherworld, and got struck by lightning. I was badly wounded, so I should supplement myself.”

The reason he had chosen this pill was that its name contained the words reincarnation and that it was similar to his experiences.

If other people knew of this, they would surely curse out loud. What a wastrel! What a waste of natural resources! Was he taking this thing as a sweet?!

Priced at eight billion cosmic dollars, this medicine was rare even in the intergalactic black market. This was a life-saving medicine for golden arhats of great sects.

Individual golden arhats could forget about it because none of them could afford these exorbitant prices.

Chu Feng was originally surrounded in white mist, from which he was absorbing energy particles beneficial to his body. Now, after eating a Six Path Reincarnation Pill, his entire body was glowing with a golden hue, his muscles were squirming, and his organs were rumbling like thunderous drums.

His metabolism had increased exponentially and to a shocking degree. His cells were countless times more powerful and his body temperature was now at a boiling point.

Not to mention ordinary people, even life forms like evolvers wouldn’t be able to take it. All of his vital statistics were through the roof.

Finally, he began to calm down and the golden hue poured back into his pores to nourish his flesh. Afterward, he found that all of his injuries had been healed.

His Robbery Induction Breathing Technique was already quite powerful, to begin with, and could easily heal all of his injuries. He had squandered such a powerful pill simply because he was afraid that hidden spirits or evils would be stuck on his body.

Chu Feng finally calmed down. The entire desert was silent under the setting sun and the red twilight caused every grain of sand to glow scarlet.

Then and there, he fell into a deep state of visualization.

It was a kind of silent cultivation. He sat there unmoving as though his spirit was roaming the void. He began treading along the path of visualization and soon broke into a run.

He had never visualized anything since breaking through to this realm. Everything began to flow naturally now that the conditions were right. All kinds of thoughts related to cultivation began to appear as though he had reached a state of revelation.

He thought about the Luo Yi of the Deity race and how he had visualized the kun peng. For a split second, he imagined himself as a Kun Peng, spreading its wings through the skies and traversing countless distances!

As expected, strange phenomena began appearing around his body. A black fish leaped out of the ocean surface and spread its wings in the sky. It tore through the void in a majestic manner and entered the sea of stars in a peerlessly tyrannical manner!

Afterward, he visualized the cosmos and caused all the stars to tremble. He stood in the firmament and looked down at the changes in the world and universe.

Afterward, he looked at the rolling red dust of the mortal world and the countless states of all the mortals. Every state was an ambiance, and every ambiance was a life.

Chu Feng’s heart was filled with emotions as he experienced everything one by one. From divine birds, fierce beasts, star systems, and the myriad scenes of the human world. He then returned to the eternal river of time where everything had faded away into perpetual nothingness.

Toward the end, the Radiant City of Death, the path of reincarnation and the dozen golden runes on the stone box all appeared and became the objects of his visualization.

It was just like when he had decided to break through to the visualization realm. He was poised to envision myriad life without being constrained by their formshe was determined to try everything out constantly.

This so-called visualization, to Chu Feng, was claiming external objects for one’s own use.

The ancients had left behind many things, including such techniques. This wasn’t his own imagination but taking a step forward based on the experiences of predecessors.

That was because the world was too big and filled with myriad life. One could concentrate on one object and go all out, making it easier to obtain a certain terrifying power.

But what Chu Feng was visualizing wasn’t an external object but an evolutionary path of constant self-improvement.

He recognized some of the teachings in the ancient box. It taught him to perfect himself via the heaven and earth, via self-perfection, and not necessary by forming kun pengs, taoties, and true dragons.

That path might lead to complete failure and make one lose the chance to increase one’s own fighting power.

Naturally, if one were to succeed, he would be able to transform into anything according to his desires and not stick to the most suitable form.

Many evolvers had attempted this since ancient times, but a lifeform capable of true myriad changes was as rare as qilin horns and phoenix feathers.

Many of those with too great an aspiration died wretchedly. Naturally, they were evaluated as people whose talents couldn’t catch up to their ambitions.

