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The Unrivaled Tang Sect Book 32 Chapter 428.2

After seeing the Light of the Death God, Huo Yuhao realized that he couldnt do anything. He could only pray in his heart, and hope that the Death God Douluo wasnt a Class 10 soul engineer.

The Sun Moon Empire was already supported by the Holy Ghost Church. If the Dragon Emperor Douluo Long Xiaoyao teamed up with a Class 10 soul engineer, would the three empires of the Douluo Continent still have a future?

Huo Yuhao knew that he couldnt continue being a trooper. No matter how much he liked being in a military camp and guiding his own younger brother, the safety of the continent was more important than his own wishes.

He had to return and tell the Academy about the situation here right away, so that the Sea Gods Pavilion could make a decision. This concerned the future of the Douluo Continent. Shrek Academy definitely couldnt sit and watch as everything unfolded. It was just that he didnt know whether the Spirit Pagoda had been fully constructed. Fortunately, it seemed like there wouldnt be any action taken by the Great Star Dou Forest for the moment.

After taking one more deep look in the direction of the Ming Dou Mountain Range where the Light of the Death God had been unleashed from, Huo Yuhao bit his lip forcefully before turning around and quickly flying to the east.

There wasnt any need to watch the fighting here. The Sun Moon Empire didnt need to attack. They just needed to guard the Ming Dou Mountain Range, and they would achieve victory. As for the Heavenly Soul Empire, it was probably too late for any news to be sent to them. The Sun Moon Empires attack should have already started.

What Huo Yuhao could do now was immediately return to the Academy and recount everything he had witnessed so that the Academy would know how to prepare. At the same time, they could make a decision.

He couldnt be bothered to tell Xu Yun as he rushed back. To him, every second and minute was now extremely crucial. After crossing the Star Luo Empires military camp, he rapidly flew across Imperial Radiant City. After he passed the entire region covered by the military, he activated his flying-type soul tool and increased its speed to the maximum.

The view beneath him changed continuously, and the night air was very clear. It was also slightly damp. One would normally feel refreshed after taking in a deep breath. However, Huo Yuhao only felt very cold and anxious inside.

After the Sun Moon Empire started their attacks, they were actually so terrifying. It was something no one had expected. Even though they fought on two fronts, it was likely that they would still be able to suppress two empires at the same time. What should they do?


The Star Luo Empires temporary commanders tent...

The White Tiger Duke Dai Hao looked very grim right now. Beside him was Princess Jiujiu, wearing a suit of white armor.

Xu Jiujiu look equally grim, and her expression was also a little pale.

The fighting had already stopped, but the hazy Ming Dou Mountain Range seemed to epitomize the gloom that hung over the Star Luo Empire right now. When the Light of the Death God swept across earlier, she felt as if her heart had been torn apart. Two hundred soul masters who were at least Soul Sages had been killed! The number included more than ten Soul Douluo. This was an unprecedently huge blow to the Star Luo Empire.

More importantly, they werent able to hurt their enemies at all, even after they suffered such heavy casualties. This was completely unacceptable.

She was the one who had devised their strategy. After all, all the soul master legions were under her control.

The White Tiger Dukes original plan had been to send some strong individuals to destroy the Sun Moon Empires blockade in the air before thinking of a way to make a breakthrough.

However, Xu Jiujiu was a little confused when she heard that the Sun Moon Empire hadnt kept anyone on the border. She was fully aware that the Star Luo Empire would be in a crisis if the Heavenly Soul Empire fell. It was why she insisted on sending soul masters that were at least Soul Sages to probe and drain the Sun Moon Empires defenses. After that, they could take them down in one fell swoop.

However, the final result mercilessly proved that her strategy was a mistake. Leading the soul master legions as a princess of the Star Luo Empire, she had only brought huge losses and casualties to them. Right now, all the commanders of the soul master legions were present. All of them looked very dismal, and the way they looked at Princess Jiujiu was very different from before.

After taking a deep breath, Xu Jiujiu stood up and bowed. She wasnt a person who shirked her responsibilities. Todays defeat is on me. I was the one who made the decision, and my incorrect strategy brought us heavy losses. Marshal, Ill account to His Majesty myself. At the same time, Ill fully coordinate with all of you from now on, and listen to all of your arrangements.

Xu Jiujiu was an important member of the imperial family. She was fully aware that the most important thing for the Star Luo Empire right now was resisting the Sun Moon Empire. She put down her face as a princess and admitted her mistake to the White Tiger Duke.

Dai Hao stood up and walked over to Xu Jiujius side. He made a lifting gesture, and lifted her up with his soul power. Your Highness, you dont have to act like this. Our failure this time cannot be attributed to you alone. As a marshal, Im not blameless, either. Furthermore, things happened beyond our expectations. The Sun Moon Empire unleashed that ray of white light from the Ming Dou Mountain Range. We dont even know what it is. However, I can clearly sense that even a Titled Douluo wouldnt have been able to resist it. 

