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The Supreme Sovereign System Chapter 140

Alfonso was looking to the moon hanging out in the sky, today, it was a full moon, however, for some reason, Alfonso felt anxious.

"What is this feeling?" Though Alfonso.

Alfonso touched his eye and felt that it was telling him something.

"What is this?" Murmured Alfonso.

"Something dangerous is coming here, even the air is becoming heavier and heavier" A voice came from behind Alfonso, when he turned around, he saw Hephaestus.

"Hephaestus, you also feel it?" Asked Alfonso.

"It's like a six sense, however, it's always on point, so pay attention every time you sense it" Said Hephaestus.

"It's like a gut feeling?" Said Alfonso with a bitter smile.

"ja! You can call it like that if you want" Said Hephaestus.

"Ho? Alfonso you were up?"

A voice came from in front of Alfonso and Hephaestus.

"Cerberus?" Said Alfonso.

"What are you guys doing?" Asked Cerberus.

"Having some gut feeling conversation" Said Hephaestus.

"What?" Asked Cerberus.

The three of them continue talking for hours, surprisingly enough, Alfonso discover that Hephaestus was a pretty talkative guy.

"So, Alfonso, tell us the true, how far have you gone with my sisters?" Said Hephaestus.

"They are your sisters you know? Shouldn't you be mad or something?" Asked Alfonso.

"Ja! Why should I? first of all, before my sisters, they are women, they, eventually, will fall in love, what's more, between my brothers and sisters, Demeter and Artemis are the ones I get alone the most" Said Hephaestus.

"Come on Alfonso don't evade the question, I know that you sleep with Demeter every single night, don't tell me that you haven't done anything" Said Cerberus with a sly laugh.

"Well, it's not on your business, however, I will tell you anyways, no, I haven't done a single thing" Said Alfonso.

"What? Really? Man, are you those who like to receive instead of giving? I mean, if you have two goddesses right in your plate how can you not eat them! I especially like Demeter's huge breas-"

"For god sake, respect your sisters!" Before Hephaestus could finish, Alfonso interrupted.

"What's more, Alfonso is not into breast, but into legs, you haven't seeing how he looks at that Ainai girl when she turns around, hehe" Said Cerberus.

"Wha is is that obvious?" Asked Alfonso.

"Of course, what? You were trying to hide it?" Asked Cerberus.

"Just go for it man, I mean, its not like you are losing anything, its just sex" Said Hephaestus.

"Are you gods always like this?" Asked Alfonso with a helpless smile.

"You haven't seeing anything, if you were talking with Ares or Poseidon, well, let's just say that those guys are twenty times worse than me, however, Zeus, that pervert, he is on another level himself" Said Hephaestus.

"I mean to ask you this for a while Hephaestus, however, I don't know if I should ask" Said Alfonso.

"Go ahead man, we are between friends!" Said Hephaestus.

"Since when did we became friends?" Though Alfonso.

"Its true that Aphrodite its like super gorgeous?" Asked Alfonso.

"Oh Alfonso, you don't have any idea, if you think that Demeter is beautiful, then, believe me, before Aphrodite, she is just average, hehe, when she was born, even Gaia, who was known to be like monk, felt aroused after seeing her, not to mention the other gods and Titans" Said Hephaestus.

"Fuck" Said Cerberus.

"However, you want me to tell you something interesting?" Said Hephaestus.

"What?" Said Alfonso.

"Actually, hehe, there is someone more beautiful than Aphrodite on the Olympus" Said Hephaestus.

"NO.WAY" Said Alfonso.

"Yes, and this person in particular is so beautiful that I had to make special clothes, because every person that saw this person they die the titan Hyperion was the first victim, he, by chance, picked this person in particular changing, when he saw this person's back, he die from a heart attack, the second victim was Pan, the only Olympic god who died after Zeus took control of the world, Pan didn't believe the myths of this person, so he went to find it, however, he disappear short after that, we all search for him for some time, Hermes found him in the ocean, floating with a satisfy expression on his face, however, he had die long ago from a heart attack" Said Hephaestus.

"Who who is this person!?" Asked Cerberus.

"Hehe, this person's name is-"

"There you are, come quickly! Ainai is looking for you!"

A voice came from behind the three of them, when they turned around, they saw Antiope looking at them with an anxious look.

"What happen?" Asked Alfonso.

"It seems that the Lackshets are about to arrive!" Said Antiope.


In front of the Amazon tribe, countless pair of eyes, were looking.

"Finally here" Said the guy in front of everyone.

Drako was looking at the tribe with an indifferent look, he didn't do anything, he just waited there with his eyes closed, after one minute he opened his left eye, he lifted his head and smile.

"Ainai, as I promise I came back" Said Drako.

"Drako" A voice came from the sky.

When Drako looked, he saw Ainai in front of him, he was surprised, however, he wasn't surprised of seeing Ainai, he was surprised that there was a man beside her.

"And this is?" Asked Drako.

"The name is Alfonso Lockheart, Lord of Wasteland Valley, nice to meet you" Said Alfonso.

Drako looked at him for some time, before speaking.

"So weak, yet, you are still here, I suppose that you have something to say" Said Drako.

Alfonso didn't get mad, he just made a small chuckle.

"Indeed, I am here for one reason, to stop a massacre, Drako, I don't know what are your motives, nor do I want to know, however, what I know its that, I can't let you kill the Amazons, so I have a proposition for you, we will abandon the Amazon tribe and let you whatever you want, I even compromise to give you some assistant to surpass your father, I talk for myself and for Ainai" Said Alfonso while looking at Ainai.

Ainai only made small sigh while nodding.

"What do you say? Do we have a deal?" Said Alfonso while extending his hand.