Chu Feng’s demonstration of reincarnation was too realistic. All kinds of visual phenomena appeared around him. The Radiant City of Death emerged along with countless creatures walking toward the end like a long snake.


It was during the evening that a bolt of shocking lightning appeared and blasted Chu Feng’s head. A wisp of black smoke rose up and caused him to fall to the ground.

“That mysterious Jun Tuo egg, damn your grandpa!” Chu Feng lay paralyzed in the desert. The electricity was too terrifying and nearly burned him to a crisp.

“I’m just visualizing my own dao, what does that have to do with you? Why did you have to strike me with lightning?!” Chu Feng was furious as he shot up to a sitting position. Any other person would’ve died already after being struck.

Even Chu Feng himself felt a bit frightened. He was praising his luck in having drunk Hellish Ant Elixir which pushed his physical body to the extremes.

Otherwise, it would be weird if he weren’t struck to death while sitting there and comprehending the dao. He would be toast for sure. Even if he didn’t, he would suffer a qi deviation and die of fright.

“It’s fortunate that I’ve already walked the reincarnation path once and seen saints being crushed to a pulp. My nerves are now made of steel. Otherwise, I would’ve suffered from shock even if not from the lightning.

Chu Feng stood up and cursed at the sky.

He had a vague feeling that he had roused heaven’s ire by visualizing the path of reincarnation. Even without someone orchestrating things in the dark, the natural order of the universe would still obstruct him.

Chu Feng naturally wouldn’t give up because of this. He simply stood there and continued his visualization.

He had already decided that his visualization wouldn’t be limited to a certain object, but he still had to study certain things. This reincarnation was naturally one of the most important things!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Lightning bolts descended one after another. It was silver at first, but soon, the electricity became a bloody color. The scene was terrifying.

Doubtlessly, Chu Feng’s visualization tribulation had arrived. He had advanced to this realm for some time, but the tribulation lightning had never arrived despite his strength. This wasn’t normal at all.

Today, the tribulation arrived the moment he visualized reincarnation. Moreover, it was of unprecedented power!

The blood-colored lightning descended as though the sky were crying. It was simply earth-shattering as beams of sanguineous light descended one after the other and drowned the place out. From a distance, it looked as though the heaven and earth were weeping and a rain of blood were falling onto this place.

Chu Feng gritted his teeth because the sensation was too difficult to bear. He had just repaired his body, but now, his flesh was being torn apart once again. He was drenched in blood and bones could be seen on many parts of his body. It was truly miserable.

But he held out with clenched teeth as he continued visualizing reincarnation. He was determined to go on.

“Since the lightning can’t obstruct me, you should just recognize the fruits of my dao. What’s the use? Just disperse already,” Chu Feng mumbled.

Afterward, dozens of red flashes descended in a cluster and landed on his body. It almost sent his skull flying and his body was cracked all over.

“Goddammit!” Chu Feng cried out. It was too miserable.

Finally, black lightning began to fall. It was extremely peculiar because the lightning would drill into his body after striking him, poised to attack his spirit.

“This is too sinister. That mysterious Jun Tuo egg is such a bastard. You wanted to sneak attack my spirit, but you’ve miscalculated. Grandpa Chu’s spirit has merged into his body. It is indestructible.”

Chu Feng wasn’t resigned to this fate. He endured the lightning and continued visualizing. Naturally, he didn’t forget to spew profanities.

This tribulation lasted a whole two hours. It was countless times more powerful than a normal visualization level tribulation. The most important part was that it was also overly long.

The skies full of stars had appeared in the sky. The desert, on the other hand, had changed drastically. Not to mention sand dunes, there wasn’t even any sand left in this place. There was only a giant pit.

So much so that, one could call it a ravine. The inside was pitch dark with lava flowing through it. It cooled down and formed volcanic rocks in many places.

Chu Feng lay on the ground beside the flowing magma. He didn’t want to move at all because many of his bones had been broken and he was in a horrible state.