Our priority now is to find out what the strength of that ray of white light is, as well as what price the Sun Moon Empire has to pay to unleash it. Weve already alerted the Heavenly Soul Empire. I suggest that we let the reinforcements from the Dou Ling Empire enter the Heavenly Soul Empires territories to aid them, and also send some of our reinforcements to support them. Im afraid itll be very difficult for us to breach the Ming Dou Mountain Range temporarily.

While Dai Hao was extremely displeased with Xu Jiujius decision earlier, he also understood what it meant to look at the big picture at the right time. Their priority now wasnt putting the blame on anyone, but how they could turn things around on the battlefield.

They were already in a very disadvantageous situation. The Sun Moon Empire had demonstrated the edge soul tools possessed in this battle. With that terrifying ray of white light threatening them, how could it possibly be easy to breach the Sun Moon Empires defenses? It was a completely irresistible attack! Furthermore, it wasnt that ray of white light that dampened their chances the most, it was the lack of surveillance.

According to the White Tiger Dukes original plan, he had wanted to attack before the Sun Moon Empire discovered them, and invite all the Titled Douluo to move at the same time to destroy the surveillance soul tools of the Sun Moon Empire. This would allow them to retrieve some control over the air, as well as reduce the Sun Moon Empires surveillance on them.

However, Xu Jiujius impatience had lost them this opportunity. The Sun Moon Empires surveillance soul tools had already been pulled back within their defensive perimeter. It would be much more difficult to destroy them now. With the presence of that ray of white light that could even threaten a Titled Douluos life, which Titled Douluo would be willing to take action now? It was equivalent to courting death!

Under such circumstances, they were completely unaware of the Sun Moon Empires troop deployments in the Ming Dou Mountain Range. In addition, they were completely under surveillance over here. How were they going to fight? They didnt stand any chance of breaching the Sun Moon Empires defenses.

They could only be content with an alternative option right now, and use the stupidest methods to aid the Heavenly Soul Empire. The effect wasnt going to be very good. At the same time, the Star Luo Empires northern defense line had to be strengthened.

Xu Jiujiu didnt continue. After she expressed her full support for the White Tiger Duke, she quickly returned to her position and sat down.

She was dealt the heaviest blow this time after their defeat. She was initially still a little unconvinced by the White Tiger Duke. However, she now realized that she was lost in the face of this crisis, while the White Tiger Duke was still able to seek opportunities in the midst of it. He neatly disseminated orders to his subordinates.

It was only at dawn the next day that the White Tiger dispersed the military conference. The commanders all left, while Princess Jiujiu remained where she was without moving at all.

Your Highness, youve also toiled an entire night. Go back and rest, Dai Hao said to Xu Jiujiu.

Xu Jiujius body jerked a little, and she was a little lost as she looked back at Dai Hao. She stood up and walked in front of him. Suddenly, her knees fell to the ground with a thud, and she knelt in front of Dai Hao.

Duke, I was wrong. I was the one who caused the empire to suffer such heavy losses. I

Dai Hao hurriedly lifted her up and furrowed his brow as he said, Your Highness, why do you have to do this? I mentioned that you cant be solely to blame for our failure. No one expected the Sun Moon Empire to possess such a terrifying soul tool.

Xu Jiujiu shook her head mournfully and said, No, I know that its my fault. If I had followed your original plan and destroyed the enemies surveillance soul tools first, we wouldnt be so passive now. No matter how strong that ray of white light is, it can only cover a certain region. If not for my impatience and concentration of all the soul masters, we wouldnt have suffered such huge losses. Duke, save the empire...

Dai Hao sighed and said, Your Highness, the empire is also my home. As long as Im still alive, I wont allow any invaders to destroy my home. Dont worry, Ill do my best. However, please help me tell His Majesty that our northern defense line needs to be strengthened. In addition, we cant stop resisting the Sun Moon Empires attacks here. We must put pressure on them. This is the greatest help we can give the Heavenly Soul Empire. At the same time, Ill need you to think of a way to send a batch of outstanding soul masters to try to sneak into the Sun Moon Empire. Without any surveillance and intelligence, we cant win this war.

Alright, Ill do my best to coordinate with you. Xu Jiujiu left in a hurry. She couldnt possibly rest!

After watching Xu Jiujiu leave, Dai Hao said, Someone call Luoli over for me.


It was not long before Dai Luoli was led into the tent by the White Tigers bodyguards. After arriving at the front line, the White Tiger Duke had arranged for Dai Yueheng to temporarily look after Dai Luoli and stop him from running about.

When Dai Hao saw Dai Luoli last night, he was also stunned. The defense around the city he was in was very strict. He didnt know how Dai Luoli had entered without being spotted.

After that, Dai Luoli shocked him by telling him everything he knew. He didnt have the time to probe any further then, and had immediately called for a conference before the military set out.

Things had finally settled down, and he had time to call Dai Luoli over.