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The Unknown Beauty Chapter 175

Quan Yi Ying and Peng Ai talked between themselves a few minutes before they went outside to remove the qi and seal. Turns out the reason why she was able to use her qi was because of the help of Quan Yi Ying's good friend. The mix of her qi, that was blessed by the water god, and Peng Ai's teacher's qi was only an experiment but he was willing to sacrificed his life for his student. Fortunately for them, it worked.

"Wait, are you sure, Peng Ai?" asked Wu Lang. "You could lose a part of your strength."

"Yes... that may be true but I want to get strong on my own," said Peng Ai. "And I owe him for saving me."

Peang Ai's face was determine. She wanted to at least keep one of her saviors alive. The others were worried but Quan Yi Ying was sure Peng Ai would be fine. She has mastered the use of her qi and this will only make her body feel a slight weight due to the large amount of qi she has.

"She will be fine. If something goes wrong, I can help with that," said Lin Yu Yan, reassuring everyone.

"Well, I'll be starting now," said Quan Yi Ying.

Quan Yi Ying sat down on the ground, legs cross, behind Peng Ai and placed two hands on her back. The process started off slow but quickly raised.

Everyone felt a force come out of the two and pushed everyone near. Wu Long Long was almost swept away but Wu Lang held her hand down. She was surprised her brother was able to take a stand in this powerful force.

The only ones not struggling and casually just standing was Lin Yu Yan and Han Bingwen. Even Silver, Victoria and Knight was having trouble standing.

"I know this feeling," said Silver. He looked up at Lin Yu Yan, remembering the time where she was poisoned and brought her home. When he came back, the same force came out of her which was too powerful and even injured him.

"Sister Yu Yan this" said Silver.

"Little Silver, shush," said Lin Yu Yan, not letting him speak anymore. She then spoke telepathically.

'Don't think about this any longer, I know what you mean but I can't make the others worried,' said Lin Yu Yan.

'Okay' answered Silver.

'Is something wrong? Does that mean her spiritual energy was entirely sealed of from her using it? When did it happen? How did it happen? Why did it happen? Or is it still sealed even now?'

Silver had so many questions and he was getting frustrated. Han Bingwen stood behind Lin Yu Yan and Silver, who was standing next to her trying not to get pushed back, notice the interactions they had.

He looked over at Lin Yu Yan's face and he can tell something is not right. He heard Silver say something but Lin Yu Yan shut him up right away.

'Hmm something's going on' he thought.

'Not only that

"Ugh" Quan Yi Ying and Peng Ai grunting.

Lin Yu Yan noticed it and the force lowered. Quan Yi Ying has removed his qi from Peng Ai but he was still gathering spiritual energy from Peng Ai.

'Any further and they both will die!' thought Lin Yu Yan.

Lin Yu Yan moved quickly and got Quan Yi Ying off of Peng Ai.

"What are you doing!? You have gathered your qi already!?" said Lin Yu Yan.

The two were sweating. Quan Yi Ying was breathing hard. He didn't notice he was taking Peng Ai's qi as well. Peng Ai's qi is extremely toxic not only to other people, in terms of stealing and usage, but even to her. She was very lucky to even have control it.

"I'm sorry!" he deeply apologizes, struggling to even breathe, and placed his hand on Peng Ai's back to give the energy he stole back into her body. Peng Ai's body relaxed a little more and the same goes with Quan Yi Ying's.

"Why did you do that?" said Lin Yu Yan, a little angry.

"I didn't noticed I finished. The only reason I kept going was that I'm still not in my original human form," said Quan Yi Ying. "I still have this body."

It's true. Quan Yi Ying was still a human child even though the qi should have been enough for him to at least stabilized his adult form. Lin Yu Yan also thought it was a tad bit strange.

"Every qi is special and it would have been dangerous for both of you if I didn't stop it. Especially because Peng Ai's qi was a blessed from the water god," said Lin Yu Yan.

"I know that. Master Gong Gong would've kill me if he knew I took it," said Quan Yi Ying.

Lin Yu Yan notice Quan Yi Ying called the Water god, Master, but needed to treat Quan Yi Ying right away. She checked on Peng Ai and she seems stable. She placed her hand against Quan Yi Ying's neck. They all thought she was going to choke him but she was just checking on his Spiritual energy to see if anything is wrong.

"It's because your core is damaged," said Lin Yu Yan. She lifted up his shirt and place her hand on her stomach to read his inner core. It was strange for her to do that and everyone kind of gave her a look but remembered she usually does strange and bold actions.

"It was damaged by something and every time you use your qi, it gets worse. Don't use your qi until I figure how to fix you," said Lin Yu Yan. "Sadly, you still don't have all your qi. Was it stolen too?"

"Sigh No. I was careless and got captured by that bastard Minister Quan. As an emergency, I placed the other half on to someone else. I had just enough to keep me living," said Quan Yi Ying. "I need to find that person too."

"Well... take a rest tonight and don't move out of the house. We can't let that man know you can't use your qi," said Lin Yu Yan.

"Alright," said Quan Yi Ying. He knows that Min Fu-Han is still alive because Lin Yu Yan told him. He left to go inside to sleep. It was late and because his body was weak so he decided it's time for him to rest.

"Yu Yan! You're bleeding!" said Wei Ru. He was behind her thinking of something and looked on the ground to see blood on her calves.

"I am?" she looked down on her legs to see her clothing soaked in a deep red. She was wearing a red outfit and so it camouflage the wound and the blood for a while until now, where the blood is leaving a trail mark on the ground.

"You didn't treat yourself yet?" said Meiying, walking towards her to inspect it.

"I didn't have time-" said Lin Yu Yan, before she got swept off her feet by Han Bingwen. He quickly went inside into the infirmary room that was set up for the incoming slaves and placed her on the bed. He was so fast that not even another single drop of Lin Yu Yan's blood was seen on the ground.

'Whoa Someone is worried," said Meiying, still outside with the others.

"It still surprises me every time how fast he is! I trained so hard and I still can't catch up to him!" said Wei Ru.

"This is my first time noticing Lin Yu Yan actually bleeding and wounded," said Wu Lang. "It was my fault she's hurt..."

"No. Don't think that way. It's only a slight injury and easy to heal. She will be yelling at you if you think that way," said Peng Ai.

Wu Long Long looked over at everyone assuring it wasn't Wu Lang's fault she got hurt. Wu Lang felt better because Lin Yu Yan really would say that if he felt that way. 'Are we really going to be safe here?'

"Not only that, she definitely would be mad at us for treating her that way. She is our savior but doesn't want us to act as people lower then her. She even calls us her friends," said Meiying.

"Haha, that's true," said Wu Lang, smiling and sighing in relief.

Kenzhi was distracted with something else and looked over at the Lin Yu Yan's blood on the ground and could smell the iron in the air. 'Why does it smell like me?'