“Goddamit, it’s entirely different from the records. Wasn’t it said that only one bolt of lightning will come at a time and that it’d be over after ten bolts? Damn your grandpa! According to these numbers, I seem to have undergone dozens or even hundreds of tribulations! That mysterious Jun Tuo egg, I’ll come to greet all the ladies in your family!”

Chu Feng was furious. That incident just now was simply too dangerous. If it wasn’t for his extremely powerful constitution, he would already have died right now. Moreover, it would surely be a miserable death. Even his head was almost shocked into dregs.


Chu Feng took to the air in the same lying position. There, he visualized a cloud and flew away. He had to leave this place because being soaked in magma was too uncomfortable. Although his constitution was powerful, he was already on the verge of collapse. He would be cooked through if he kept on staying.

“This won’t do. I have to eat more candies!”

Chu Feng arrived at the order of the desert. He lay there on a sand dune respiring the fresh air. At least, it was relatively free of sulfur and the smell of lightning flames.

“I, Chu Feng, have returned!” He wanted to shout out loud. However, he restricted his desires in the end because his current state was too humiliating.

This wasn’t a glorious return. He looked extremely ragged and no different from a beggar.

“I have to eat candies,” Chu Feng ate a Six Path Reincarnation Pill because he felt that this medicine’s effects were too stunning. It had great effects on strengthening his body and spirit. Moreover, it was increasing his potential.

If others were to know about his thoughts, they would surely be at a loss for words. This was a divine pillnaturally, it could supplement his origins and bring great benefits. But who could eat it like candy? It was a shameful waste of resources.

Chu Feng was naturally fine with this. He had sold so many divine sons and saintesses last time and obtained no small number of things like Six Path Reincarnation pills and Deity Elixirs. There was enough for him to use on the short term even after splitting them with Yellow Ox and party.

“I’ll just go and sell more divine sons and saintesses if I run out of money. Naturally, I’ll have to consider those famous people at the top of the rankings.

Naturally, he felt that he should be lying low in his current phase and not expose things. Even if he wanted to sell divine sons, he would need to conduct business in secret. He was prepared to trick people after coming back from the reincarnation land, so he definitely didn’t want people to know at the outset.

“I’ll take a rest and leave this place early tomorrow. Since I’ve already returned, one night wouldn’t make much of a difference.” The most important part was that his bones had been broken and his skull was almost knocked away. No matter how strong his physique was or how heaven-defying his breathing technique was, he would still need to recuperate after taking the Six Path Reincarnation Pill.

Chu Feng was drenched in blood from head to toe, so he wasn’t worried about being personalized. At the same time, he began to ponder on certain things he could use to hide his true identity.

“The outer realm people will probably be helpless against me now. They can’t keep an eye on me this time.” Chu Feng was confident that he could render the heaven’s eye useless as long as he had a peerless treasure in his hand.

He had the stone box on him. This item was truly heaven-defying after one of its sides had awakened. After all, one could even take a stroll on the reincarnation path while carrying it.

“Director, there’s a dead person here. Why don’t we record him? It should be quite suitable for a scene in the ”

“Stop delaying. We have to rush over to Mount Longhu because the most important scene is there. Stop bothering with a dead person. It’s too eerie here, especially after those lightning strikes.

“Oh, there’s no rush. Let me take a look.” It was at this time that the director came over personally. Seeing the gravely wounded Chu Feng, he said, “Oh my, not bad. It really does fit that miserable scene in . We can record it and use it for an important scene. There’s no need for makeup and decoration because it’s already dead anyway. We can also avoid paying fees. If things don’t go so well, we can just take the corpse over to Mount Longhu and use it a couple more days.”

“Director, you’re so evil. You’re willing to do everything just to save some money.

Chu Feng’s expression was odd and his mind was in chaos. How could he encounter such an enemy here? This was precisely the director of Demon Ox the Great Sage, Zhou Yitian. He’s already shooting the second?!

But his face turned slightly dark. Why was he encountering this director again? Moreover, he was inadvertently becoming one of the actors.

He gave it some thought but decided not to move. He was going to Mount Longhu anyway. He could just tag along and use their flying equipment to rush over through the night. He wondered what the situation was like over there. At first, his parents were both living there.